Witches, You do NOT know the evil of your Illuminati masters

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Society’s Illuminati Elite – the 13 Ruling Families
– are starting to make a big push for a “robot society.”
We are supposed to believe that 87 percent of us
would enter the “leisure class.” Meanwhile there
are millions of coffins sitting outside American FEMA camps.
Yet I imagine the average witch had no idea of this!

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The Daily Walk with Love

April 17, 2017
Justice is Coming!

The Daily Walk with Miracles
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Witches, You do NOT know the evil
of your Illuminati masters!

Satanic 13 Ruling Families Plans:
(The Illuminati) and Evil Plans
for a Robot Society

The Daily Walk with Miracles, update April 17, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email paul.miracles57@gmail.com). Video is a great mix or playlist based on Rush – Tom Sawyer, boy do I remember that one when I was growing up: if you don’t know it, you GOTTA listen. Rothschild this means you too (please). Second included video (meant sarcastically) is a playlist based on Iron Maiden – The Trooper; featured photograph of the evil robot from the Terminator movie is from “To Play or Not to Play” about video games: WAKE UP, AMERICA, you are FREE!!

And God Bless CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and also my spiritual guides here in Wooster, Ohio, the “Yuhanick clan,” and everyone who has ever helped me!

There are a LOT of witches in America. Most of those in the old church I attended several years ago were witches. I used to own a book, translated into English from Hindi titled “The Ubiquity of Witches.” Well, this article is an appeal to the “rank and file,” common witch out there in the world: Can you POSSIBLY support depopulation and a “robot society” where enemies of the Illuminati are actually liquidated or badly marginalized? I’m betting that MOST witches are decent people who just believe that way, religiously, but didn’t have a clue about what the Illuminati, meaning ultimately the 13 Ruling Families, have been up to and what they plan. Surely not. Most of you are decent people, even if you are witches. DO NOT believe what your masters tell you, here is the TRUTH.

Beyond this point this article is in large measure a republication of Satanic Illuminati Plans, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 16, 2017, by Paul Evans, so may or may not wish to skip the rest, but it’s worth a re-read, perhaps, even so.

Included video is Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length, YouTube – 2:02:55. This is what the global elite is up to, and it’s very dark. Let me summarize the situation: the way it is for me (Paul Evans) politically… I am for a caring, sharing equal sort of society… am Anonymous… but I support Trump anyway. The alternative is Illuminati depopulation and a robot society. The billionaires already realize that Donald Trump in his heart is not their friend. We ALL must support President Trump, and then, eventually we might have a better life.

It’s that bad and that serious a situation, the Illuminati — Clinton, Bush AND Obama — had us set up for global economic collapse and then they would have declared martial law, sent in the goons… and killed off their enemies and the common man… it would have been the end for all but the rich and those in power and their sycophants. The C.I.A. and America’s intelligence services have traditionally supported the rich but depopulation is for them “a bridge too far,” and they will not support it, so they support Trump. Trump is “crypto-fascist” and his society as he envisions it, however, would NOT suffer corporate America to run the whole government at all. There will at least be jobs for us, and we will have some kind of decent life. As for “the rest of us,” Donald Trump is the common man’s only hope.

So far as the common man, the Christian right AND the actual left in politics is concerned, Donald Trump is the ONLY hope Americans (and the world) have. He’s trying to make a LOT of new jobs for the ordinary man. The Illuminati are plotting our downfall and replacement with robots. Donald Trump is trying to get everyone jobs. More of us may have to get off our ass and work, but we’ll have some of a job, we’ll have some kind of a life. The Illuminati have 5.2 million “coffin liners” sitting outside America’s FEMA camps. Trust Donald Trump!

See These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO, Humans Are Free, no authors or date. About the creeping New World Order and the 0.1 percent of the population who owns 95 percent of the world’s wealth. It boils down to these people, who comprise the Illuminati and their masters, who want to enslave the common man. Thank GOD for Donald Trump.

The Evil of the Illuminati
and the “neoliberal” Elite

SUMMARY: This article is an OP-ED, it is just partly my own opinion, but I feel that an impartial reader will see my point: Society’s Elite — the 13 Ruling Families are starting to make a big push for a “robot society.” But it is really much more of an Illuminati/witch plot. See TECH NEWS: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE QUESTION OF ROBOTICS, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 16, 2017, by Paul Evans. We are supposed to believe that 87 percent of us would enter the “leisure class.” Meanwhile there are millions of coffins sitting outside American FEMA camps… Do YOU trust this?

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We MUST all (Satanic left, nonbelievers AND the Christian right) unite behind Donald Trump, because he is all that’s standing in the way of these insane Illuminati plans.

For all true Christians, may I suggest we think in terms of Illuminati plans for the depopulation of earth to a desired carrying capacity of 500 million. The method they have planned to accomplish this is unknown but may involve earthquakes, which is now technologically possible (the powers that be have the technology to trigger mass earthquakes). They can now trigger major seismic earthquake events artificially. This has been known in top secret circles for a few years now. Think in terms as my own church mentioned, in terms of Nehemiah 11, or perhaps Psalm 46, and read those with earthquakes on your mind. Only those who live away from major faults may feel safe until the Illuminati plot is fully stifled. For more, please feel invited to visit The Official Google Plus Anonymous Community. I feel it is the most patriotic act I could do to expose this, and I know that Christian elements of the CIA and NSA and our government in general will feel the same.

See The Right in Politics AND the Left Must Support Donald Trump, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 10, 2017, by Paul Evans: You know they only made the situation from 2008 worse — if global economic collapse happens, it will be twice as bad as the depression of the 30’s. Brothers and sisters on the left and on the right, SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP!!” and Inequality and The American Dream, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 3, 2017, by Paul Evans.

In a mitigating way, see Jobs vs. AI: What happens when everything is automated?, ZDNet, April 13, 2017, by David Gewirtz:

…Both of those arguments, however, ignore the real elephant in the room: how much of an impact will automation and AI really have on jobs going into the future? America’s new Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, says that losing human jobs to AI is “not even on our radar screen.” He says the problem is 50 years away. That seems entirely unrealistic to me, since jobs are, and have been, lost to automation ever since automation existed.

Also see OH SURE, Let’s Flouridate the Water!!!, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 30, 2017, by Paul Evans, which also discuses the evils of hydro-fracking with hydrofluoric acid and the dangers of causing earthquakes this way.

Speak the truth, all of you, openly, honestly, kindly and with only the exceptions you must make for protocol or safety or “to get along in the world.” Sin boldly and know that God loves you. Being kind makes you kind, and I believe we should all try to live at least a little bit like Jesus taught in our lives. Living like Jesus taught makes you like Jesus!

See Paul Evans: Truthful Status Update, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 8, 2017, by Paul Evans, which pretty much tells you a LOT about me (Ladies), and also all about what has “happened” to me.

in a robot society, who would be left to buy the mobs drugs

See Support President Trump, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 7, 2017, by Paul Evans, where I state in a revised way:

Now, we know that Donald Trump is standing firm (in some important regards) against the power of the Masons and Rothschild… I SUGGEST the United States people AND the CIA and Anonymous stand firm with Donald Trump: He needs our support and prayers! That is, it is the working plan of the 13 ruling families to (perhaps) kill off the American people — the common man — and replace him with robots in the workplace. THAT is (MAY BE) their plan, but it will NOT happen on Donald Trump’s watch. PRAY FOR YOUR PRESIDENT!!!

See Intel on Who Donald Trump Really Is and What the Future Holds for Americans, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 6, 2017, by Paul Evans.

From my own Facebook Page (Follow me, folks):

“I love music, writing and writing about current events, photography and tech, I’m a computer geek, a sort of obsessive blogger, but I Would make you the priority in my life, I’m single, never married, no kids, and very giving and affectionate in relationships, not terribly into all that dom/sub stuff but am a good lover, and loyal friend. I am Paul at paul.miracles57@gmail.com do you have any idea of the bigger scheme of things playing out, about the 13 ruling families that they want to replace the common man with robots who are cheaper and obey orders better. (So the question is rapidly becoming one of black and white, or) Which side are You on dears, that’s the big question, anyway please email me I’m Paul Evans down in Wooster, I’m 60, single, never married no kids, three engagements, one heroin addict (or Two, I never touched the stuff) later still single and hoping. There is some REAL sickness that Lord Rothschild would want this robot society thing. The 13 ruling families are 0.1 percent of the population and right now control 95 percent of of the wealth. This concentration of wealth has gone on hand in hand with the empowerment of the New World Order. But humans, “ordinary” humans are waking up now and doing empathy and telepathy over the IpV6 internet, and there’s no way for the super-rich to stop us but to kill us off. So “they” claim to be instituting this “Robot Society for us all. I do NOT trust it, not much at all. For starters, IF the 13 ruling families actually care about us, why don’t they — right now — empower the lives or ordinary Americans. Instead, while Donald Trump has begun SOME reforms that will help make things better, in general the rich are staying rich and the poor are suffering just as always. This is going to be a long and bitter, bloody struggle with the Illuminati elite.

Things ARE moving forward for those “common people” who are “selected for:” Out here 7 miles northwest of Wooster they are stringing fiber-optic line, which I certainly never thought I would see in my lifetime. It’s not ALL bad. But I stayed in a homeless tent encampment in Wooster a few years ago, and a LOT of those good people ended up at a FEMA camp in upstate New York. I think about those poor souls a LOT, too, and I know that God loves the homeless as much or more than the super-rich. Did you know that even among a socially very accepted class, our veterans, there are now 320,000 homeless vets in America? This is almost an indictment against America. This shocking figure is an evil travesty I know our nation deserves to be punished for.

But frankly I even feel, overall, that this whole robot society may get FULLY out of control and we humans may ALL find ourselves suddenly obsolete and selected against. See How to Become Relevant when a Robot Takes Your Job | Pablos Holman | TEDxLA — 19:18. The PROBLEM I believe is that all these scientists and technologists (simply) do NOT even believe in God. Pray to God that those in power come to their senses and stop this insanity.”

See Hungry? This six-wheeled robot might be delivering your next pizza, ZDNet, March 29, 2017, by Steve Ranger: and this isn’t just any pizza joint, this is Domino’s. How far will we go before we say, “too far, too fast,” and what will the Domino’s pizza guys do for a job? We have NOT come up with any sort of basic “new job” to employ those whose jobs are replaced by robots. So is it the FEMA camps for the unemployed who can’t pay for housing?

This is the beauty and the genius of Donald Trump: “America First” and not American exceptionalism. And, almost whatever the cost, decent, paying jobs for all Americans, NOT some damn robot society. If you’re Deplorable, seems to me you want Manjaro Linux. Or even if you voted for the wrong choice, you see clearly what we’re avoiding, WWIII and FEMA, right? And THAT is why mostly the billionaires and Masons do NOT like Donald Trump. And around Wooster, Ohio, they’re hiring. Boycott ANY company that tries to serve you with robots. Let’s let American capitalism work FOR us, as it was intended to!

Rothschild, an Orthodox Jew himself, has made some kind of “deal with the devil” to be supporting this bullsh*t, (this whole idea of a “robot society”), which a LOT of the TED Talks videos on the coming robot society (just look down the YouTube sidebar for more of these) are covering these days. I think a LOT of computer geeks are more or less possessed by the “New Matrix” of the internet — OR are at least way too enthralled with new technology — and some — many in fact, are not even really “there” any longer but are “soft machines” without any real control over their thoughts and actions, no matter what they think is true, they are “UNDER CONTROL.” (Yeah, and there are plenty of “sheep” just following orders, too.) WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!! Really, I have nothing personally against Lord Rothschild, I DO think it’s self evident that he’s a little off color (shall we say) these days if he’s pushing this whole robot society, if he is allowing or empowering this stuff, that his own family needs to step in and help the poor man. We need ALL OF US to take a step back and “get back to where we once belonged.” I’m saying we’re pushing the whole artificial intelligence / robot society thing forward way too fast, that’s it’s unsafe even if it would work, and that we need to dial it way back so that research can make CERTAIN of it’s safety, and implement it much more gradually.

FEMA coffins, supposedly one billion dollars worth ordered by Obama

Meanwhile I have become aware that there are supposed to be 5.2 million coffins (the ones they semi=acknowledge, although they claim they are “coffin-liners” with lids), sitting outside various FEMA camps. This includes one in Georgia with 128,000 coffins where I SAW them in good photos with my own eyes. All the workers are GONE from the Amazon.com warehouses: that’s right, they’ve all been replaced by ROBOTS, while just three humans supervise the whole thing. And robots in Iraq have the empowerment to take human life on their own initiative. That’s just plain crazy.

The “powers that be” have put efforts into trying to debunk the claim of FEMA coffins, but I have given you one of several photos floating around Google and the internet. See Obama Quietly Orders One Billion Dollars Worth Of Disposable FEMA Coffins, MRC, January 23, 2014, by Mr. Conservative, and Obama Quietly Orders Millions of Disposable Coffins?, on Snopes.com, which gets more negatively against the claim every time I read it, but nonetheless has quite a lot of the evidence FOR it. Yeah, they’re supposed to actually be “coffin liners.” Beats the pits they used in Poland and Russia in WWII, doesn’t it. Anyone for some new lampshades?

Isaac ASIMOV’S THREE LAWS of ROBOTICS MUST be deeply programmed into them before we should feel at ALL safe. And I can still add 1 + 1 and come up with 2, can’t you people? I think this whole “robot society” thing is creeping into reality, almost slowly. Just as with the New World Order, this is a very planned and methodical empowerment, and I DON’T TRUST IT or the motives of the 13 ruling families. Robots have low upkeep, they always follow orders too, and don’t cause trouble for our rulers.

This plan for a robot society is Masquerading as a plan to grant us a life of leisure, with claims that 87 percent of us would enter the leisure class. Oh, YES, I KNOW of the good morality towards the poor these people have, don’t YOU, America?

Can’t you see, they want to rapidly or gradually shunt us (the lower classes) off to an evil fate at the FEMA camps where coffins await. The homeless are already being sent to them en masse. Next the mentally ill, and anyone who doesn’t toe the line. And soon, the Wal*Mart workers will accompany those who used to work in Amazon’s warehouses to an unkind fate. CIA, those of you who are Christian, or any of us on the left, or the right, a robot society is “a bridge too far,” and you MUST NOT SUPPORT THIS. Both the Christian conservative movement AND the true left must UNITE behind Donald Trump, who is ALL that is standing in their way. Be WATCHFUL and Pray to God for the salvation of the common man. May God Help us all! Amen.

I’m not saying the evidence for this is “iron-clad.” Today on YouTube I came across a TED video which does give me some reason for hope about all this. See A renaissance — the coming end of human work | Kevin Surace | TEDxOrangeCoast, YouTube – 15:19. I’m just saying, I don’t trust it, it smells of half-baked b.s. to try to make this seem innocent.

All right, doubters and non-believers, did you realize there’s like a one in 1 with 28 zeros after it that life could exist in any universe at all, or that 90 percent of astronomers believe in God. Where was I when I was dead for about an hour, a year ago, and why didn’t it turn my brain into mush? And why is the sky blue and why is the ocean basically a 70 percent saline solution. Do BELIEVE, God Loves you! Yes, YOU!

Moreover, I FULLY HAVE FAITH that the (satanic) left and the Christian right HAVE A SHARED agenda in stopping this Illuminati monstrosity of a robot society and the rest of us useless or probably dead. That’s RIGHT the true conservatives and the left should support crypto-fascist Donald Trump TOGETHER, or else it’s the end for all of us. Donald Trump is standing firm against the Illuminati/Masons and we MUST support President Trump, even those of us with left wing beliefs. Rand Paul recently got a 78 to 18 vote, an alliance of the right and left, to stop the NSA spying, which made it illegal for five days, until a Mitch McConnell comprise (correctly, in my opinion) restored order. The point is, THIS ALLIANCE is there, it exists today. And we all must (and Donald Trump must) use the alliance to pass proper legislation and oppose evil, May it Be and Amen. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE.

Tom Sawyer (playlist)

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From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

There are 320,000 homeless veterans out there:
This is absolutely unacceptable.
Everybody needs somebody sometimes:
National Suicide Helpline
God Bless You All!

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