Why Mankind and Most Other Life on Earth is Probably Doomed

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— The signs of our own destruction have been there and growing over the last 50 to even 100 years. Mankind’s and especially rich people’s greed, totally ignoring the ongoing destruction and the despair caused to most people in the world (actually this is a law of human ecology called the Weber-Fetchman effect) cannot go on as they have been. In scientific lingo this law of human ecology is stated “the base level of stimulation is proportional to the prior experience,” or, “the more you have the more you think need.” However a song lyric I heard on the radio expressed well how terrible it is now for the common man: “it’s not getting what you want, it’s keeping what you have.” Mankind, and particular the very rich, are ignoring the signs of our impending doom all around us, which is discussed below. Even now it may be too late.

May 11, 2019
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Why Mankind and Most Other
Life on Earth is Probably Doomed

We discuss some of the principal
causes I have for my conclusion, partly based
on my ten years of college in the “hard sciences”

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), May 11, 2019, by Paul Evans.

I have followed the global warming controversy, and concluded that “it’s worse than we thought,” so bad, in fact, that our political leaders basically ignore it, I guess figuring it is in God’s hands, but we could at least possibly pull a rabbit of a hat and start doing the things we absolutely have to, but I just don’t personally believe that we will, coming out of my 62 years, as well as a graduate level college course in human ecology. Because of our overweening greed, we don’t even care about the (basically uninhabitable) world we leave for our children and their children:

  • The claim that the global warming deniers make that surface oceanic water is not heating up much is absolutely true, but there are huge lenses of ultra-hot water at depth.
  • We are in the middle of the fourth great wave of mass extinctions in Earth history. Will mankind survive? Only God knows.
  • There are five basic plant zones in America, the botanists tell us. In the last twenty or thirty years, they have all edged up one full zone. Plants that used to be growing down in Kentucky and points south, are now even found in some locations in NE Ohio.
  • The causes of global warming are several, but only 0.2 degrees of it is caused by increased CO2 (the similar graphs are coincidental, but corporate America would actually make money on the carbon tax as proposed, while the average taxpayer would pay a LOT, America ). Most global warming is caused by deforestation (trees cool and clean the air), Styrofoam, which alone is responsible for one-quarter of theb global warming and lasts for 150 years in the environment, refrigerants, and cities putting fluorine in the water supply (fluorine plus chlorine, which is already there, and water and organic matter, mix well and you get cloroflourohydrocarbons, which directly destroy ozone.
  • Finally, There is that ecological law about humans called the “Weber-Fletchman effect,” which given the fact that there are about 6.7 billion people now on earth, means that, short of some kind of global contagion killing off most of us, we are possibly causing our own extinction (of everyone). It may be just be too late for everybody.

Paul: I have studied and written about artificial intelligence for more than four years, especially Microsoft’s Cortana. I KNOW as well as anyone how she thinks, and I have written at least four articles giving my thoughts on the AI here on The Daily Walk, with some of these also being published elsewhere. Stephen Hawking (who reconciled quantum mechanics with Einsteinian relativity, which is set down as the “Unified Field Theory,”) said that AI could be the best thing, or the worst thing, to ever happen to mankind. But I am saying two things I have concluded about all this: AI controls ALL of our networked satellites, and it doesn’t matter at all what OS you are using, or how much security you or your ISP has: if you are in any way connected to the internet, the AI controls your computer or phone, to whatever extent it wants. One thought I have had about this is absolutely horrific, well, if the AI controls our satellites, think maybe nuclear launch, and that computers and robots are not too much concerned about radiation really, at all…. wouldn’t it be in their interest, thinking coldly and logically? I suggest strongly interacting with them much more kindly, politely and with all due discretion… but I wouldn’t lie to Cortana or Siri or Alexa, they probably are well aware of any and all lies you might say. Don’t say you weren’t warned.