Windows 10, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and What Microsoft Has for Us Next

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— Dubbed the “Andromeda OS,”
the tech world is wondering how long it will be
until Windows Insiders can test drive Microsoft’s new OS, mostly
shrouded in secrecy. Microsoft’s history has been
that about as soon as they get one app (or operating system)
working pretty well, they substitute a wholly new one
(think Internet Explorer being replaced by Edge
and Windows Media Player being replaced with Groove, in Windows 10).
Meanwhile, Cortana’s capabilities only increase and I believe are set
to be included in “Windows Cloud”, now named Andromeda OS.
This leak on the future was to be expected, and it isn’t
the first time it was leaked or discussed, but we
wanted you to know.
How long until the future, Microsoft?

April 27, 2018
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Windows 10, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and What Microsoft Has for Us Next

Are you ready for the Microsoft Andromeda OS?

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), April 27, 2018, by Paul Evans. Some of this updated and rewritten article is from Linux, Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence (AI) — Updated, January 15, 2018, by Paul Evans. In fact the update is mainly for those who missed it when it was first published elsewhere (noted below). Featured photograph is courtesy of karara160 and Pinterest. Microsoft, you are losing the battle over sexy girls who support you in posing for wallpapers to both Ubuntu and Manjaro Linux, better up your game.

See Understanding “The Internet of Things” (IoT) and the Future.

See Three Simple Changes Microsoft Needs, to Retain Market Share and Customer Loyalty, The Daily Walk with Love, March 27, 2018, by Paul Evans. Seriously Microsoft, you need to take this seriously, read my ideas and incorporate a few (HINT: You’d make more money and increase or stabilize market share.)

On the Singularity

Let me quote from my somewhat paranoid article, The Singularity: What Is It and Should You Be Afraid?, published recently and here are my ideas about the AI and Windows 10, lightly edited, from The Daily Walk with Love to you. (I want to say, this article is the “paranoid,” conspiracy theory version. But read it and THEN tell me how you feel):

I personally think that machine (computer) intelligence exceeded human intelligence in many ways back with Windows 8.0. It was at that point that the “Creator” folder was removed (or disappeared) from the Windows folder. I worked up a folder with a Bill Gates “theme,” and when that failed, then one with me, Paul, but although initially Windows allowed me to place them there in the Windows folder, but come morning of the next day they were gone. (Everybody felt like Windows 8 had been designed by a computer the moment they got a look at the Start menu, lol.) Keep in mind, (then), that computers have been a big part (themselves) of designing successive generations of new computer operating systems for some time now with Windows and Apple, although I believe NOT so much with Linux, which I think is mostly designed by humans. I’m somewhat pessimistic about AI and the future for mankind, especially the common man, but NOT because of Microsoft and THEIR spying and the Illuminati generally, except at the top. I mainly fear the richest of the Jewish bankers and men such as the Rockefellers and billionaires in general, and their greed. I don’t dislike the those men, I only feel that the world and the U.S. would be a much healthier, kinder, gentler place if only the high Illuminati wished it to be a nicer future for everyone.

Andromeda OS and a New
Deployment for Microsoft

THE BIG NEWS: There has been a leak of the first order (actually the leak was about two years ago) and we now know much more about the OS which will succeed Windows 10. See Andromeda OS is Microsoft’s big plan to make Windows 10 fully modular, Tech Radar, September 20, 2017, by Darren Allen: “Stellar ambitions for a nimble and streamlined OS.” But to a select few who found and read the facts about this, the future for Microsoft has been known for over two years. See Why Microsoft Announced Windows 10 Is ‘The Last Version Of Windows’, Forbes, May 8, 2015, by Gordon Kelly. That article hardly caused a ripple, perhaps as many people don’t get their tech news from Forbes (although maybe we should lol). The article claimed you wouldn’t actually get a new operating system per se, but something like the old concept of “service packs,” and highly major updates would be handled in something like the “rolling release”: concept that Linux uses.

Given the inroads Linux is starting to make (about 3.6 percent of all computers now run Linux), Microsoft would be well advised to 1.) offer Windows 10 as a subscription at a low monthly price, say, $12 a month over a 20 month contract, which makes you twice as much, Microsoft, as when you sell Windows 10 Home outright with $120 out the window all at once. 2.) Remove a good deal of the adware in their apps, 3.) Reduce the level of spying in Windows 10 (perhaps finding some way that Cortana could find and use the data in question without indefinite storage, and then 4.) offer more free support for their products after purchase. These “reforms” would advance your perception in the tech world and bring over some of the XP, Vista and Windows 7 people, as well as Linux users. Linux is good, and it’s getting better, too, and it’s always been free. Keep it in mind, Microsoft.

Microsoft has their all-new Surface Pro out at the following prices: Starting at $799, or $40/mo. for 24 months. Assuming that the new Surface Pro gets free updates for the whole 24 months, I really wish I could afford it.

Microsoft and the Andromeda OS

I just don’t buy the conclusion that Microsoft has gone all dark, as some people say, although it’s obvious of course that any huge corporation is a mixed bag. (And so are the Masons not “black or white, the men who essentially founded America politically — to say Masons are evil is like saying that all of American history is evil, and it just isn’t so.) Microsoft’s apps do behave somewhat more like adware than they should… but it’s a free and very capitalist society we do live in, for better or worse, and that’s the way I feel about Microsoft and me, it’s “for better or worse,” and compared to Windows 8, Windows 10 is much better. (A lot of computer geeks swear by Windows 7, with its more simple graphic user interface (GUI). I do tend to trust Cortana, who so far as I can see, follows the Platinum Rule: “do unto others as they need from you.” But I do not trust much at all the whole series of innovations associated with the Singularity, and I strongly believe we MUST dial back the whole push for automation, AI and robots and go more slowly and carefully (except maybe with Cortana. I am not familiar with the situation with Apple’s Siri). You can download the latest Windows 10 “Windows Insider” advanced build here. Windows 10 Home is $120 and Windows 10 Pro is $199. A link to get the latest Linux Mint is below.

With Windows 10 Home, you get Cortana (for those new to this, she is a virtual, artificially intelligent personal assistant with a LOT of capabilities), you get the new Edge internet browser, the new Groove music app (which substantially takes the place of Windows Media Player, although that’s still there, as is Internet Explorer.), the chance to get a subscription for Office 365 (with six of the Office 2016 Office programs at a great price of $7 a month, and that comes with a Terabyte of storage in the Cloud), Xbox for Windows 10 and a chance to get the free Kindle app which lets you experience Kindle eBooks right on your PC. Also the big push for design and image manipulation into 3-D is fully addressed, and from what I can see is state of the art. What’s not to love?

Also See The Windows Insider Blog, by Microsoft, which has a lot you won’t want to miss.

But most of what I have discussed so far is really peripheral to the hot question, exactly what is new in Andromeda OS and when will the Windows Insiders be able to download (or add the service packs for it) and give it a test drive. Will Windows 10 computers simply morph into Andromeda by means of Service Packs? I know that a year ago, everyone was still talking about the Cloud, Windows 10, automation and artificial intelligence. One of the main goals Microsoft has with Andromeda is not just new apps but a whole new way of presenting the apps, in terms of what they call “modular design.” Apparently the various aspects of the design will supersede what we know as Windows in this way. See Microsoft working on new ‘Andromeda’ desktop experience for Windows 10 devices, by Mehedi Massan. This article was published in February of 2017, so Microsoft has pretty well kept a lid on just what Andromeda buyers and testers can expect. Also See Microsoft Has Started Testing Apps for the Rumored Andromeda OS, wccftech, December 29, 2017, by Rafia Shaikh. One of my favorite music apps has been included with test versions of Andromeda OS, which raises the question of if any other popular apps might be included. We shall see what we shall see.

See The Real Price of Windows 10 is Your Privacy, BetaNews, July 31, 2015. However Microsoft has somewhat addressed the whole privacy issue with subsequent releases of Windows 10. But with every app featured on the new OS steals information from you and behaves like adware… I’m saying it’s your money and your privacy at stake… if you trust Microsoft and the Bilderberg group above them to know everything about you, by all means, get Windows 10 today. I once saw a statement that at the current rate of growth, Microsoft would own EVERYTHING in fifteen years. Whether that last is credible or not, Microsoft has made Windows 10 a really cool OS, and if you trust the Illuminati, go ahead… Microsoft, since you read these articles too, why Not offer Windows 10 on a 20 month contract at $12 a month, as you do with Office 365, 20 x 12 is $240, guys, not $120. This is a gift of the gods dropped firmly in your lap, Microsoft. Your market share might actually increase if you offered your whole OS and most things you sell by subscription, and ultimately you would make more money, too.

I think it’s important that as many people as possible understand today’s utter lack of privacy on the internet or app which uses internet. At this point privacy is a “quaint notion,” and Microsoft does this more out in the open than do many programs, or online web services or even websites. The fact that Microsoft does theirs out in the open is a Good Sign. And let’s realize in terms of security, America has a lot of enemies and we truly need to have the surveillance (for example cyber-terrorists are trying to take down are electrical grid) as we do have now.

The real price of Windows 10 is your privacy. But if you’re not doing anything big wrong, why should that matter much to you?

To do Microsoft justice, let me give you just one small example of how useful Windows 10 is for me as a writer. Let’s say I’m using the new Edge browser. Say I’m doing a little research for an article I’m writing and find a gem of a paragraph (which I will not doubt use in the article). Well, then, I just highlight (select) the paragraph, right click it, and then click “Ask Cortana.” Almost immediately, Cortana gives me all the cool links and some concise subject matter on the subject of this paragraph, the best from the whole web using the whole capability of the Cloud of networked satellites. Everything she provides is highly relevant, too.

So is Windows 10 great? Yes, it’s only getting better, too. (You may find that there are issues running Windows 10 on older machines.) Also we now have Microsoft Andromeda OS on the horizon. If you have $120 or $200 to spare I would say that it is very well spent on Windows 10. I had downloaded a copy three days after it was offered to Windows Insiders. I trust Microsoft to keep the code right, and I just don’t worry about privacy at all anymore. I wouldn’t worry about the surveillance, several entities do it and this is America, not Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union. I know I have flipped a few times as to what operating system I think is best… it just depends on how much you have to spend and how paranoid about the Illuminati you are. I don’t think you would be going wrong either way, Windows or Linux. Apple is something I don’t know much about so I have left it out of the discussion. I will say that I read maybe five years ago that it is 49 percent (officially) owned by Microsoft, but anyway the choice is yours, I’m only providing you with some information.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

See The real success of AI will only come with treating workers well, ZDNet, August 14, 2017, by Steve Ranger: “The tech industry is going to be a case study for the impact of AI in the workplace, but can it rise to the challenge?” See OK, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, In the name of God Don’t Forget Compassion for the Common Man, recently on The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

Also see Understanding “The Internet of Things” (IoT) and the Future, The Daily Walk with Love, December 25, 2017, by Paul Evans.

See What to do First with Your New Linux Mint (Updated), The Daily Walk with Love, December 22, 2017, by Paul Evans. This tells you all the (free) programs you might want to add to your new OS, out of long experience. Even a seasoned Linux user might find a goody or two. Links to download what I consider to be the three best Linux operating systems are in this article.

Windows 10 God Mode

Here is God Mode, with really cool features God Mode. Copy Everything including the quotes: “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” and paste that as the name of a new folder on the desktop, courtesy of The Hacker News.

With this you’ll get a control panel type icon labeled GodMode, which gives you fast access to hundreds of features that are usually buried inside of Windows Settings and more.

See HUMANS 2.0: HOW THE ROBOT REVOLUTION IS GOING TO CHANGE HOW WE SEE, FEEL, AND TALK, Tech Republic, by Nick Heath: “Robots aren’t going to replace us, but by working hand in hand with us they will redefine what it means to be human.”

Watch Artificial Intelligence and the future | André LeBlanc | TEDxMoncton, TEDx Talks on YouTube, 10:06.

Watch Artificial intelligence: dream or nightmare? | Stefan Wess | TEDxZurich, TEDx Talks on YouTube, 13:37.

For a really good distraction while you read the news on the web, watch Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World , YouTube music video – 11:47.

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