Who Owns and Runs Microsoft and Why You Should Care

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— To quote my previous article, “the average American slips deeper all the time into despair for a decent future, even for families with two full-time jobs (which is rare). We are being replaced, in a gradual, creeping evil, by automation, AI, robots and outsourcing. …The elite no longer intend to keep paying for the Entitlements which somewhat sustained us in the past. To take one example, Obama’s 50 percent cut in food stamps, five percent a year for ten years (while the average person on food stamps HAS a job, and most of them are single working mothers).” Did you know that the Illuminati, 0.1 percent of the world’s population, control 95 percent of the wealth, as “The 13 Ruling Families?” You can find out more at the “Humans Are Free” website. May God and the good people all over America, right wing or left wing, even neo-nazi or communist, unite as one to fight our terible oppression. Did you know that the entire lower 40 percent of us haradually ve 0.3 percent of the wealth? Fight against hypnosis and mind control over TV and the internet (the Matrix), take all the breaks you need to avoid hypnosis. May the CIA and all patriotic Americans as well as Anonymous, the Christian Militia and the Patriot and police organizations lead us to real freedom — freedom or death, which is what the Illuminati have planned for the average American and the poor, as we are gtaken off to out-of-the-way FEMA camps. None of this suffering and depopulation needs to be at all, it is purely a product of evil legislation dictated by the billionaire investment bankers (the Illuminati). In this article, we specifically examine Microsoft, which controls almost 90 percent of computer operating systems. I honestly don’t think Microsoft is as money-oriented as it used to be, but there is evidence it, too, is tied to the Illuminati. You know, Linux is free. Let freedom ring!

republished August 27, 2020
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Who Owns and Runs Microsoft
and Why You Should Care

Microsoft has traditionally been under the control
of The Bilderberg Group, headed by Lord Jacob Rothschild
head of the most powerful of the ruling “families”
and also head of the Illuminati

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), August 27, 2020, by Paul Evans. See Evidence Why Donald Trump Should Resign, The Daily Walk with Love, August 24, 2020, by Paul Evans. Also see The Recession is Over for the Rich, the situation for Those Making Less Than $20 an Hour, the Suffering Goes On, The Washington Post, August 23, 2020, by Heather Long.

I’ve been using Linux OS or “distributions for the last four years, which, I might note, poer Google and all 500 of the world’s fastest supercomputers, so I’m kind of out of the latest Microsoft news. But I am really curious, because Microsoft’s CEO since mid-2014 is Satya Nadella. He is supposedly of East Indian ethnicity, but what has me puzzled is that “Satya Nadella” is a Russian name. And for the last few years, Microsoft has been moving into “open source” software a LOT. One of the major Linux distro’s, Ubuntu, was said to be “in bed” with Microsoft, and even today, under a different Ubuntu CEO, you can add on a Lot of Microsoft software tailored for Linux, such as Skype, the new Office365 Online, and even .NET runtime and basic sort of Azure. Could you imagine that 10 or 12 years ago?

I well remember quite a while ago, when Bill Gates gave half of his $60 billion to charity. But, you know, that’s probably not all at once, I bet it’s in chunks that are tax deductible and (Of course, that’s still a really great thing, and now recently I have seen that fully 220 multi-millionaires and billionaires have taken up the Bill Gates Challenge and given up half of what they own to charity). Bill’s wife Melinda has done absolutely wonderful work in southern Africa with the AIDS-infected poor there. Did I mention that you could feed all the hungry people of the world with the food Americans throw away? Or that 37.5 million people globally starve to death each year? Or that, unbelievably, two billion people in the world lack ready access tro clean drinking water? (NO, Illuminati, that is NOT a reason to kill off the world’s poor by disease and warfare.)

As of May, 2014, Steve Ballmer has surpassed Bill Gates and is the largest shareholder now. Bill Gates recently retired from Microsoft’s Board of Directors, now worth more than $100 billion, to work in charities which include trying to come up with a cheap and easy test for coronavirus infection.

Wikipedia states that the Chairman of Microsoft’s Board of Directors) since 2014 is John W. Thompson, who is an older black man with a ton of experience:

John Wendell Thompson (born April 24, 1949) is an American technology executive, serving as the current Chairman of Microsoft. He is a former chief executive of Virtual Instruments, a Vice-President at IBM and the former chief executive of Symantec. Thompson later became an independent Director on the Board of Microsoft, and on February 4, 2014, he was named the Chairman of the Board. He led the search for Microsoft’s next CEO; as a result, Satya Nadella was selected.”

According to Wikipedia, he has Board Memberships at Illumina, Illinois Governor’s Human Resource Advisory Council, Teach For America, Illumio, Liquid Robotics, Rubrik and Seismic Software, at least two of which appear as possibly Illuminati organizations. For ten years he headed Smantec, leading that company to the top position (some would say) among Windows security software providers. Overall, it seems to me that Microsofts growth into open source is a rousing success, and the current Windows 10 Windows Insider Advanced edition even allows you to have a working Linux subsystem right now, with maybe more to come in this area in the new OS. The very newest version also has both new features and a bunch of bug fixes.

One of the first things I learned when I began using Linux OSs (or “distributions”) is that “Linux is Forever,” (short of a new blank hard drive). This is because it is almost impossible to re-install Windows once you have put Linux on it. The Windows installation program cannot get past the Linux grub and kernal, and on those rare occasions when it does, the Windows installation program finds you have the wrong drivers and aborts. If you are interested in trying out a Linux OS, check out Distrowatch.com, which has reviews and download links to the top 200 Linux distributions, as well as the latest news from the Linux world. Linux currently has 3.6 percent of the home computing market. Almost all OSs and a huge number of programs are free, and installable from DVDs or USB sticks.

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