Yes – South Side of the Sky (Official / Live Album / 2015)

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October 7, 2015
Justice is Coming!

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Yes – South Side of the Sky
(Official / Live Album / 2015)
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God Bless Microsoft and Cortana
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Free Music57, October 7, 2015, by Paul Evans. Watch It’s A Beautiful Day – Time Is (1969). God Bless and blessed be.

God=All=Logos; Time Is

It’s all “just” Logic. God=All=Logos — MORALITY: Play nice. “For those who Love, Time is eternity”. You don’t gain powers, you just get happy and satisfied. And isn’t that all any of us want, however good or evil we are now? To be happy?

And WHY do the powers that be find Love a threat at all? Is not money still money; does not power still rule? All living a logical and kind and caring life can do is MAKE YOU HAPPY. Maybe there are people left who want to be happy. It beats being miserable, right? This is always a conscious choice.

People have worried I might be starting a new religion or something like that. NO. Absolutely not. With The Daily Walk with Miracles and sometimes here what I try to do is put full logic and kindness into a Christian CONTEXT. You can think of this actually a LOT of different ways, and I have studied comparative religion for 36 years, 24 of those as a Unitarian-Universalist, the last several in the United Church of Christ. At my church, we do not insist in any way on doctrine. We welcome everyone, whatever your beliefs, but our services are very Christian.

You see it’s LOGOS. Logic and Caring, as first perceived by Aristophanes about 500 B.C. And people were afraid there would be religion and doctrine from Logos, too. But no here too. It’s kind of hard to make doctrine out of something as simple as being logical and caring. It’s just that when you LIVE this way, basically, you ARE also without thinking doing what Jesus taught. For what is more logical and caring than loving humanity and our neighbor or friends. Our heart is really crying out to do this, good people. So, if you want, don’t say I am like Jesus or this is Christianity, Just say I am logical and caring. Sometimes I have suffered a lot in “turning the other cheek, and putting out unconditional love. But I do have a certain serenity and peace because I live this way. Thus when I die I would almost die satisfied. All I lack is the love of a caring, loyal woman. I had hoped to know that before I die, although it seems perhaps fate is against this, I don’t know.

So it occurred to me, in prayer with God: “Love is gentle, Love is kind. Sometimes human love might seem to fail, God, (although not really, we just have lessons to learn), but God’s Love is an infinite well.” Tap into God’s Love! Try harder. Knock louder. Be honest. Stop judging each other. Be kind and Love one another. Stop being lazy about it. You just think it’s hard, it’s the only good feeling, really, you don’t want to be any other way. The Way is actually easy and you’ll be happy “practicing” it. It’s fun to be this way. You just have to be honest with yourself and others, and be kind and try pretty hard to be logical in all situations.

It occurred to me: God had the idea of Love, and the universe began.

A few messages from Carlos Santana: “Que pasa. The meaning of it. It just is. The meaning of it is…to be. Believe: that we are more than just blood and bones. That we are something…spiritually divine. Love your neighbor as yourself, and try to understand God’s Love, how infinite that is. Have a nice trip.”

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