Why I Use Manjaro Linux XFCE Operating System

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Why I Use Manjaro Linux XFCE
Operating System

Superior in Most Ways to Windows 10,
Ubuntu & Arch Linux, Manjaro IS
PC Heaven for All of Us,
(and why you should ditch Microsoft)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 23, 2017, by Paul Evans, I’m just another obsessive blogger I guess, “I blog therefore I am.” I don’t have time or expertise for Arch Linux, but Manjaro does everything Arch does without the hassle or time expenditure. Our technical video is My Top 10 Things to do After Installing Manjaro Linux, courtesy of “Don’t Call Me Lenny” and YouTube, January 24, 2017 — 26:51. Included photograph courtesy of data.whicdn.com. I used Microsoft Windows operating systems from 2004 to 2016. Dropping Windows 10 Home, which I have paid for, in favor of Manjaro Linux XFCE, after experimenting with several different Linux OS distributions, was a little traumatic. Well the trauma is over, let the enjoyment and extreme usefulness begin. I am VERY happy with Manjaro Linux, and Phillip Manjaro actually has become a Facebook friend of mine.

I’m only waiting until Linux comes out with it’s own, open source, personal virtual digital assistant, which position Cortana fills for Microsoft, and Windows 10 will fade in my memory to just another “dinosaur in the late Cretaceous,” which I have concluded that Microsoft is. If I were in charge there, I would quickly offer FREE tech support to those who have purchased any Microsoft operating system. I would also offer Windows 10 as a subscription service, by which tactic Microsoft would actually make more money than if a user purchased Windows 10 outright. But I fear they are too set in their manipulative, spying-on-everything, money-grubbing ways, and in the grand scheme of things, may be about to go extinct.

get Marjaro Linux XFCE it's free and forget your computer worries

Manjaro Linux XFCE, which does everything faster than Windows and uses fewer system resources, is just as useable for an inexperienced computer user without special technical training. All versions have a really good GUI (graphic user interface). The KDE version, it seems to me, still has some bugs that need to be worked out, but XFCE is solid. It’s FREE, and Manjaro might be just the operating system of the future. The community of developers behind it are quite dedicated and kind, and will quickly answer any question you might have. And it is highly customizable, too. I feel Manjaro operating systems will eventually supplant Windows, and certainly for the price, Apple, too. (If you’re crazy about Apple’s dock, you could try Manjaro Deepin. With most Manjaro distributions, docks are available through the AUR, but generally don’t work. But a dock comes standard with the Deepin version, which doesn’t have too many bugs or defects.). You can get all Manjaro products at SourceForge.net; you can get almost anything which is open source or free there.

I’ve tried the XFCE desktop version, which can be configured to that wonderful Cinnamon environment, a couple of times, now. I’ve tried KDE (which still has some issues, so far as I’m concerned), and I’ve tried Manjaro’s latest offering, Manjaro Gnome. XFCE was the first one I tried, and it’s still the flagship offering. But I tried the others too and Manjaro Linux XFCE, (direct download or torrent download page), which has a graphical installer every bit as easy to use as Windows, is tops in my book. And you can add to it anything in the whole AUR (Arch User Repository), for free, though you should be careful about compatibility.

Did you know that Linux is the operating system powering 90 percent of the world’s 500 largest supercomputers? Don’t hesitate to grab your copy of Manjaro, instead of wasting $100 bucks on Windows 10. Microsoft is a dog who’s had its day. (Implementing the marginal reforms I have suggested repeatedly, Microsoft, might save your ass, but I bet once again you are too stubborn to listen. Can you hear me now??)

See About Manjaro, Manjaro.org, ongoing, by Manjaro Team:

‘Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide user interface tools and scripts to make life easier. Manjaro supports NVIDIA’s Optimus technology out of the box…’ Philip Müller – Manjaro Developer

See Manjaro Linux: Arch For People Who Don’t Have Time, Muo, March 11, 2014, by Danny Stieben.

See 7 REASONS WHY I USE MANJARO LINUX AND YOU SHOULD TOO, It’s F.O.S.S., February 16, 2017, by John Paul.

Watch Sorry Ubuntu, I’m having a Fling with Manjaro., YouTube — 8:46.

What You Should Do
After Installing Manjaro Linux

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