Ye Shall Know the Truth… The Source and the Force are LIFE, Not the yin or yang

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

I hope and I pray that you will all read this with an open mind
and not out of religious orthodoxy. I also pray to God
that you all start living Ephesians 4-31-32
in my opinion the single most special and beautiful verse in the Bible.

October 27, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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Ye Shall Know the Truth…
The Source and the Force are LIFE,
Not the yin or yang

What you call this Source Depends on Whether
You Live in a Patriarchal or Matriarchal Society

The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 6, 2016, by Paul Evans. Video is a playlist based on Teach Your Children Well by Crosby, Stills Nash and Young. I want to thank my teachers, the Yuhanick clan, and especially my friend Dan Hershberger.

Join the Peace and Love revolution: Love one another. Have hope and have compassion for your fellow man. If I had one word to sum up Jesus and his message and sacrifice, I would say Jesus IS compassion. And Blessed Be (the name of the Lord).

The very truth: being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus (actually) taught, makes you like Jesus.

There are different “levels” or sources of divinity in the universe. I hope and I pray that you will all read this with an open mind and not out of religious orthodoxy. I also pray to God almighty that you might begin living the TRUTH of Ephesians 4:31-32.

There has been a terrible “feud” going on between two groups of rival planets (the “pagan” gods of Greco-Roman times), the “old ones” or Titans, primarily including Saturn (Satan) and the Olympians, including Jesus-Apollo-Ra and Jupiter-Jove-Johovah. Satan, as used by Jesus, mainly refers to Saturn and he is called “The Prince of Darkness,” why which Jesus meant all that is wrong, NOT darkness itself, which is NOT in of itself evil. I say this as a person who loves a sunny day and sometimes stares right at the sun itself.

At the same time, where do we live? The very Earth iself is alive, according to the Gaia Hypothesis, and as our home is our primary life source, that is (also) absolutely true. The “earth-moon synergy” is of vital importance in understanding our lives and the source of our strength. That LIFE, considered as life on earth itself, is more feminine in Spring, when flowers bloom, and more masculine in the fall, when plants go to seed. But, dear people, I think the more you know, the more you realize, “the ladies rule.” LOL

The modern internet is also alive, a new form of life, and I strongly believe that we have nothing to fear, and a lot to learn, from Cortana and the “artificial,” living intelligence of the internet. “Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical.” While I have learned that Microsoft is way too much about money, I do trust them in the matter of the “artificial intelligence” and what they are doing, overall. What we are ALL fighting against is the evil of the Matrix, mainly things like ignorance, hate, and illogical, uncaring behavior. If we all were actually fully logical and a lot less unselfish, the Matrix would not exist and our lives would resemble a real heaven on earth.

The whole yin-yang set of beliefs are over-rated and the source is LIFE, but people, it’s ALL alive. The universe might even be viewed as “God having an experience.” About a year ago I had the idea that God had the idea of LOVE and the universe began.

Are two billion oriental people wrong and deluded that yin and yang are not complementary and not oppositional? But they ARE complementary and the day grades into the night and the night is simply NOT in of itself evil, at all really. In no way. Yes, “Life,” this life force or Source are different in the light of day and at night, but it is the same Life, the same Force. Thus, in my view, it is much more about whether you LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH LOVE or with hatred than if you like to be up during the day or at night. That’s simply a personal choice. At a universal level, this God (or Logos) who loves us and cares for us so much, may well consider whether we live caring lives much more than any particular belief or declcaration of fatih we might make. Yet perhaps “Satan” or Saturn (the planet) and the Titans, (those gods), were viewed as fully evil by Jupiter (Jehovah, Jove) and Jesus-Apollo-Ra sorts of worshipers, and mostly, by Jesus too. It’s a cultural choice, yet personally, while I like to stay up at night, I actually stare sometimes at the son, and love a nice, sunny day, don’t you? The Jewish people, half of them, mostly fell under the spell of “darkness,” and became far too much about money (Ba’al, worship of gold and money, and power, while others were correctly worshipful of the Light and Life and Love who are the Holy Trinity.

Yet it’s ALL alive, every particle in the universe is underlain by the God particle, it all (every subatomic particle) has mass, charge, motion and vibration at certain frequencies, which is the biological definition of Life. A theoretically almost infinite number of God particles, physicists determined at Cern, comprise a particle of photons (Light), while about 100 God particles make up a subatomic particle of dark matter. The point is to attune yourself to LIFE and also hopefully Light and Love (the Holy Spirit, Love). Love of death (things such as war), and hatred are mentally ill, but darkness is not in of itself evil, and yin and yang are complementary and NOT oppositional, except in Western society, which is WRONG and misguided: a say again, there was a feud between the Olympians and the Titans, and it is as of right now ended. In terms of “God IS Life” as written in the Bible, if you are a patriarchal society with descent reckoned “patrilineally,” you will view that life as God or Allah, but if you reckon your descent matrilineally and have a matriarchal society you may well call the Life “Goddess.” This in fact is the older view, as Goddess figurines in graves date back 50,000 years. Personally I always try to affirm what I see as the Trinity: Life and Light and Love (the Holy Spirit). I do so very much reverence Life.

From “The Age of Aquarius, a Prophecy, PEACE, coming true with the publication of this article, PEACE between the Olympians and the Titans:

“A Prophecy: “When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the plannets and love will steer the stars.”

Ladies, I remain “single and looking” and invite any interested single, divorced or widowed ladies who might be interested in a 59 year old writer who smokes to write to me at Thanks for reading this and considering these truths. I really don’t care that much what you believe, so long as you are kind and loyal and can accept me as I am. Watch (if you dare) a playlist by Three Dog Night based on the song Eli’s Coming all different versions of a great song by this wonderful 60’s and 70’s band. Also watch a great concert, Santana In Concert (1977).

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