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This “12 inch extended” 80’s mix is one of the coolest mixes
I’ve run across on YouTube in some time. But then
I’m a new wave fan, listen and see what you think, yourself.

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October 3, 2017
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YouTube 80’s Alternative Mix

Now this is 80’s music that
reaches your heart, energizes you and makes you feel good.

The Daily Walk with Love, updated October 3, 2017, by Paul Evans, video is 80s 12 inch/extended/alternative mixes, courtesy of Spark TV, YouTube and propinquitous Fate. This “12 inch extended 80’s mix is one of the coolest mixes I’ve run across on YouTube in some time. But then I’m a new wave fan, listen and see what you think, yourself. Photograph of the owner Paul Evans taken October 3, 2017. Photograph included courtesy of Spencer Ronan Designs, a great quote by the famous football coach Vince Lombardi, with thanks. Please Share this article!

Single and Available
in Wooster, Ohio

Hi, I’m the owner here, Paul Evans. Sometimes I think I am an 80’s man stuck in the 21st century. At least the internet is cool, if lonely as hell. Anybody else have this problem? I am networked like heck, have all these Facebook and gmail friends, belong to dating sites, but I can’t get anyone to talk to me. Not really, never anything at all interesting, current, musical, tech or someone who wants a real friendship or relationship. Nobody will put the time and effort into being my friend, and it really sucks! To put it mildly. What is it with the modern world and the internet this way? Seems like the more we are connected, the more lonely we all have become. All my life all I ever asked God for was just one caring, kind lady who would be LOYAL and be mine. As nice a guy, intelligent and sweet, as I am, it is just about a singularity that I am still alone after all these years. I simply am bewildered and alone (and I am hospital tested STD free, too). Lately I am living in down-town Wooster, I’d gladly give you my cell number on request. Paul

Quote by Vince Lombardi the famous football coach, 'the man on top of the mountain didn't fall there

“I blog, therefore I am.” As you might expect, I am very logical and good with words, and high IQ, but I believe my emotional intelligence is fine too, at least, getting better all the time. I am ready and emotionally available if some woman will just get past the scar tissue from old, failed relationships with women I will not name or describe except to say ladies, you blew it, leave me alone. And I never try to hurt anyone, I’m the guy who turns off the light rather than see a poor little lovely moth get fried. I love all animals and try to be positive and look at that aspect of life, with hope for the future. “Faith: a Christian holding four aces,” or does it sound, yeah, more like, “faith: getting out of bed in the morning,” right Paul?

Ladies, I feel I am psychologically dying of loneliness. Actually, when was the last time you just outrageously took a chance on a guy, like hitting the “feeling lucky” button on Google Search lol. Well this time ladies, I assure you the odds would be stacked in your favor. I’m Paul, I go by “seawolf57″ on most of the social sites, including Facebook. I’m 60, 5’10” and 180. I do smoke and I am 420 friendly but generally don’t buy any. Other than that I have no addictions, basically I don’t even drink any more. I’ve had 11 years of college, have edited 12 books including one on causes and cures of cancer which was favorably reviewed by the U.N., and one on spiritualism, and had the cover of History magazine. My dad was a WWII marine officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D…. he was a linguist — a professor of Russian language and literature who also spoke several other languages, and he taught me how to think at that level, I hope. I am basically kind, if the situation allows it, very peace-loving, somewhat intellectually intense, and also quite poor. I give everything in relationships, my whole heart and soul and put all my efforts into “making it work.” I am a great kisser and probably better than average at the rest of it, very affectionate and even spur-of-the-moment passionate. I value honestly, sincerity and kindness. I am not seeing anyone or talking seriously with anyone: Is there NO woman among you who is willing to base a relationship on something other than money? As the song goes, “what about love?” In my life I love music the most, also photography, shopping for bargains, computers, the internet, writing, editing and web design, nature, kindness, old people and giving and sharing love in all ways. Please if interested email me at paul.miracles57 AT g-male DOT com and we can hangout together. The main things I am looking for are kindness, affection and LOYALTY, the lady could be anywhere from 40 to 65. Thanks for your interest. Cordially, Paul

80s 12 inch/extended/alternative mixes

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