What is Your Purpose? Christian Motivational Video

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In this short Christian motivational video you can
define your purpose by recognizing Your dependence on
God and live a life of gratitude to Him. You were
designed as someone who lives not for your own
purposes but for God.

December  10, 2018
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

Donald Trump 2019
“Make America Great Again!”

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What is Your Purpose?
Christian Motivational Video

Finding Your Purpose by Recognizing
Your Dependence and Gratitude to God

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished December 10, 2018, by Paul Evans. Video is What is Your Purpose? Christian Motivational Video — 7:35. Be sure to check out the main website at www.WhatsMyPurpose.org, and there is another approach you may like to finding your purpose at ZenHabits.net. Featured image courtesy of Facebook and Alan Watts. Included video is Dire Straits – Why Worry, (26 video playlist), courtesy of YouTube.

One themed image page I enjoyed this morning recently was Reuters “Wider Image”, homepage for this feature, it’s really cool and today the day I found out about this feature on Reuters, featuring “The 1967 War: Jerusalem Then and Now” which I believe is really informative. If you’ve reached “the end of the internet,” lol, I think you might still enjoy this.

In this short Christian video you can define your purpose by recognizing Your dependence on and having gratitude to God. Having a purpose in life is fulfilling the basic requirement of the very top level of Maslow’s Heierarchy of Needs, which psychiatrists use to get an idea of how actually successful, well adjusted and happy we are. I myself try to live in a mindfully aware sort of “now.” The past is over, you can’t change your past, and the future is but a promise held out for us by God alone. Worrying about stuff “will not add one cubit to your height,” says Jesus, and I am much more important to God even than a clump of lilies or wildflowers in a forest glade. So says Jesus.

The main reason I believe psychiatrists have difficulty with me, is that, like quite a few hippy types I know, I pay little attention to “means goals” and am trying (without the house, the car or much money) to skip straight to the end goals. This drives conventional people nuts, I think, and they probably resent it a bit too. But it’s happiness, when you “don’t let them get you down.” And yes, I’m an obsessive blogger and internet addict. But, you see, it also serves people and in that way, helping people, serves God. So THAT is the purpose I have found, and I’d be quite happy if I could find some nice geeky girl who’d like to join me in my exporation of Truth, Justice and the America Way. Any ladies who might be interested please email Paul at sailingtokansas@gmail.com. A couple of recent articles along these lines I feel you would enjoy are Poverty, Self-actualization, Maslow, the Hierarchy of Needs and Acceptance, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 23, 2016; and The World Needs Faith and Charity (Works & Love), The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 24, 2017, by Paul Evans. Anyone who’d like a friend is encouraged to email me, Paul Evans, at paul.miracles57@gmail.com, and thank you for visiting The Daily Walk with Miracles.

As I see it, with my purpose fulfilled by having this website and writing for it, and thus helping people and in that way serving God, I HAVE a strong purpose, and am quite fulfilled. Having a purpose fulfills the very top need in Maslow’s Hierarchy, and constitutes a kind of self-actualization for me, (so) you shrinks need to take it easy on me! The only thing lacking in my life is a good Christian woman by my side, for whom I would find all the love (AND make all the time for you) in the universe. It’s only a matter of fate and time, but ladies, are you listening?

What is Your Purpose?
Christian Motivational Video

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