Why did Playboy flip-flop?

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February 15, 2017
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Why did Playboy flip-flop on its no-nude decision?
Former owner Hugh Hefner (R.I.P.) was getting up in years,
but his son capishes what men want. Get real, ladies! Post is
bachelor tested, but for WWE lovers especially
(and safe for teens, too!)

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Why did Playboy flip-flop?

The Real question about Playboy is,
it is so tastefully done, was it ever “porn”
or rather a celebration of feminine beauty, with great articles too?

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 15, 2017, by Paul Evans, with main quoted source of Why did Playboy flip-flop on its no-nude decision?, February 14, 2017, by Blanche Johnson, which has a nice, short little video, too. Our own YouTube video (for mature audiences only) is TOP TEN CELEBRITIES WHO POSED NUDE FOR PLAYBOY, Courtesy of YouTube (under Fair Use) – 5:59. Sexy HOT photo of GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick is courtesy of SI.com (Sports Illustrated) and Pinterest.

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[I hate to disappoint you men with this article and video, there is virtually (almost) no nudity at all. It’s a discussion. At The Daily Walk with Miracles (Home page), who tries hard to attract visitors and also be a Christian website, we DO try to “keep it between the lines.” Sometimes I regret that, though lovers of WWE wrestling and computer geeks will really appreciate the included video!]

It was something like a year ago that Playboy, whose “Cyber-club” has long been the resort of bachelors all over the world, decided to do the “politically correct” (socially fashionable) thing by taking the nudity off of its website and out of its magazine. It may have been a “last wish” or design of the late Hugh Hefner (God Bless your soul), I really don’t know. I believe that Playboy actually is secretly beloved by most single men everywhere. But as the business world turns, quite probably revenues were down, and as they say, money talks. As Fox News Entertainment put it yesterday:

According to The New York Post, Editorial Director Hugh Garvey resigned last month, just five months after he was appointed in place of Jason Buhrmester. Similarly, Creative Director Mac Lewis recently resigned and was replaced by his assistant creative director.

This all came as Cooper Hefner, who was named Chief Creative Officer in October 2016, criticized the magazine’s non-nude decision in public. Hefner’s role at the company hasn’t been without drama either – the 25-year-old son of founder Hugh Hefner took time away from Playboy after he lambasted the company’s leadership in February 2016 and declared they needed to be “moved out.”

Read the insightful, full article, here. I guess the old Hefner blood will tell! Viewer discretion is advised in the mature video, below:


SO MEN, IS OR IS NOT PLAYBOY’S SEXY “PORN” TOTALLY COOL? The divisive issue of “porn” and what is porn and what isn’t has divided America for far too long. It has made men into hypocrites, while women just listen to what their local pastor is saying (who’s probably hounded by his wife, too). It seems to me the Bible does say, “male and female he created them.” It seems quite evident to me that many people I have run into used to even read Playboy for the content (subject matter) in their well-written articles. Moreover, I have a fundamental disagreement with the many “politically correct” naysayers who put people down for celebrating a woman’s body. To me porn is that which is degrading to a woman, something evil like bondage, while photos and videos like Playboy carries are a celebration of female beauty and so nothing degrading at all, and therefore NOT PORN at all. To me “PORN” is not sexy, but Playboy is basically not porn. I hope this view resonates with my readers, whether male or female or even gay or lesbian. Let’s NOT be hypocrites, shall we?

Also watch TOP TEN MAINSTREAM MOVIES WITH REAL SEX!, YouTube – 4:33. If THAT’S not hot enough for you, try Top 16 Adult Movies Where Actors Really Did It | Adult Movies, Adult Fun Facts and YouTube – 4:23.


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