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— I have been relatively rich and I have known homelessness.
I love you Wooster! May God Bless Wooster, Ohio, those
who live in affluence as well as poor guys like me.
People from Wooster are proud of that fact,
and it’s one of the nicest towns I’ve ever seen or lived in.

January 1, 2018
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Wooster, Ohio
an Appreciation of My Hometown

In memory of the poor and homeless
people I have known in Wooster

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated January 1, 2018, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Sharon Patterson and YouTube. I have been relatively rich and I have known homelessness. I love you Wooster!

Wooster is a GREAT place to live! However it seems sometimes that we ignore the poverty in the midst of our plenty (see the video at the bottom of the page). The Wayne County Courthouse, shown below in a photo, which my mother Eleanor and the League of Women Voters saved from replacement by a modern glass tower, is an architectural dinosaur and the single thing many people remember from a short visit to our fair city. See photos of the Wayne County Courthouse and other Wooster landmark buildings here. And Wooster City Schools are excellent. Wayne County is about 106,000 people spread out in farms and towns and hamlets all over the county. It was named for General “Mad Anthony” Wayne from the American Revolutionary War. Wooster itself is a town of about 26,000 souls, but since we are the marketing hub for a population of 130,000, who all shop here, we are developed and economically advanced. For the women who shop here, there are a LOT of great stores they will like, such as Elder Beermans, Kohls, our Wal*Mart Supercenter, Maurices, and, for example, Christopher & Banks, rue21 and Reka’s Fashion Apparel; several drug stores, sporting goods stores, quite a few independent little boutiques which have lots of cool clothes, a Wal*Mart SuperCenter, lots of jewelry stores, and much more. We have LOTS of restaurants, from fast food and pizza joints, to little “hole in the wall” restaurants that are local treasures. Our eating faire is typically American, but we have some good ethnic restaurants here too. There are more expensive places to eat, too, like “Black Tie Affair” and “The Wooster Inn” and my own favorite, (which actually is quite reasonable), the “Tulipan Hungarian Pastry & Coffee Shop” (call 330-264-8092 boy I’d sure like some pastries about now!) and many more. The locals can be found hanging out at The Parlor on Liberty Street (330-262-4971) or Green Leaf restaurant at the north end on Cleveland Road (330-345-6797). [(Triva questiton for Woosterites: name the 10 hotels you can stay at in Wooster.)] You can take a “virtual tour” of Wooster, here. There are actually three shopping districts, an older downtown, a midtown, and an expanding, modern, north end development. Wooster is pretty well “spread out,” and most people live out in the country or in small towns or villages. For writers and computer geeks like me, there’s a Best Buy, a Staples, The Wooster Book Company, Books in Stock (a great used and rare book store), and The College of Wooster book store. And Wooster is an official “tree city,” where even very modest homes have big lawns with wonderful trees and gardens. There is also a special Arboretum and Gardens at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. The local paper is The Daily Record, which manages to combine great local coverage with the more important topics of national interest. Also please feel encouraged to visit the website of the Wayne County Historical Society. Look through a great collection of photos about Wooster on the images tab for a search about Wooster on Bing. May God Bless Wooster, Ohio, those who live in affluence as well as poor, addicted souls like me.

The daily Bible verse at the Official King James Bible online is Colossian 2:6 — "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: — or as I might explain it, "Faith without works is dead." In America, you cannot really live on the income from one or two jobs, as a family, in any comfort or sometimes in an economically feasible way at all. Yes, sure, if you have a good job, you’ve got it made. Otherwise… Watch American Story: Tent City USA. Find out about the Tent City in Wooster and what happened to it, here. Please visit the website of the Haven of Rest Ministries of Akron, Ohio. Did you know that $1.92 buys a homeless man or woman a meal. Please consider donating to the Haven. Even $10 helps.

“The Square” – Downtown Wooster

The Wayne County Courthouse in Wooter Ohio

Wooster, Ohio “Tent City”
The Faces of the Evicted

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