You are Messing Up the Human genome

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We are beginning to realize that ontogeny AFFECTS
phyllogeny, affects our possible evolutionary success here
on earth. Our toxic environment and the GMO foods
and additives we consume, and perhaps especially the radioactivity
we have loosed may cause infertility and our extinction.

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September 29, 2017
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You are Messing Up
the Human genome

“Ontogeny” (what happens as we live our lives)
can alter and hurt our evolutionary success,
and so affect our “phyllogeny.”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 29, 2017, by Paul Evans.

Here is nothing but a simple argument I will try to “flesh out” with a few examples. We are beginning to realize that “ontogeny affects phylogeny,” that the changes we have made to our environment, to the foods we eat, and to the toxins we expose our body to affect our chances to successfully reproduce. In other words “ontogeny” (what happens as we live our lives) can alter and damage our evolutionary success, our “phyllogeny.” It’s not supposed to affect our evolution but it’s just a fact that we know now that what we consume affects our genetic make-up, the chances for birth defects, etc. The same may be true of radioactivity in the environment. The antibiotics in use on animals on factory farms, have caused bacteria to become resistant to our antibiotics. The female hormones we give dairy cattle make women more attractive as they grow up and thus affect their “phenome,” I mean, it affects their genetic composition. It is also giving men ED and less chance to reproduce. I say again, “ONTOGENY AFFECTS PHYLOGENY, affects human evolution. The sodium benzoate which is pervasive as a food preserver concerns me (sodium benzoate, benzine, this is derived from a petrochemical. Petrochemicals are pervasive in our food, and so are other toxins and substances which strongly affect our ability to successfully reproduce. It has been known since the 70s that food dyes are strongly carcinogenic. I’m sure if you read the labels you can see more of this for yourself. I feel it is a strong danger for humanity’s survival.

There is an easy way to test this idea. Children born into the world now grow up fully exposed to this “New Age environment.” Simply plot the year born on the X axis and the fertility rate on the Y axis. Especially of interest to me would be the 20-30 year old group. Are these kids reproducing naturally and with a “normal” number of children? I feel it is imperative that we clean up our foods. Earth has many known ways that feedback loops affect what is going on on our planet. If we do not limit population growth (it does not have to be via abortions) then mother Earth will take over and do that for us. Call it Nature’s pruning sheers. I just hope we are not overall a failed experiment in evolution, and that we are not headed for extinction. God help us!

When I was a boy my dad and I often watched the Star Trek TV series, which I credit for my interest in science fiction (along with Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, the writers). I remember when the intelligent machine culture “the Borg” threatened earth and Kirk, Spock and company were able to fend them off. The Borg referred to us as a “hydrocarbon infestation.” (Not so LOL. But you might enjoy Joe Satriani – “Borg Sex” (Live in Santiago). Now, don’t go getting all grossed out, it’s a really hot song!) Anyway the earth is overpopulated but common sense tells us that ultimately, the numbers will come down, hopefully voluntarily and without too much violence. Probably it might involve a WWIII and/or some sort of virus. A “human-to-human transmissible Avian flu has an 85 percent mortality rate and exists in our weapons labs right now. Even worse, the flu viruses mutate tremendously, so that keeping a working vaccine for each strain is next to impossible. Call it “Mother Earth’s pruning shears.” See A Gift From God: Cures for Most Infections?, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 15, 2016: Please do read this, it has some really good ideas in it.

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