What’s Going On in the Bio-weapons Labs (Newly Updated)

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— A Way Past any Contagion which Might get Loose (for whatever reason): Health News of Vital Importance to all Americans and Decent People All over the World: First we had China, about 10 or 12 years ago, come up with a genetically engineered Swine flu – Avain flu hybrid, then America countered with it’s own human-to-human transmissible Avian flu, both of which had about an 85 percent mortality rate, as a sort of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction, like the nuclear programs), Please read the whole article, there is new and important material at the top and the bottom, below what was here before:

September 21, 2019
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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What’s Going On
in the Bio-weapons Labs
(Newly Updated)

From research I did from 2009 to 2013
with new additions

The Daily Walk with Miracles (Link to Home page and blog), Update of September 21, 2019, by Paul Evans. (This is just a bare summary of what I know without doing too much further research except for summaries of four new articless on bioweapons and black mold. All of this content came directly off of documented articles from the web in the time period 2009-2013 (plus a few from recently and the four from today. None of this content was provided by these sources as anything classified, at all.) Featured image courtesy of Veterans Today.

SUMMARY, originally appearing on my old site, Evans Politics

First we had China, about ten years ago, come up with a genetically engineered Swine flu – Avain flu hybrid, with the person to person transmissability of Swine flu and the mortality rate of avian flu (85 percent).

Then America countered with it’s own human-to-human transmissible Avian flu, which also had about an 85 percent mortality rate. This represents a sort of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction, like the nuclear programs — think “Dr. Strangelove, the movie.) But there does seem to be a big push in the development of bioweapons going on currently.

Recent Developments

Very recently we have had a bacterial grunge making the rounds in America, probably coming from black mold. You must be very certain that, for example, moldy places (where the wall is damp and is stained black) are cleaned up in your bathrooms and basements and be certain to wash yourselves very thoroughly afterwards. I only know of one or possibly two antibiotics that basically work against this toxic mold bacteria (while you still will suffer from a kind of bronchitis and drippy, clogged nose). I had such an infection and the doctors tried about ten different antibiotics and then, like a gift from God, we found one that worked really well: Amoxicillin K Clavamox (NOT just generic Amoxicillin, against which Most bacteria are resistant). The more recent antibiotic we tried that mostly worked is called Clindimycin. One cannot even assume that this sort of infection, which is making the rounds, infecting people everywhere, was any sort of government plot (because of the black mold angle). Anyway, you should make very certain that if your house has any black mold, which grows where your house is dark and humid, is totally cleaned up.

What are the symptoms of having been affected or sickened (infected) by black mold bacteria? In an artice which states that the first thing to determine is whether or not it is a simple “toxicity” and affects you like an allergy, or the much worse diagnosis of an actual infection. Here see How to Identify Hidden Mold Toxicity (and What to Do About It), goop, Q&A with Dr. Ann Shippy, no date, she states that the general symptoms are “insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain or loss, sweet cravings, light sensitivity, poor depth perception, memory loss, intolerance of fragrances and chemicals and nosebleeds.” I will just note here that I have had almost every one of these symptoms, and that my infection is likely to have been bacterial, and that a couple antibiotics had much of any effect on the infection.
But “what if” evil neo-nazi or else Illuminati or for that matter Communist plans to reduce the world’s population to 500 million center on finding the appropriate bacterial agent and letting it loose around the world? The Illuminati, you see, would then have at their dispossal the correct medicine to take, but so far as the rest of us are concerned, I guess, pretty soon, we just die off. So that, I fear, may be what is going on, and sadly, I am one of the test subjects. Did you realize that the European Union was founded in three small states which were headed by former Nazi pharmaceutical officials? As some see it, the EU is a continuation of WWII “by other means.”

The questions you should be asking yourself, is, who are you with, the 0.1 percent of the world who are the true Illuminati or the rest of us? And what can to monitor and/or control what the bioweapons labs are up to? Let me just note that any world-wide contageon, to be effective, would have to spread very quickly and have a nearly 100 mortality rate.

Thinking back over an article I wrote maybe five years ago, I was reminded of a time (about 1917) when the Spanish flu was killing almost as many people as were dying during military fighting in WWI. The authorities became aware that there was an area in the American Midwest where basically no one was getting sick with the Spanish flu, so they sent out a few teams to the houses of these people to find out why. Turns out, these people had placed shallow bowls of water in each room, with halves of cut onions facing up. They would place them there during the day, and each morning would get up and see that the faces of the cut onion were literally black with the germs they had absorbed. I don’t know why it wasn’t taken beyond that or knowledge of this dropped out of current focus. However, it seems to me that if this unusual method of fighting flu would work against the Spanish flu, maybe it is something people might try if some variety of human-to-human transmissible avian flu were to get loose.

Meanwhile, What’s Going On with Ebola?

NEW: See Inside the Battle to Save Congo From the Ebola Crisis, TIME, June 19, 2019, by Sally Hayden: “Since August, armed groups have carried out 130 attacks on healthcare centers, while at least 1,359 have died from the deadly virus.” Remember when Obama trotted out the so-called “Ebola Czar” and fully reassured the American people that Ebola was completely contained and over as an international problem? One online church I somewhat trust has stated that Ebola is the “second horseman of the Apocalypse.”

You may be aware by now that the Illuminati may be planning the demise of the lower, say, 40 percent of us, replacing them with robots in the workplace. Actually, this is well under way. As I write this all the workers in the main Amazon.com warehouse are robots, with only three human supervisors. And (almost unbelievably to me), in other warehouses Amazon runs, where there are still humans doing the work, they must make difficult quotas, and then the hiring and firing is actually done by robots. Also, right here in Wooster, Ohio, about two week ago, the first robot was seen working in the local Wal*Mart Supercenter, just as I had been dreading but expected.) See OK, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, In the name of God Don’t Forget Compassion for the Common Man, recently on The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans. Sooo, what might they be planning for next?
See a Google search for What’s going on at the bioweapons labs (You know, some kind of hacker usually messes up my code right along with me writing it, it’s very frustrating).

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