Trump, Rothschild and the Zionist – Jewish Depopulation Plot

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— Trump, Rothschild and the Zionist – Jewish Depopulation Plot: This has been anticipated, long ago, for example, by Anonymous and good, informed people in government. Contacts were established long ago with the charismatic Christian community (now one-quarter of all Christians), the 30 million strong Christian militias, the patriot groups and Anonymous. We know perfectly well you plan on liquidating us (all but seven percent, the 47 percent who don’t pay taxes and ALL who are not of the 12 Tribes of Israel [not Neanderthal]), through disease and war.

revised August 6, 2020
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Trump, Rothschild and the Zionist –
Jewish elite Depopulation Plot

The Elite Billionaire Jewish Bankers Are Planning “Depopulation” of all of Us
Who Are Not Neanderthal

The Daily Walk with Love, (link to Home page and blog), revised August 6, 2020, by Paul Evans.

Let me start by restating the 13 Ruling Families three known main goals, which should be becoming generally better known by this point. They want to 1.) reduce the world’s population from its current ~7.3 billion down to a “sustainable” level of 500 million. They are said to want to do this over a generally short time, by disease and warfare. Already in America, the homeless have been sent out to out-of-the-way FEMA camps, outside of which are stacked 5.2 million “coffin liners.” I also believe that coronavirus has been “weaponized” at least once, and probably twice. It started out, as it spread over the West, with a death rate of 1.4 percent. By late April, in America, the death rate was 5.7 percent. We saw a death rate in early June in New York City of 8.6 percent, and globally the overall death rate is about nine percent, which may suggest a current death rate which is even higher. …The other two goals are to have all children raised by the government, and an end to ALL currently practiced religions, to be replaced with a so-called “religion of the Self,” which may be similar to various yoga sorts of beliefs.

I want to make certain that everyone knows that these are NOT Illuminati goals. The 13 Ruling Families (who are 0.1 percent of the global population but control 95 percent of the world’s wealth — “the Syndicate”), have absolutely nothing to do with the Illuminati or the Masons, who are actually a reforming voice for good. In America, the history of our nation pretty much until recently IS the history of the Masons here. The history of America is very imperfect, but overall, America has been a force for good, yet recent Presidencies have been corrupted by the 13 Ruling Families. The evil goals of the Syndicate, the billionaire Jewish investment bankers, are given above and are quite terrible. They would depopulate the world down to seven percent of the current world population, and only the people of the 12 Tribes of Israel (the surviving Neanderthals), would be left alive. People of general European descent, the Russians, the Chinese and SE Asians if not Jewish, are slated to die. All Hispanics, blacks and people of of color would all be slated for death, by means of disease and war. This also fits in with the “New World Order” mentality. You can read more about that on a website called “Humans are Free.” Coronavirus fits right into this, too.

Here is what informed charismatic Christians and others have already done to spread these facts:

Want to know more about me? (I have already received one death threat, really I will just block you unless you are friendly.) Read Paul Evans: Who I am and What I Believe In. I try to tell my readers the real truth, but am constrained because of my ties to America’s intelligence community, although all those CIA, NSA and FBI people who know are anxious to get this out. Let me say, though, there are really good people in CIA and all through America’s military and intelligence community, as was my own dad.

Trump seems awfully “hell-bent” on occupying our cities, to protect the statues and monuments, isn’t he. But our stocks are 70 to 80 percent over-valued versus what they are worth. And so our government made what seems to me a late and inadequate response as Covid-19 spread across the U.S. Let me put it bluntly: If people start dying like flies from coronavirus, the stock market will collapse and our dollar become worth very little. The food supply may be compromised, and even worse, people will become basically unable to buy enough food. Under these circumstances, Trump will probably send out a LOT of troops, “to keep order and insure a minimum supply of food for the American people.” Frankly, if this happens with Trump in charge, what would stop him from taking dictatorial power, and enforcing the depopulation? I call on the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of staff to NOT EVER allow this to happen. There are one hell of a lot of Americans who will fight to their deaths to maintain Constitutional government. There has been a lot of “wrong” misinformation that the Syndicate has put out there.

This who effort at depopulation has been anticipated, long ago, for example, by Anonymous and good, informed people in government. Contacts were established long ago with the charismatic Christian community (now one-quarter of all Christians), the 30 million strong (mostly combat trained) Christian militias, and the patriot groups. We know perfectly well the Zionist Jewish billionaires plan on liquidating us (all but seven percent, the 47 percent who don’t pay taxes and ALL who are not of the 12 Tribes of Israel [not Neanderthal]), through disease and war. One friend in the FBI told me he feels there will (probably) be a civil war, and that “the little guy” is going to win. The Illuminati are only 0.1 percent of the population, and moreover the American mob would hate to lose its customers. The Freemasons (the largest group of Masons in America) I am certain will join us in this fight for survival and freedom. The CIA should get with it and get behind Biden (door number 3). Our Armed Forces must be vigilant. This is “it” for me. This is worth dying for, if need be. I’m sure many Americans feel the same way.

I want to make fully certain that the world’s far-right and neo-nazi’s understand the position you are in: It doesn’t matter to the elite Syndicate (the billionaire Jewish bankers), in England and America ruled by Lord Jacob Rothschild HOW much you are fairly wealthy, or how far-right you are. You’ve been conned, lied to by Rothschild (and all recent presidents, arguably including Donald Trump) to think these elite support the far right. You should remember that Rothschild says he is an “Orthodox Jew AND neo-nazi.” He once sent me a photo of himself standing in front of a Nazi flag. I cannot emphasize enough, this is a huge lie, it is garbage meant to gain support from America’s far right community, and to get Trump votes. What Rothschild really is, historically, is the world’s foremost Zionist Jew, and he is also the head of the head of the largest and most powerful of the 13 Ruling Families, the elite Jewish Zionist billionaire investment bankers. If you are fully German but not also Jewish, wave “bye-bye.” If you are Asian or African, I guess that is too bad. Vladimir Putin, you should be working hard to elect Joe Biden, but by election time, it will probably be too late, anyway (once Trump and company find a plausible reason to deploy the troops). If you are not of the 12 Tribes of Israel, as I understand it, you are slated for death.

But what direct evidence do I have that Trump is part of this Zionist Depopulation conspiracy. Didn’t his administration, basically, make a too little, to late response to coronavirus? And didn’t he push for totally opening our economy back up, without even pushing for Americans to wear masks. He even claimed at one point that coronavirus is “basically harmless” to 99 percent of people. And he has even tried to strip funds for testing from the latest stimulus bill. And, really, let’s follow the money: In 2016, Trump’s number one campaign contributor was Arthur Bloomberg, the former mayor of NYC, an investment banker worth $32 billion and very Jewish. Getting the picture? This is a Zionist Jewish Illuminati depopulation plot. And once people start dying like flies, the stock market collapses and the dollar becomes worth very little (like the German Mark in the early 1930s), you can bet that Trump will deploy the Army, as he will claim, “to maintain order and assure a minimum distribution of food.” And then it will be too late to stop him.

Who are these elite? These are NOT the Illuminati or the Masons, despite a terribly evil disinformation campaign to the contrary. They are the billionaire investment bankers, almost all of whom are Zionist Jews. If Lord Rothschild claims he is an Orthodox Jew and a neo-nazi, it’s a con, a LIE to get the support of conservatives and the far-right. Historically Rothschild, (leader of the largest and most powerful of the “Thirteen Ruling Families,”) has been the world’s foremost Zionist Jew. I do however want to make clear that not all Jews are involved in this conspiracy, such as the Labor Party Jews in Israel, and many knew nothing of it, and are guiltless. Many Americans who are Jewish by descent own or manage small stores, and attend good churches. Many, perhaps most, knew nothing about this.

It goes without saying that America’s left and most Independents would likely also offer armed resistance to a Trump dictatorship.

Personally I will be voting for Joe Biden, but should Trump be forced to resign, Pence is a good, honorable man and would do a good job as Preident. I also want to say this: John Bolton, the longstanding arch neo-conservative through the last 5 or 6 Presidencies, described his 17 months working in the Trump administration, in his new book, by saying that he found Trump “stunningly uninformed.” I feel the CIA, too, should get behind Joe Biden.

CIA, will you stand behind me? F.B.I., am I to be sacrificed to bring the people the truth? If you can get me to a safe place, email me at Please? In the name of God, it should be obvious that if I am not given safe haven, I will soon be dead. People, please pray for me. Amen.

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