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— Welcome to the New Age, brought to us, actually, because of
radioactivity, genetically modified food and pollution (insecticides
and herbicides), all of which are changing the human genome.
But the planets ARE aligning, too, the Age of Aquarius is dawning. Here we
discuss ways the New Age is already Here and how Christians should feel
about people who worship that way, as well as provide
some great new age music, The Very Best Of 3rd Force.

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The Daily Walk with Love

August 6, 2020
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The New Age ~ 3rd Force
(Greatest Hits)

Sexy New Age Fusion by 3rd Force
Here we discuss ways the New Age is Already Here
and How Christians should feel about people
who worship that way

The Daily Walk with Love, republished August 6, 2020, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of YouTube, featured photograph courtesy of OK, this article is about the New Age and there will be those who say that I am wrong to write about it or might be a witch. You are so wrong, I am a spiritual Christian man, I have suffered, been homeless and even died (and came back to life — hospital documented) through the strength of my Christian faith and God’s will. But believe what you will, I know the truth and so does God. I am also a lifelong student of comparative religion and find a lot of truth, beauty and wisdom in many different beliefs, even “witchy” ones, Masonic ideas and Zen Buddhist ideas, and understand attachment and suffering in ways the Buddha might have understood. If our Christian faith is strong, exposure to wisdom and valid ideas from many different sources cannot trouble you, only tend to enlighten you. I know I am just another human and try hard to not have hubris, intellectual pride, one of Catholicisms seven deadly sins. I have also suffered from mental illness most of my adult life, as has, for example the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. He recently publicly shared that he suffered from bipolar disorder and unrelenting anxiety. The stigma of mental illness must be ended in our quick-to-judge society. Email Paul at

SUMMARY OF CONTENT: The greatest hits of a new age group called Third Force, are great songs (a lot of chi energy here), from an album called Force of Nature. This is primarily a discussion of what the New Age is and is not yet, why we are in fact in a new age, getting humanity through its immediate future, dangers of the new age and how to survive and flourish in it.

In new age music, some of my favorites are David Arkenstone, any of the Windham Hill record label recordings, Vangelis, George Winston, Phillip Aaberg for the best in solo acoustic piano, perhaps especially the older Enya recordings, and this playlist’s artist, Third Force. The Narada label is pretty good, too. I fell in love with the New Age sound back around 1989 – 1990 when a short-lived CD store was open in #Wooster, Ohio which offered such fare.

We truly are in a New Age today. My own idea of what that means is not quite the same as I have read elsewhere, though through the future, Mankind lies of the cusp of great things. IF we make it through this “crisis” in our history, the future does look like it might eventually look rather like a “new age,” in a sense which is not too defined at this point. Why is this a truly New Age? Yes, there is some reality to the alignment of the planets and the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” but that actually is not what I am thinking of. Today, we have put so many pollutants, insecticides and herbicides, used so much genetically modified food (which is altering and messing up the human genome, and especially we have loosed so much radioactivity upon the environment we must live in, that we have entered into a new, fundamentally different and even dangerous wholly new period in human history. (The old CRT computer monitors had eight pounds of lead shielding to protect us from their radioactivity; they took away the shielding when they started making flat-panel monitors, but did they greatly reduce the radioactivity? It’s a question.) Do you realize that we are in the middle of the fourth great wave of mass extinctions of animal and plant species in earth history, because of what we have done to the environment? I do believe that mankind lies on the cusp of greatness, and a new awareness of our surroundings and each other. See “One World” – Global Consciousness, by Paul Evans.

But in MOST conceptions of the future that I can see, this is still a New Age, and this does not necessarily have to be hostile to Christians at all. Let the Illuminati be dominant if they are leading us into the future. (However, these are some features of the plans of the Illuminati and also the Masons are NOT evil, and are actually trying to actively reform cultures around the Earth. The evil comes not from the Illuminati but from the Zionist elite billionaire investment bankers, the Syndicate, who have sadly controlled America’s Presidents and most of congress in recent Presidencies. It is this evil force who want depopulation down to seven percent of those now alive, raising our kids by the government and replacing all now-accepted religious beliefs with some kind of “religion of the Self.”) However in terms of the Masons, they basically founded America and have always run this country. There really is no point in talking revolution, it’s just not going to happen, but I would beseech our leaders to please, for the sake of God, try to make the life of the common man a little easier, it would so please Jesus (and would prevent a depression that will be at least as bad as 1929!)

When we talk about new-agers, many of them like or follow a concept called the “earth-moon synergy.” It’s a fact that this has an important role in the rhythms and what affects us here on earth. Christians should also realize that any fixation on the goddess Athena is NOT the same thing as worshiping the devil, which is a fully different deity that, so far as I know, basically got “invented” in the middle ages. I do know that all this is NOT believed by many Christians, but I count myself among those who understand and believe in the reality of the New Age. I’m really not doing anything here except just trying to be informative. Furthermore, I believe many Christians are “hung up” on that one passage in the Bible, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” and seize upon it as a reason to “hate” witches as an enemy. I know, because for a while I used to wonder about this too. People, it’s a mistranslation. which probably got inserted into thee Bible during the Spanish inquisition (who also brought us waterboarding). The word used, “witch,” actually is from a Hebrew word which has a valid and true translation as “poisoner:” The correct translation is “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.” God I wish the Bible in its newest translations would get crucial details like this straight. Some fundamentalists think that all witches are Satanists or else Luciferian. This is simply NOT true, most of them are herbalists who venerate life and love mother earth — the Life force Jesus referred to when he said, “God IS Life.” How is that so evil? As for me, I believe in and worship one Holy God of Israel, and I know from my own personal contacts as a member of the press that many Illuminati are in fact very dedicated Christians and not witches at all, and the same for the Masons. Many of the Masons are upper middle class businessmen who attend Christian churches. The Illuminati have always tolerated more traditional Christians like me and it is incumbent upon Christians everywhere to tolerate and even accept and love ALL our brothers and sisters. “Judge not, lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.”I also feel that in western society, there is far too much emphasis in dichotomizing yin/darkness/feminine/intuitive thinking/Satanic sorts of thinking and ideas versus yang/light/masculine/logical/Jesus sorts of things. For the first 1,000 years after the conception of the yin-yang by Lao Tsu hia about 500 B.C., there WAS NO light or dark deity associated with the idea. That was introduced in the west sometime in the dark ages. Moreover, Still in Southeast Asia, yin and yang are thought to be complementary and not oppositional. I think that addin Jesus and Satan into it leads to a great sickness in our society. They should Never been added to the whole yin-yang conceptions, because it makes intuitive thinking and women somehow evil, which, of course, they are not. It seems to me that closer to the truth is that God is Life (not light or dark) and that “her name is wisdom” (Proverbs, referring to the Holy Spirit). I know that these are uncommon ideas but they are what a 38 years study of comparative religion have brought me to. It’s important to stay centered and grounded, maybe just a little yang (for guys). Another idea might be that, in terms of the Trinity, Light is the source, Life is the force, and Love the Holy Spirit.

from The 5th Dimension

“When the moon is in the seventh house,
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets,
and Love will steer the stars.”

One thing I have noticed as this truly “New Age” defines itself and develops into a new reality is that day-to-day encounters and situations in general are more “dicey” and sometimes even more dangerous. It’s important to stay positive as I believe the Law of Attraction may be somewhat stronger now: it’s as if humanity, with all the bitter political rhetoric and wars, is attracting evil and bad circumstances into its midst. It is as if Fate itself has a stronger presence among us. For everyone, being fully aware, paying attention to details and not skipping steps in accomplishing tasks and goals becomes fully vital. Here the study of esoteric methods of raising one’s awareness or mindfulness can be very useful.

The real and fully existent New Age as it exists today is thus different than the traditional idea of any “new age” which centered around Woodstock sorts of ideas of peace and love that many liberals and leftest and hippie types wanted. Yet even as a conservative socially (while my economic ideas do include a certain amount of redistributionism, I have to admit to being attracted to the whole “Peace and Love” ideas, too. Was not Jesus the Prince of Peace? Did He not say, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall know God”? And the planets ARE aligning: This is the dawning of the New Age.

To read about traditional ideas regarding the New Age you can find a great article about this and the whole “Age of Aquarius” conception at Wikipedia and also watch the video here by Avalanche called The Golden Sun also here on The Daily Walk with Love, on the Home page sidebar.

The Third Force video below has some of the very best new age sounds around. Hope you like it! Check out mp3 downloads by Third Force at Check out the digital downloads of mp3’s by 3rd Force at Also, check out the official Third Force Facebook page.

Welcome to the New Age!
Force of Nature

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