What are the Solfeggio frequencies, and why are they so healing, positive and beneficial in music?

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— The Solfeggio frequencies have been known for
almost 3,000 years, first known to have been used in music
chanted by the ancient, East Indian Sanskrit-speaking people,
from whom we get the Baghavad Gita, well-known among ancient
manuscripts. Later, Gregorian monks, employing a six-tone scale,
chanted sacred music which we provide links to in YouTube searches.
Today, such new age fusion groups as Enigma incoporate similar chanting
utilyzing Solfeggio frequencies, as well.

September 15, 2020
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What are the Solfeggio frequencies,
and why are they so healing, positive
and beneficial in music?

From ancient, Sanskrit-speaking East India,
to Catholic Gregorian chanting,
to some of today’s best new age fusion,
these frequencies of sound are very beneficial.

The Daily Walk with Love, September 15, 2020, by Paul Evans, with primary source as Nature Healing Society: the Solfeggio frequencies, and video also from the Nature Healing Society on YouTube, Good Morning Meditation Music 💖 528Hz Positive Healing Thoughts & Energy – Calm Deep Soft Vibe Music — Have you ever listened to Gregorian chanting on YouTube (search results)? There is a Lot of healing music to choose from here. In a much more modern veign, Enigma, a modern, rather erotic, new age fusian group whom we often featue here on The Daily Walk, also features chanting in a way similar to Gregorian style chanting. You can spend many pleasurable and beneficial hours listening to either kind.

The Nature Healing Society introduces us to the Solfeggio frequencies:

The solfeggio frequencies are part of the olden six-tone scale believed to have incorporated scared music, inclusive of the famous and beautiful Gregorian Chants.

The unique tones and chants are found to impart spiritual blessings when they are played harmoniously. Every solfeggio tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony.”

RelaxMelodies.com teaches us The Science Behind Solfeggio Frequencies, from December, 2019:

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that help with and promote various aspects of body and mind health. These frequencies are reputed to date back to ancient history and said to be the fundamental sounds used in both Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions, chanted by the Gregorian Monks and in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

Physician and researcher, Dr. Joseph Puleo, rediscovered Solfeggio frequencies in the 1970s, bringing their benefits back into public awareness. In his research, he used mathematical numeral reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance and aid in healing.

Beginning in 1988, the biochemist Dr. Glen Rein did research measuring the body’s absoption of UV light, which correlates with an organism’s DNA, physical and mental health. He compared UV absoption of vials of DNA while exposed to Gregorian chants, Sanskrit chants, classical, and rock music. The first two showed a significant increase in UV absorpiuon. Classical music showed a quite small increase of UV rays, while DNA exposed to rock music actually showed a decrease in UV absoption. Also see Sound Healing using Solfeggio Frequencies, ReasearchGate, 2019 (a master’s thesis downloadable as a .PDF, ResearchGate is free to join) by Sonya Joseph, American College of Medicine.

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