What You Should Know About the Coffee You Drink

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— There are actually three genera of coffee plants,
each one readily available, including the one
from Cocca beans (if you have the money). The other
two are 1) the ordinary light or medium roast,
but if you can find 2) a good dark roast or French roast made
from genus Trinitaro beans – a hybrid of the other two,
you might be very pleased. The variety made from
Cocca beans is prohibitively expensive and the
ordinary coffee most of us drink does not offer
the full experience and the “kick” you might want.
For the best experience try out a dark roast or a French
roast (made from the hybrid genus Trinitario)
and see what you think.

December 26, 2020
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What You Should Know
About the Coffee You Drink

It Turns Out that Coffee Oils
Are the Second Most Psychotropic Drug
Known to Man

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner (Link to Home page and Blog), December 26, 2020, by Paul Evans. With video: TED Talks and YouTube (14:36 — it does not really jive with my own research, but should be informative). Featured photograph courtesy of The Buzz on Caffeine, which is a government website mostly having to do with drug abuse (check it out).

Hi people, I had my morning coffee when I ran across this in my archives, so I thought I would rewrite this article, (which I had previously published a few years ago, originally on Facebook, before somebody hacked me and deleted my entire Facebook account; then Facebook blocked me out twice, so I guess “I’ve arrived.” It’s Twitter, Reddit and Quora for me from now on!) I will try to present here a short article which should be of interest to all coffee drinkers, hopefully, or perhaps lead you on to more thoroughly investigate the subject of coffee. There is a lot on the subject published all over the internet, and also YouTube.

What is sad, is that in recent years (I have read), during the processing of coffee beans into the ground coffee we use in our coffee makers, the essential oils are somehow mostly removed or leeched out and sold to luxury coffee providers such as Starbucks. (To understand most things going on in America, “always follow the money.”) I used to have a slogan I used on my old site Evans Politics, “Don’t let money be your morality.” Remember in the Gospels, the only time Jesus got thoroughly angry was when he saw the money-changers buying and selling in the Temple….

Still, there are some things young may want to know to have the best coffee drinking experience you can get. First off, some scientific articles describe at the link describe all varieties of coffee as being classified as genus Coffea, but that is not what I remember finding out when I did my research a few years ago. You don’t think there is any suppression of truth going on…? Nah:

The research I did then told me that, essentially, there are three different genera of coffee plants from which we might get different kinds of coffee, and which affect us differently. First off, there is actually a kind of coffee made from the Cocca bean, but it is prohibitively expensive (I guess you could order it from Amazon.com if you want to sample this coffee, if you are rich and wanted the full-blown “coffee” experience). However, for us plebians, really we have two sources left. Most coffee such as you would find in a light roast or a medium roast that you can buy at any grocery store, already has most of the coffee oils removed and doesdn’t even have much of a kick even if it did have the coffee oils. But then there is the genus Trinitario, which is actually a hybrid between the previously mentioned coffees. I think this is what you would be getting in a dark roast, or maybe an expresso or a French roast. Has everyone else noticed that in recent years it is hard to find dark roast coffee in your usual grocery store? If there is a high quality grocery store near where you live, perhaps you might find a dark roast there, only a dollar or two more expensive than a light or medium roast. (You know, in light of leeching out of the coffee oils, there is nothing stopping you from buying whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself. And a lot of stores and some churches offer “Fair Trade” coffee which pays the small farms and workers a decent amount, as opposed to the huge plantations, too.

TED talks: Everything you’ve ever
wanted to know about coffee
featuring Chandler Graf

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