Will Nursing Home Patients Continue to Be Able to Live Independently?

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“The Money Follows the Person” program
about to be cut is actually cheaper than
nursing home care and allows many seniors
to live independently: funding for it should
be retained. AARP, where are you when we need you?

July 14, 2017
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Will Nursing Home Patients Continue
to Be Able to Live Independently?

“The Money Follows the Person”
Program should be left intact:
This is a “no-brainer”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished July 14, 2017, by Paul Evans. News source is Drive to help nursing home patients live independently could face deep cuts under GOP health plans, STAT, July 10, 2017, by Cassie M. Chew. This affects all of (the lucky ones of) us eventually, I would think that AARP and other senior organizations would want to exert major pressure on our congressmen. Featured photograph of an old man in a wheelchair is courtesy of Flickr. Second, included photograph courtesy of Care Connections LLC. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE!

IN THE NEWS: Watch Murderous Man-Child Kim Jong Un Threatens To Nuke Japan, South Korea, And The U.S., INFOWARS on YouTube, July 10, 2017 – 10:04.

You see, overall in the budget what is going on is this: The United States has been spending about 13 percent more than it takes in, so that in every budget, 13 percent of what is spent goes to pay the interest on our debt. Well Obama, who did lower the annual deficit, nonetheless doubled our overall debt, and it should be obvious to anyone who knows anything about business that this can’t continue.

Apparently our ability to borrow is tied mathematically to the use of our dollar (currency) in trade around the world. Thus there have been, sadly, wars with nations who “went off the dollar” in trade. Now there is an emerging monetary entity I will call simply the Shanghai cooperative which is just getting started. It will include Russia, China, Iran and a total of some 40 nations total, as of now, and it will NOT use the dollar as the trade currency. This means the U.S. will not be able to borrow as we have and must come very close to balancing the budget almost immediately.

photograph of an elderly woman receiving help from a home healthcare aide

THAT (and certainly not any meanness of spirit) is why Trump’s budget contains such major cuts to domestic spending, which apparently include these aforementioned cuts to funding for nursing home patients. STAT said that:

‘The Money Follows the Person’ program, which uses both federal and state Medicaid dollars, helps patients who are leaving nursing homes buy their own furniture and pay the security deposit on an apartment. It even covers an initial trip to the grocery store.

The grants also cover visits from home health aides so patients with ongoing medical needs can get care. And they support life skills training through courses like Stepping Stones, here in Chicago, which teaches students to use public computers to look for jobs and helps them set up email accounts, in some cases for the first time in their lives.

What is vital to recognize is that the nursing home care which would be forced to be given if “The Money Follows the Person” program is actually ended, is MORE EXPENSIVE than the program itself. In other words, if this program ends, EACH of us individually will have to see to the Medicaid portion of each of our parent’s nursing home care. Nursing home care is usually over $10 to $15,000 a month and might not be a problem for a rich person, but for the average family…. Medicare only covers a certain portion of it, say two-thirds, and if the program in question ends, private families would have to pick up the tab on the remainder, or else care for their aged parents themselves. People don’t realize it but a decent nursing home these days charges up to $20,000 a month per patient (as it was with my dad) and county homes have long waiting lists.

The move to end funding for “The Money Follows the Person” program is in line with the overall Republican philosophy of taking public costs and distributing them to the states or to individuals. However in this case, there is NO WAY the lower 50 percent of the population (economically) can afford this. It will resemble the 19th century situation where families personally cared for their parents and grandparents. But it will be very limiting to us as a society.

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What ALL OF US SHOULD DO is to Call our representative and flood the Capital switchboard with phone calls opposing any end to “The Money Follows the Person” program. If we don’t do this, we get steamrollered with overly-expensive medical expenses that average families can’t afford at all!

See Trump’s big push to get the Obamacare replacement healthcare bill passed and sent to his desk (Fox news). He says that failure would make him “very angry.” He says he would blame Mitch McConnell. President Trump, a lot of provisions in the compromise healthcare bill are just wrong. And I see nothing in it to fix the issues with Big Pharma, either. (I refer to the $60 billion a year Medicare Part D giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies that Obama allowed into Obamacare in order to get their support. Addressing THAT would save the government and all Americans a LOT of money every year.) This particular “Money Follows the Person” provision needs to be retained and it isn’t in the final draft. President Trump, et tu: someday you’ll be old too, but I guess money is no object for you. Well it sure is for the underclass and even the middle class. Moderate Republicans must oppose this version of “Trumpcare.” America can do better than this. It seems to me, this is America, if we can take care of our veterans, we can take care of our elderly!

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