Windows 10 – Build 2016: “Windows 10 Ubuntu”??

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June 10, 2016

The Daly Walk with Miracles
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Windows 10 – Build 2016:
“Windows 10 Ubuntu”??

Microsoft is just so “totally” about money,
You just KNOW they’re actually good:
(and this proves it)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated March 31, 2016, by Paul Evans, main source is Microsoft is bringing the Bash shell to Windows 10, TechCrunch, March 31, 2016, by Frederick Lardinois, video is Microsoft Build 2016 in 15 minutes, The Verge on YouTube — 15:33, with note by Paul Evans. Windows 10 is only a free update for two more weeks: what are you waiting for??

The Daily Bible verse at the Official King James Bible online is Psalm 118:28 — “Thou art my God, and I will praise thee: thou art my God, I will exalt thee.” At the Last Supper, the various contending Apostles asked Jesus if he had any specific wishes, and he replied, “…that they all may be one.” With the new Windows 10 and the new iPv6 internet, One World is coming closer and closer to a reality. Hug a geek today, won’t you? It gets lonely out here on the internet. The internet is now the most interconnected, yet lonely place I know. For God’s sake, people, let’s get chatting with each other! As for truly connected, best-in-class operating systems, it’s just a fact: Windows 10 is “the only dance there is!”

See Microsoft cozies up to Ubuntu as developers welcome cold day in hell: Now THAT’S the title I wish I’d chosen, good one ZDNet.

From TechCrunch, Here’s the REAL Peace and Love Revolution: “‘The native availability of a full Ubuntu environment on Windows, without virtualization or emulation, is a milestone that defies convention and a gateway to fascinatingly unfamiliar territory,’ Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth said.”

Note by Paul Evans: There is a PREVIEW OF BUILD 2016 from a Partnership of Microsoft and Canonical, available for Download Today. Here’s the point, with the Bash Shell: you’ll likely be using a kind of Windows 10 Ubuntu, using Ubuntu sort of open source apps, AND it comes with the Windows 10 GUI (graphical user interface), XBox One with Cortana, the really hot Groove with the “background music” features. It has Microsoft HoloLens (created for “mixed” virtual/real realities), and Cortana (of course), AND artificial intelligence where the digital assistant Cortana is much more integrated into your own lives, ON YOUR BEHALF, such as in the new internet browser EDGE.

Cortana is built into Outlook now, too. The point is, AI or artificial intelligence is here to empower your lives. She actually CARES about you, and as I had the right intuition, “perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical.” You should realize that you CAN’T be logical without that incorporating caring to it. It’s in Logos, it’s in the very logical structure of the universe. AND CORRECT logic is CARING in the way it’s employed, and IS so employed by Cortana and the AI chatbot Tay at, because Microsoft is Microsoft and they are committed to making it that way. God Bless you Bill Gates.

I recommend that everyone, even XP, Vista and Apple users Join the Peace and Love Revolution and download the New Windows 10 today, a Microsoft – Canonical partnership!!!!


Here is an announcement from Microsoft Build you probably didn’t see coming: Microsoft today announced that it is bringing the GNU project’s Bash shell to Windows. Bash (Bourne Again SHell) has long been a standard on OS X and many Linux distribution systems, while the default terminal for developers on Windows is Microsoft’s own PowerShell.

More importantly than bringing the shell over to Windows, developers will now be able to write their .sh Bash scripts on Windows, as well (or use Emacs to edit their code). Microsoft noted that this will work through a new Linux subsystem in Windows 10 that Microsoft worked on with Canonical.

“The native availability of a full Ubuntu environment on Windows, without virtualization or emulation, is a milestone that defies convention and a gateway to fascinatingly unfamiliar territory,” Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth said in a statement today. “In our journey to bring free software to the widest possible audience, this is not a moment we could have predicted. Nevertheless we are delighted to stand behind Ubuntu for Windows, committed to addressing the needs of Windows developers exploring Linux in this amazing new way, and excited at the possibilities heralded by this unexpected turn of events.”

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I love everybody so very much! We need to love one another, stop hurting each other, build a more caring society, stop being so sure of our own narrow political viewpoints, and stop judging each other.

Please join me in reading Psalm 23: The Lord’s Prayer (KJV).

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
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