What to do First with Your New Linux Mint (Updated)

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OK, Great, you’ve decided to go with Linux Mint,
(perhaps the 18.3 “Sylvia” version that is now out
in a standard version, in all four varieties plus a Linux Mint Debian
variety we have tried and liked). In my experience
Getting Linux Mint is maybe the best choice
you could make. How do you want to modify that,
and what do you want to add to it?
“What do I do NOW?”

Updated December 22, 2017
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What to do First with Your
New Linux Mint (Updated)

OK, you’ve gone and installed Linux Mint.
That’s Probably a Very Wise Move:
Now What do you Do??!

The Daily Walk with Love, Update of December 22, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email paul.miracles57@gmail.com). Included video is First Look At Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” Beta, YouTube, November 15, 2017, by Joe Collins (All four flavors are now available “full strength and no longer Beta. Featured photograph of sexy Linux Mint girl courtesy of Gnome Look.org. (The material on what apps to get and what to do with your Linux Mint when first installed is near the bottom of this article. Sorry, I think this article is worth your time.)

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Linux Mint’s newest version, 18.3 “Sylvia,” has been released to the public, now in all four desktop styles (no longer in Beta) Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” is out all the way now (though the Beta worked fine), in Cinnamon, MATE, KDE and XFCE versions, it’s your choice, they’re all available now in 64bit or 32 bit. The default is for AMD processors but don’t worry: install this and then when the welcome screen loads on restart, click the “Drivers” there and install the Intell microcode. . Again, Linux Mint 18.3 is available at the link now in all four of the traditional Linux Mint varieties (Cinnamon, MATE, KDE and XFCE), and I strongly recommend that you get it. If you don’t know which to get, get Cinnamon. It works great on my computer, no bugs at all. Actually I used to like running MATE, but my computer is powerful enough (has enough processor and memory capacity) to sustain that. I just slimmed down to Cinnamon because I believe I prefer the GUI of that desktop more and so that it will take it easy on my computer’s resources: If you have an older computer I’d go with Cinnamon, as do most people. It’s just a really good version. I don’t feel that KDE is a good choice for any but newish, powerful PC’s. XFCE is a great lightweight distribution, but I’d always go with Cinnamon over that, and most people agree.

Also available is an updated version of LMDE2 “Betsy” (Linux Mint Debian Edition 2). This has the guts of Debian Linux with the GUI and most of the compatibility of straight Linux Mint. It’s really a pretty exciting version and I have nothing at all bad to say about it except it has a small user base for the forums and is not updated as regularly. Other than that, it’s the cat’s meow.

Also See Linux Mint 18.3 Under Development with HybridSleep Support for Cinnamon, More, Softpedia News, July 31, 2017, by Marius Nestor, which notes that the Linux Mint team is planning on including an improvement to the software sources as part of 18.3 Sylvia. (PE – the “hybrid sleep is now a reality in Linux Mint 18.3 but is optional, you have to manually enable it.)

As you read this, if you decide to download and install Linux Mint, you’ll probably wonder about the different varieties of Linux Mint you can get. The main page has four, but actually there are five (or actually six) varieties available, Cinnamon being the most popular. Two little noticed ones go under the heading “Linux Mint Debian,” but this is “bleeding edge” technology and not for the faint of heart or those with older computers. Unless you’re a real Linux pro, we recommend sticking with the main four options, particularly Cinnamon, MATE, or XFCE. See 5 Flavors of Linux Mint 18 You Can Try Today, Make Use Of, December 16, 2016, by Christian Cawley.

My conclusion was that it is a good decision to, at the present time, skip Windows 10 (even the Fall Creator’s Build) altogether and go with either Manjaro Linux with the XFCE desktop, (if you’re a Linux Purist), OR else follow my own logic and experience and install Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia”, (this is the general page with all four desktop varieties), and my own choice was to install the Cinnamon desktop, which can be found at the specific page for Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” Cinnamon edition which is the page with the most popular, Cinnamon desktop. I have read online and also found myself that the Cinnamon desktop is every bit the equal of the Windows 10 GUI. Actually I like the XFCE version of Linux Mint a lot too, I’ve tried it and it’s great, too. The MATE desktop is billed as something for more powerful computers which “eats up” more computer resources. All I can say is that it always worked fine on my Dell Inspiron 15, which has a modest CPU and four gigs of RAM. I just prefer the Cinnamon GUI, which is somewhat closer to Windows.

Linux use is picking up all over the world, now being the operating system on 3.6 percent of all PC’s. Here’s one for you: Linux is the OS now powering 100 percent of the world’s 500 largest supercomputers. It’s all “open source,” meaning that computer techs design it and distribute it for free out of their love of computers and love for people, too. You have to ask, unless they change their policies and become less of a bunch of money-grubbers, is Microsoft a “dinosaur in the Late Cretaceous?” Linux is fast too, it copies and pastes faster and it just reacts faster than Windows. Linux is also the OS we use on my “server” computer used to display The Daily Walk with Love, streaming from GoDaddy in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are very big things afoot at Canonical, the makers of Linux Ubuntu, which is now the second most popular distribution of Linux of all users. I’d get Linux Ubuntu, maybe if you were brand new to Linux and wanted something to learn on. Basically, in 2010 they brought a lady CEO in who took Canonical public. Now the investors have had their say, she’s out, the “old guy” is back in again, and a huge chunk of their effort is over: Yes, Unity 8 is history with the Ubuntu folks, but IS available with Linux Mint. I personally never found that Unity worked that well, and basically it became a fighting ground between the forces of good and evil and nobody really profited. Maybe the old CEO they’ve brought in again will get things better now. Also, Canonical has made the Gnome Desktop the default desktop, and a separate Gnome release will soon be unavailable. So, Unity is gone and Gnome is in. Some of the Unity people have been reassigned, some have gone over to working for the Linux Mint team, and some are out of luck. Big doings, indeed, and future shock for many of us. If you feel that you want Ubuntu (although I think you’d be happier with Linux Mint), download Linux Ubunu 17.10 and see how you like it. For about the last year, Canonical has been somewhat in bed (partnership of sorts) with Microsoft, and I think that’s too bad. Linux Ubuntu 18.04 will be available in April, 2018. I think Canonical is in some difficulty now. I think the former CEO was just about fully in bed with Microsoft, and that it may be some time before the Linux Ubuntu people have themselves “straightened out” and back on track. It used be great a few years ago, I really don’t like it so much now, I don’t really “trust” it any more. If it were my computer I’d definitely go with Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” Cinnamon edition, unless you either like the MATE desktop and have a powerful enough computer or you want to “go for it and run Linux Mint Debian or Debian Linux (which works fine) itself. “A word to the wise is sufficient.”

SUMMARY CONCLUSIONS: Unless you just like to tinker around with operating systems, installing Linux would be how I would go to escape Illuminati control over your computer. When you have it installed, try to avoid using “Wine” or Skype or adding in components you know are from the Windows OS — IF you want to be perfectly safe. IF you want to be absolutely safe in your choice of operating system, I think Manjaro is the best you can do. Manjaro Linux, the XFCE build if you are interested in a “purist’s Linux” because with Windows 10 you would basically be ceding control over your PC to Microsoft and thus to the Illuminati. All Linux operating systems are totally free, too. But hey, it’s your $200 (for Windows 10 Pro). That’s your choice, too. WHY does everything have to be a question of money: “Don’t let money be your morality!” I’m just saying I am very glad I got Linux Mint 18.3. I’ve tried a LOT of different Linux operating systems, but Linux Mint is my choice as the best out there. It’s as fast or faster than Windows 10, it doesn’t hesitate before it does something, and it doesn’t spy on you AND there’s no artificial intelligence built into it. Yes, Cortana can be helpful and is fun, but I know for a fact that the AI can be hacked and can (probably on it’s own, according to programming) also take over a person’s computer. Steven Hawking, perhaps the greatest astrophysicist in the world, is highly skeptical about artificial intelligence, and Tesla owner Elon Musk is strongly against it. Hawking most recently said that AI “could be the best thing, or the worst thing, to ever happen to mankind.” Moreover most Linux is lower on system resources than is Windows 10, and so can be more easily used on older machines. One more really great feature of Linux is that updates are fast and seamless and always seem to work, and with many versions, new versions of the OS are given to you as a “rolling release” without the need to download a new .ISO file. IF you haven’t messed up the OS by adding something you shouldn’t. And almost ALL Linux ALWAYS been totally free.

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What to do once you have Linux installed: Of course, the very first thing to do is update the system. There will be a couple of hundred megabytes of updates and installation is no problem.

Go with Linux Mint for the best in freedom and customizability and security, too

If you don’t want the Illuminati or their poor cousins the Masons in control of your computer and spying on your every move, Linux is the ONLY way to go. Increasingly, people are realizing the truth of this. Is it too late to matter?

Linux Mint is a very special, cool operating system. It has the slickest GUI (graphic user interface) of any Linux I have tried. It’s not quite a “pure” Linux experience as is Manjaro Linux, but it’s very close on install. The thing is to NOT mess up the integrity of the operating system by adding things like “Wine” (whereby, if you manage to configure it correctly, you can run .exe Windows programs) or Skype. Now, guys, you can get by perfectly well without Skype. It’s just that every Windows type component you add to Mint diminishes it’s integrity as a standalone, non-Microsoft controlled computer. That’s one of the main reasons I went with Linux in the first place, that and realizing that it’s just as good (if not better) of an operating system. It’s been a fun journey, though. The first time you run the Linux Mint updater program it will ask what your preferences are for updates. Make your own choice butt I was never hurt by choosing “always update everything.”

What to Do with Your New
Linux Mint

OK, just to be concise and not bore everybody, here’s what I did with the “Synaptic Package Manager” as soon as I had Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon installed: Let’s start: If you wanted you could try installing Unity webapps and the Unity Control Center. Linux Mint already comes with flash (yes, Adobe flash, if you want to avoid that you’d have to go with Manjaro Linux or Debian) preinstalled, and you could uninstall that and find something of a Linux equivalent (like the paid pepperflash), but I’ve found that really isn’t terribly practical. For example, YouTube can sometimes really ask for and want Adobe Flash on some of their videos. Linux Mint also comes with the only Office Program you’ll ever need, Libre Office, which handles all Windows type documents, etc, and gives you the option to save new documents in Windows files formats, too. Included are presentation and spreadsheet apps. Linux Mint will give you updates to all installed apps (if you checked the “Always Update Everything” box the first time you ran update), pretty much automatically, which is a great feature.

Next I got the Chromium web browser, which is simply Google Chrome repackaged and “open source” (it’s free and you can tinker with it all you want) for Linux computers. Almost all the add-ons for Chrome work in Chromium. Then came Empathy (a chat client which comes with something called “telepathy.”) I got many of the items possible for “Empathy,” searches and then many of the items possible for “Telepathy” searches, all the ones which made sense for my OS and version. I’m not sure why, but it “felt right.”

With the Synaptic Package Manger you are on your own and you can hurt your OS if you install the wrong programs. Almost all these apps are totally free. (It’s safer to use the “Package Manager” which the Mint people have updated and works well, but you can get more through the Synaptic Package Manager and you always know you’re getting the latest version.) For example, if you are running Linux Mint with the Cinnamon or MATE desktop, you do NOT want to install much that is KDE (or comes with KDE components, it could hurt your OS. With Linux Mint 18.2 and 18.3 with the Cinnamon desktop, that you can install all apps that are Cinnamon, or Gnome apps work too. XFCE I don’t know about. It’s hard to tell except through experience, of course, but if it says “kde” in the description you know to avoid it unless you’re running KDE, right? What I am telling you here is safe to add to Cinnamon OR MATE. Next came Cheese, a gnome program which is for webcam snapshots and video; it’s the best one out there and this will not hurt a Cinnamon or MATE or XFCE product. Then I got “Calibre, with is an ebook reader and library management solution that handles most common formats, which I highly value. Then I got everything reasonable I could find labeled “Clamav.” This is free antivirus for Linux. Normally Linux is fairly impervious to and unaffected by viruses, but it never hurts to be safe.

I love the Clementine music player, which also comes with good radio. Just search the Synaptic Package Manager for “clementine.” The best way to get all of these in the latest versions is simply by searching inside Synaptic. Don’t get Amarok unless you have the KDE version of OS installed, besides, Clementine does much the same thing. Rythmbox and Pythos (for Pandora radio) are great music apps, and some people also like one called Banshee, which is said to be a little buggy on some PC’s but which always worked fine on mine. For photos and graphics there is the Gimp image editor (pre-installed, but you can get goodies if you look for them), Shotwell photo viewer and organizer, Image Viewer and ViewNoir. A few of these hae cool slideshow capabilities, so you can avoid Google photos if you wish. Brasero is a good CD/DVD/.ISO burner, while you can get “SoundJuicer” to rip CDs into your computer. Two lesser known apps complete the package: Wammu is good for managing your cell phone, while Transmission is the torrent downloader I like best. I never had a single issue with it.

With the “Synaptic Package Manager” you can get anything in the whole AUR, the Arch User Repository of anything and everything Linux. Linux Mint’s “Package Manager” somewhat comprehensive these days — much improved, tip of the hat to the Linux Mint team — and is safer in terms of system conflicts. There’s things in AUR, I think, which are not of human origin, such as whole new programming languages and more.

As a concession to my loneliness and the fact that none of you ladies have so far been very good chat partners, I got Steam for gaming. Girls, I remain “single and wishing,” any of you fine ladies need a friend, just email me, Paul Evans, at paul.miracles57@gmail.com. Finally, I want to cover the several Apple-type “docks” which are available, from Docky to Cinnadock++ to Cairo Dock. It has been my long tried experience that unless you are some kind of absolute fiend with Linux, it is almost impossible to get these working right with the Linux OS and that, so far as I am concerned, they are to all be avoided. The only good dock I know for the Linux OS comes with Manjaro Deepin, and that is just not as good of an OS as Linux Mint, Debian or Manjaro XFCE. Finally, I got Gnome Weather. If that doesn’t work I’m going to get XFCE Weather, I will amend this when I find out which works better. I am very happy with my Linux Mint operating system, it is, as we said back in the 70’s, “way cool,” or as my new friend cliff sometimes says when he is quite pleased, “really skippy!” I believe that Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop and the Cinnamon theme applied is about the best there is. They are working on an open source AI construct for Linux which would substitute for Cortana and yet be safe. A lot of computer geeks are really hoping this will happen soon.

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