What It Means to Me to Be a Christian

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Here is what it means to me, Paul Evans,
(the owner here), to be a Christian. Maybe there has been speculation:
I know my own faith journey has been difficult. This is the distilled
thought of a 38 years long study of comparative religion.
It is not generally orthodox, but then neither was
Jesus in his own life, was he? And we also bring you
the only surviving recording of C.S. Lewis, which became the basis
of his very special book, “Mere Christianity.”

November 21, 2017
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What It Means to Me
to Be a Christian

The distilled thought and faith of a 38 year
study of Christian comparative religion

The Daily Walk with Love, November 21, 2017, by Paul Evans. This is basically a combining of parts of two articles published here previously, My Best Quotable Quotes, by Paul Evans and Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You, with a little editing and a few additions. Video is C.S. Lewis on Christianity, the only known recording, audio or video, of C.S. Lewis, in this case the BBC radio message which would become the basis of his book “Mere Christianity.” Featured photograph of The Daily Walk with Love owner Paul Evans is from October 29, 2017, and is hereby released into the Public Domain. I have been led to believe that there may be some speculation about just what I believe, so I just wanted to make clear what it means to me to be a Christian, morally and ethically, within the context of what are my own spiritual Christian beliefs, which draw somewhat on charismatic ideas as well as Zen Buddhism, I’m publishing this summary.

Paul Evans: Here is my own personal “code” of Christianity: I consider myself a Christian man, spiritual, charismatic, unorthodox. I don’t like doctrine at all, just as Jesus disliked the teachings of the Pharisees. I simply feel, if we truly want to consider ourselves Christian, all we need to do is deeply believe in Jesus, love God, love our neighbor as ourselves (I mean actually, not just saying that on Sundays), and don’t hurt and judge people, no matter what it costs. Sorry all you doctrine people, I’m sure in my own mind it’s as simple as that. But I find that few people actually do this. It’s not rocket science and you don’t need to have the Bible memorized, just a very strong familiarity with the Gospels, and always you need the Grace of God in your life. Always remember that salvation is a free gift, but it puts you in a covenental relationship with God, and this can cost you, even up to your life. This is MY code for living, as Jesus has led me to believe.

The summary from my article Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You: “Jesus IS Compassion. There is no single word to describe Jesus’ life, meaning, sacrifice and intent for us, His children, except compassion, and IF we call ourselves Christian, we MUST live compassionate lives and try to be kind when we are able to!”

I elaborated: JESUS IS COMPASSION: that sums up Jesus’ work, life, meaning and sacrifice quite well: COMPASSION. Show me a man who is compassionate and I feel this matters much more to God than any profession of faith. I feel it matters, also, much more to God than what particular political or economic system you promote. Show me a deeply religious man who does not live his life with compassion in his heart and who doesn’t SHOW compassion to his fellow man, and I’ll show you someone who is misguided and will NOT enter the Kingdom, nor truly know God’s Love. I also feel you cannot be truly compassionate without living with mercy and kindness in your day-to-day life. You must truly learn to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Compassion is central to being a Christian or just to being a good human being.

A lot of people thought humanity was near “an end of things,” or a move to Venus or Mars, or that the aliens would rapture off a remnant of us, that most of humanity was just about doomed… but I could never accept that… I always trusted and had faith in God that he will yet make earth better and less corrupt and that humanity will make it through these tough times and not have WWIII and if we have war with N. Korea that China will not support them, that everything is going to be all right: I have faith in God about this. I believe that we are (slowly and painfully) recognizing that we are One, regardless of our different beliefs. But we must be compassionate and at least a little bit kind towards our fellow man, whenever we can: that is central to me in what it means to be a Christian. I’ll let it go at that.

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Hermann Hesse – Steppenwolf: “There are always a few such people who demand the utmost of life and yet cannot come to terms with its stupidity and crudeness.”

C.S. Lewis on Christianity

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