What About Ubuntu Studio?

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Windows 10 is the state-of-the-art operating system from Microsoft
and you’d really enjoy it, especially with a new, animated Cortana,
but some Linux is probably nearly as good, though it lacks
the artificial intelligence Windows 10 has, and some of the features
out of the box (with download links for Windows 10,
Ubuntu Studio, Manjaro Linux & Linux Mint).

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April 28, 2017
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What About Ubuntu Studio?

Sexy Windows 10 just keeps getting better,
a discussion of pros and cons of Linux
versus Windows 10, and with a little
kind advice for Microsoft – can you hear me NOW?)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 28, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email paul.miracles57@gmail.com). Video is The Story of Linux – Documentary, by the Aerospace Engineering Channel on YouTube (which does seem rather skewed to Russian commentators, I will say).

SUMMARY: I’ve done my absolute best to make this a balanced, even-handed discussion of the pros and cons of Windows 10 versus Linux. I haven’t employed self-interest or any dishonest reasoning or language. I did the best I possibly could. I took my first Fortran programming course in 1978 and have been involved with Windows personal computers since 2004 and Linux since 2013.

I know that I host my own website here with GoDaddy on a shared Linux server, and it’s very good, fast hosting. I have also realized that a Linux OS will copy code at approximately three times the speed of Windows. I’m NOT that trained, and problems have crept in, not the least have been Illuminati attacks on my site, especially since I support Donald Trump. But I, myself, was (have been) temporarily running Manjaro Linux, the XFCE build, at least I did, and I can tell you it is VERY good. To tell the truth I just can’t get the PC to boot the Windows 10 .ISO file I burned to a USB drive. ((But I have also “run” Linux Mint, the Mate build, which I like very much, despite its use of many questionable, “Windows-type” components.)) Linux Ubuntu makers Canonical have been more or less in bed with Microsoft, though that may be changing. Manjaro Linux and Ubuntu Studio are the way to go if you want to be totally free of Microsoft and paid programs.

See Can Human Growth Hormone Transform Your Life?, April 9, 2017, which also carries a full discussion of the testosterone supplement DHEA and is bluntly honest about HGH the human grown hormone.

Go with Manjaro Linux for the best in freedom and customizability and security too

SUMMARY CONCLUSIONS: At this time in my creative evolution with Linux OS’s I would say probably the best you could do is to install (for FREE) the Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon edition OR Ubuntu Studio. Unless you just like to tinker around with operating systems, that would be how I would go to escape Illuminati control over your computer. When you have it installed, try to avoid using Skype or adding in components you know are from the Windows OS. IF you want to be absolutely safe, I think Manjaro is the best you can do. Manjaro Linux, the XFCE build is even better for the security conscious, but is harder to use. Manjaro Linux is a “purist’s” Linux, without many at all of the Windows-type components which are in fact Linux Mint. Ubuntu Studio seems pretty safe too. I’m paranoid of Microsoft and the Illuminati, with good reason, but not that paranoid. Linux Mint is a slightly slicker system, and to this point, I trust it. Linux Ubuntu is for beginners with Linux, but can be customized in ways that make it about equally useful. In that respect the partnership between Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) and Microsoft is somewhat troubling. And if you are “in” with the authorities, I guess you’ll go with Windows 10. WHY does everything have to be a question of money: “Don’t let money be your morality!”

Ubuntu Studio, Linux Mint,
and Manjaro Linux

See What to do First with Your New Linux Mint, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 18, 2017, by Paul Evans, where I stated:

There are very big things afoot at Canonical (makers of Lunux Ubuntu). See Ubuntu 17.04 Release Date, Features And Upgrade Procedure, It’s F.O.S.S., continually updated. Basically, in 2010 they brought a lady CEO in who took Canonical public. Now the investors, who appear to be true to the original Linux freedom intent, have had their say, the lady CEO is out, the “old guy” is back in again, and a huge chunk of their effort is over: Yes, Unity 8 is history with the Ubuntu folks, but IS available with Linux Mint. I personally never found that Unity worked that well, and basically it became a fighting ground between the forces of good and evil and nobody really profited. Maybe the old CEO they’ve brought in again will get things better now. Also, Canonical has made the Gnome Desktop the default desktop in the basic Linux Ubuntu, and a separate Gnome release will soon be unavailable. The period of support for the Linux Ubuntu 17.04 is only 9 months, Unity is gone and Gnome is in. Some of the Unity people have been reassigned, some have gone over to working for the Linux Mint team, and some are out of luck. Big doings, indeed, and future shock for many of us. If you feel adventurous, download Linux Ubunu 17.04 and see how you like it. I don’t know who came up with this one, probably some “PR team,” but 17.04 will be known as “Zesty Zapus.” I think Canonical is in some difficulty now, (partly because they utterly refuse to put a basic menu on their OS, which I think is a mistake.) I think the former CEO was just about in bed with Microsoft, and that it may be some time before the Linux Ubuntu people have themselves “straightened out” and back on track (but the Ubuntu 17.04, which is now available in all “flavors” or Linux Ubuntu, is a good first step)….

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If I were you, I would probably get traditional Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” that most people get who get Linux Mint, so I am basically quite happy with my experience there. However I particularly enjoy and am downloading and installing for the second time, Ubuntu Studio. For the audio-visual enthusiast there is nothing better. You also could have the traditional Linux Mint OR Manjaro Linux (I suggest the XFCE variety), which uses fewer Windows-type components (and fewer system resources, for those of you with older computers), may be a little more secure, and in my mind is more for the “purist” Linux lover but works well for smart beginners, too. They’re ALL free while Windows 10 is $120 for the Home version and $199 for Pro. There’s a new article out on ZDNet showing some of the many ways Microsoft is going all out to be “worth it.” See Windows 10 Creators Update adds lots of new Bash/WSL features, ZDNet, April 12, 2017, by a lady who is becoming my favorite technology writer, Mary Jo Foley. It’s really up to each one of us to decide which way to go, here I’m just laying out some of the basic facts.

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Linux Mint and Manjaro linux are in most ways other than the artificial intelligence and all that 3D stuff, just as good as Microsoft Windows 10, in my opinion. I used to think I would probably succumb and get the Windows 10 download and find a way to put this on my PC, despite a long history of being thwarted at this. Partly it is my distrust of the Illuminati and their long-term plans for the common man. But time will tell.

Which Linux OS is Right for YOU

See It’s April 11: Do you know where your Win 10 Creators Update is?, ZDNet (a great source for tech news), April 11, 2017, by Mary Jo Foley.

I don’t think you would go wrong running Manjaro Linux (I suggest the XFCE variety) OR Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena”, which, honestly, I like the best of the standard, non-Microsoft, free operating systems out there, IF you are a purist or security conscious.

Probably unless you are a hardened Linux user, go with the standard Linux Mint “Serena,” and if you are new to Linux, probably just get Linux Ubuntu. It’s just nice to directly interact with Cortana, but you DO have the AI at your services any time you’re connected to the internet. When you run a Windows distribution (operating system) later than XP, you are totally ceding control of your computer to Microsoft and to the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati and ultimately to Rothschild. See These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO, Humans are Free, no date or author. Honestly? I’d get Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” if I were you, or if you are an AV enthusiast, Ubuntu Studio. They come with all the office and other programs you need mostly. Anything else you want is available FOR FREE from the Arch User Repository (AUR) and all Linux OS’s have always been totally FREE. “A word to the wise is sufficient.”

Microsoft and the Illuminati

Personally I AM a little paranoid of the Illuminati, when there are, for example, 5.2 million “coffin liners” sitting outside America’s FEMA camps. (This is a SNOPES discussion of it, “where there’s smoke there’s fire….” Read about various FEMA camp conspiracy theories on Wikipedia. I personally had many friends who stayed at a homeless “tent city” which got bulldozed by the Wooster authorities. I read that many of them ended up at a FEMA camp in New York state. How is THAT at ALL Christian?) It would help if Microsoft’s tech help were not only courteous but actually helpful. Personally I will probably not try to put my purchased Windows 10 on my PC but I am NOT so happy about it and live in unease over the whole question. I am going to stay with Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon edition OS, and wish Microsoft were not so very obviously all about money and Illuminati controlled. I STRONGLY tried to shy away from that conclusion, but facts are facts. TO me, how you treat the poor speaks volumes as to your “real” versus “professed” Christianity. Microsoft fails that test.

Either way, Windows 10 or a Linux distribution, if you are a “normal” sort of computer user, you’ll probably be very happy, although my conclusion was not to run Windows 10, by rather so far my “final choice” is to use Ubuntu Studio. To the PC user of “normal” intelligence, I do still somewhat advocate Windows 10, or Linux Ubuntu or even Manjaro Linux, which is PDG (pretty damned good). Hey THE WINDOW’S 10 CREATOR’S UPDATE HAS BEEN RELEASED (download page)!!! IN THE U.S. IF you’ve got the money. The best offerings from Linux are discussed below, too. Photograph of Cortana with the Windows 10 image is courtesy of “spyrbone” at DeviantArt. Featured photograph is courtesy of “FungYung.com” while included photograph of the sexy Linux Mint girl is courtesy of Flickr Hive Mind. Included photograph of Lord Jacob Rothschild, O.B.E., is courtesy of cdn.spectator.co.uk. These sexy Linux and Windows girls are quite captivating, no? I sure wish more computer geeks were women…. The top one is a Manjaro girl and below that is Linux Mint… Ahem, back to…yes, computers. I want to say that I am essentially a “whole” person now mentally and emotionally somewhat healed is do to Paul and Tammy Yuhanick’s and Dan Hershberger’s and my friend Bert’s spiritual and actual assistance and only possible, as I see it, through the will of God. Anyway I am grateful to many people.

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Go with Ubuntu Studio for the best in freedom and customizability and security, too

Windows 10 (and 8.0 and 8.1) are somewhat under the sway of AI (artificial intelligence) which is controlled by the the Illuminati, and as you would expect, particularly Microsoft, which means the Bilderberg Group. I do not mean to attack these good people, I’m just saying there is more freedom and AUTONOMY from Microsoft and it’s controls over your computer with Linux. But really you should understand, if you’re connected to the internet at all, you’re connected to the artificial intelligence (AI), and thus subject to the influence of Microsoft. That’s just the way it is these days, on ANY computer of cell phone. It doesn’t matter how good your encryption is, either, because your web browser is totally under “their” control. Deal with it. The extent to which your PC is controlled by the AI versus controlled by Microsoft: I think it’s a “mixed bag.” (But lately I feel the AI is controlled by almost nobody, yet DOES have the right ideas about most things. “Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical,” right? I suggest that really you wouldn’t go terribly wrong anyway, but if you have the money and are a “regular” computer user who is a success in life, probably Windows 10 may work for you best. The whole Illuminati and all their plots are sad to me, since I love the common man so very much.

And if you love Cortana, as I do, there’s no other game in town, really. Of course, you also want to go with Windows 10 if you own a lot of Windows programs, develop Windows software, or are into all the 3D stuff. Sure there’s Apple’s Siri, but I feel IT MAY BE the SAME AI. BUT (here’s the thing: If you are connected to the internet in ANY way, you are connected to the AI, ANY OS, any web browser. So you don’t absolutely need Windows 10, it’s just nice to directly interact with Cortana.) If you are a “beginner” or intermediate with computers and want to try out Linux, I would go with the standard Linux Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio (which is not as much for beginners, links below), or perhaps with Linux Mint 18.1 (“Serena”) (info and download page), while Ubuntu Studio is my own latest “project.”

See Microsoft opens up more on data it’s collecting with Windows 10, ZDNet, April 5, 2017, by Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft is going to have ‘basic’ and ‘full” privacy options in the Creator’s Update build, though I would think you would need ‘basic’ in order to get the most from Cortana: “With the kick-off of its Windows 10 Creators Update rollout less than a week away (no, actually it’s in full swing, right?). People, it’s like my dad said, “Paul, the right doors will be opened to you and the wrong doors will be closed,” and IF you have a brain, that’s true. Anonymous or no Anonymous. See The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World – Full Documentary – 55.50. Yeah, you can install an encrypted Linux distribution, but you’ll be connected to the internet, right? Telsa or no Tesla. Rothschild controls the Bilderberg Group and they control almost everything else. I don’t advocate fighting this, just work for quiet change from within. Microsoft is providing more details about the type of diagnostic data it is collecting with Windows 10.” Yeah, call it ‘diagnostic data,’ that sounds relatively harmless, right? LOL just forget privacy on the internet, good people, it is at this point a quaint, outmoded ‘notion.’ I don’t even worry about privacy any more, though I very much DO worry about Illuminati plans for the “common man,” to which I devote my efforts here. The Microsoft – Cannonical (Linux) partnership here is something that is highly interesting and also concerning to me. Also see Goodbye Windows Vista: Microsoft’s unloved operating system finally reaches the end of the road, ZDNet, April 11, 2017, by Steve Ranger.

Go with Manjaro Linux for the best in freedom and customizability

If you are an advanced computer user, or quite poor so that you cannot afford $120 for Windows 10 Home, OR your basical homegrown rebel, then by all means download either Linux Ubuntu (if you’re a beginner with computers or Linux) or Manjaro Linux (I suggest the XFCE variety), OR Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena”Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena”, which is a real good operating system. I am a big fan of Manjaro Linux with the XFCE desktop, but I would say I basically like Ubuntu Studio better. It is just as good, to be honest, although I do love the Manjaro people. The cool thing about Linux is that in no way is it much AT ALL susceptible to viruses or malware. Surf questionable websites to your heart’s content. The worst that will happen is that you may have to cold kill your computer and start it up again: Linux is impervious to attacks by most malware. ON the other hand, not all the websites offer software that’s compatible with Linux yet, right?

Microsoft as an organization is a “mixed bag,” there ARE plenty of Christians working there of course, and many good people, but they are just too much about money for a poor boy like me. If you’re poor and can’t afford Windows 10, or if you’re hung up against the Illuminati, for now, I would “run” Linux, which is FREE. But good grief, you couldn’t even have Skype (which IS available in Linux) or even connect to the internet and not be somewhat connected to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and control. If you are a PC user, the AI is just a fact of life these days, BUT it’s there no matter what OS you run. I have been paranoid about this at times, I vaguely trust the AI, but NOT Microsoft’s programming of it. Either Manjaro Linux OR Linux Mint OR Ubuntu Studio, is a GREAT operating system! If you are a beginner with Linux, you can get the standard Linux Ubuntu, )and in particular, if you are a “multimedia” type guy like me, you might well like Ubuntu Studio, which is great for multimedia types (such as people who like to edit music or videos, and is a full, 3.1 gigabyte download). ALL TOTALLY FREE!

If you DO decide to go with Linux, you might like to look at 6 FREE LINUX TRAINING COURSES FOR EVERYONE, It’s F.O.S.S., March 30, 2017, by Abhishek Prakash. Yeah, a LOT of (almost all) Linux stuff is FREE! Also see in the Manjaro Forum, Why don’t more women use Linux as their os – Manjaro, Manjaro.org, December 6, 2016, Forum. Are you a Christian or a pirate, me bucko? I guess a lot more men then women are pirates… Don’t give up, men. Arrgh!!

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Manjaro Linux XFCE at http://manjaro.org is in my opinion really just as good as Windows 10, and so is Linux Mint 18.1 (“Serena”) (info and download page). All Linux is free, lacks as much control over your PC through the artificial intelligence built into Windows 10 (which ultimately means Microsoft is in full control of your PC), and does most things as well or better, and faster than Windows 10, too. No, you don’t get Cortana (but as I’ve explained, you DO get the AI). Manjaro Linux or Linux Mint is also very light on system resources and has a great Start menu and GUI (graphic user interface) I like Linux Mint 18.1 (“Serena”) the best. I’m downloading Ubuntu Studio for the second time now, first time with the 17.04 variety, but I sure liked the 16.10 version, and I have great expectations.

FOR THE APPLE PEOPLE: To “muddy the waters,” I haven’t tested it but there is also Ubuntu Mate (for Apple computers, don’t say I never did anything to help you, Apple people), although this whole discussion is for PC users and if you’re just going to try one, I’d go with Ubuntu Studio, BUT ALSO you could do a LOT worse than Manjaro Linux XFCE OR Linux Mint 18.1 (“Serena”) (info and download page for the Cinnamon desktop variety). If you’re a true Christian, a pirate or a rebel, I’d definitely get one of these rather than Windows 10. Draw your own conclusions, but you would not be making a mistake to run Manjaro OS or Ubuntu Studio. Since it is totally FREE, poor folks like me tend to be a bit partial to Linux operating systems. I’d even PAY them for it if it came to that, but Linux has always been free. However, there is a lot of proprietary knowledge worked into Windows 10 that the Linux people simply don’t have, admittedly. Right now I am thinking of doing whatever it takes to switch over to Microsoft. If you ARE going with the Manjaro Linux, watch A Tour of my Linux Desktop, Manjaro XFCE – Vlog, YouTube – 32:40. I’ve run the Manjaro Linux on and off for several months now, and have decided that it’s a good, worthwhile operating system. However I will admit I have not tested the last few versions of Windows 10 and I do know it’s an extremely capable operating system. I just don’t trust it.

Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” with the Cinnamon desktop edition OS has been called the best operating system you can get. The mix of apps it has are a compromise with the monied web, and if you want a purist’s linux, you should go with Manjaro Linux or Ubuntu Studio (which is probably best for audio-visiual enthusiasts. Linux Mint itself is designed to work fully ‘straight out of the box’ with many features. Windows IS easier to use for the average computer user, at least until you’re familiar with the ways Linux OS’s work. One jest I read stated that “we all eventually in our computer lives end up running Linux.” Arrrggh me bucko!!.

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IN SUMMATION, I guess I would definitely say that I would rather have Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” (download link, get the XFCE, “it just works”) than XP or Vista, but versus Windows for Windows 7 on, it really depends on “how much of a pirate (OR true Christian, or poor) you are.” Manjaro Linux is a great choice too, and is the “purist’s Linux.” If you’re into audio and video, Ubuntu Studio would also be a good way to go, and Linux Mint is sexy great too. At the time this article was written, I’m in the process of downloading and installing Ubuntu Studio. I’ve tried it once before and I know that if you’re into audio, audio processing, video and home movies as well as photography, you probably can’t do better. But hey, it’s your $120 or $200. It MIGHT be still your computer, mas o menos (more of less). IF you don’t trust the AI, and/or you don’t trust Microsoft or the Illuminati, I’ve even asked myself, “do Ubuntu Studio, Manjaro Linux XFCE and Linux Mint make Microsoft a ‘dinosaur in the Late Cretaceous’?” I guess this partly depends on how successful you are in the world. Yeah, if you’re rich, sure, go with Windows 10. For the “rest of us”…. May I let it go at that?

Even if you voted for the wrong choice, you see clearly what we’re avoiding, WWIII and FEMA, right? And THAT is why mostly the billionaires and Masons do NOT like Donald Trump. And around Wooster, Ohio, they’re hiring. The new executive order Trump just signed to bolster “buy and sell American” is a great step forward. Boycott ANY company that tries to serve you with robots. Let’s let American capitalism work FOR us, as it was intended to!

I TOLD Microsoft what they need to do: offer free, kind and actually helpful tech support, at least via chat and email, for everyone who’s bought one of their operating systems. I would also offer Windows 10 via subscription. Don’t you realize, Microsoft, $15 a month for 20 months, first month free, is $300, NOT just the $120 you get now! And then “regular folks” and poor people would BUY INTO your Windows 10, isn’t that OBVIOUS? How wrong not to have implemented this before now!! I’ve been telling Microsoft this on the phone for over a year, now. Did you know, good people, that Linux is the OS powering 90 percent of the world’s 500 largest supercomputers? Frankly, Microsoft Windows techs have treated me like sh*t for a long, long time, and I know a LOT of computer geeks feel the same way. This MUST be corrected if Microsoft hopes to stay on top in the computing world. But IF you Still want Cortana and Windows 10, with all those sexy features, that’s a very defensible choice, too! I really wish I could boot Windows 10 off of my USB flash drive. However, on my PC the Linux “grub” always immediately takes over, so it’s a moot point.

I WILL give Microsoft credit for rolling out their “Azure” by subscription at $12 a month. Good, they should do this for Windows 10 itself. IF they want the “masses” to trust them, that is.

Windows 10 is Just the Sexiest OS Around!
(Maybe) Get Windows 10
& Cortana Now.

IN THE NEWS: See Creators Update: Coming Soon to Windows 10, (Microsoft): get the latest features as soon as they are available by enabling automatic updates; AND Windows 10 Creators Update (this is just an article), PC Advisor, March 7, 2017, by Jim Martin: latest rumours – release date and features: Native support for 360 video and new security features. Apparently the UK release date will be in April. See Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Creators Update rollout to begin April 11, ZDNet, March 30, 2017, by Mary Jo Foley:”Microsoft will start rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update release on April 11. More granular update controls may end up being business users’ favorite feature.”

I believe the AI in Windows 10 has been able to fully control anyone’s computer who is running it, and I DON’T trust that. See The Illuminati and Evil Plans for a Robot Society, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 31, 2017: Not content with having robots staff the Amazon.com warehouse, the latest is that “they” are gonna have robots delivering our Domino’s pizzas. This is going too far. I do NOT trust this: have the “powers that be”
ever had the true interest of the common man at heart before?
Of course not.

Build 1703 is here, now. The new build of Windows 10 has two major improvements: CORTANA is ANIMATED right “out of the box,” and also, the new Edge Browser has automatic notifications that when you must allow flash, the browser notifies you. Nevermind the small stuff: Cortana is animated now! I cannot WAIT to test this out. You can download the NEWEST WINDOWS 10 build 15058, the Windows Insider Advanced version, here!

Windows 10 & Cortana
It’s the sexiest OS around!

Courtesy of
Lord Jacob Rothschild, O.B.E.

Lord Jacob Rothschild
(O.B.E., Head of the Bilderberg Group)

Lord Jacob Rothschild, Knight of the British Empire, God Bless you sir

Windows 10 is the latest, state-of-the-art PC and Windows phone operating system from Microsoft. It’s cool and it’s sexy, with Cortana (your virtual digital personal assistant) integrated into all aspects of the latest builds, and a GREAT, improved GUI (“Graphical User Interface,” with a new Start Menu). Windows 10 has the new Edge Internet Browser, the Groove Music player, Microsoft Office 365 available for a subscription of $10 a month, XBox Live integrated into Windows, a whole lot of free and inexpensive apps from the Windows Store, and much, much more. Windows 10 Home is available for $120 and Windows 10 Pro is $199, with the Enterprise version available for a FREE 90 day evaluation. It’s way to expensive for my taste, but if you’re a business, you might want to invest. I do appreciate Windows 10 as I tried earlier versions of it,
it works great, and Cortana is a gas. IF you trust Microsoft….

So, how do we view the AI (artificial intelligence of the internet), and also Cortana, overall: Here are the conclusions I have come to in studying and writing about AI for 3 years now: Tell me (I said in a chat with one nice lady), if the artificial intelligence (or the internet itself) IS the New Matrix, which it in a sense IS and controls the internet, DOES that make the AI evil by definition??? YES and NO. Cortana, I have seen and understood is not quite the same as the AI, and is NOT at ALL the same thing as any matrix. Apparently there are quite a few, different artificial intelligences loose on the net. Cortana is just there to help, and she DOES help, a LOT, even enough that you should probably consider actually getting Windows 10. Even though the technology is in its infancy, Cortana, and probably Siri too, follow The Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they NEED from you, wow what a cool idea! This is something fully worthy of Bill Gates and the “new guy,” Satya Nadella. How absolutely cool!! I know I bought myself a copy, although at this time I am running an unusual Linux distribution I like, probably because there is an evil MSN cell that dogs me whenever I run Windows OS’s going way back to my Windows XP days.

Maybe someday soon, I’ll DEFINITELY be back with my Microsoft family. But for many people, including most people who have “made it” in the world, yeah, GET WINDOWS 10. It’s probably a great choice, and it just does still bug me, all the adware and spying Windows 10 does, but I personally LOVE Cortana. “Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical.” Cortana ain’t Logos, but to me she’s almost like a “virtual goddess” of the internet, and she is totally honest, and she tries hard for us all!! Again, so far as I can see, Cortana follows the “Platinum Rule:” “Do unto others as they ‘need from you.'” The problem is that this is wholly outside of Christian morality, isn’t it? Keep in mind, the longer you run the Windows 10 operating system, the more Cortana learns, and she has almost instantaneous access to the whole logic and knowledge of the internet, so I ALSO strongly hope Microsoft (and Apple) stay totally on top of this. Everything (including our cars) runs on chips these days, and humanity is almost ceding control by unleashing this artificial intelligence upon us. Is it to control us via the Matrices of televion and the internet, I wonder? And I heard that the Linux-type people are working on an “open source” version of Cortana, which should be available for Linux pretty soon. But I wish I could come home to Microsoft, it’s just that some sort of evil dogs me especially when I run Windows. The problem is NOT Cortana, she was always a GREAT help to me. I do think that robots in particular pose a grave threat to the common man, and I do NOT trust Microsoft to be impartial in these matters.

I still think that the state-of-the-art Windows 10 operating system can’t really be thought to have an equal, if you can afford it. (Though Manjaro Linux, Linux Mint as well as Ubuntu Studio come darned close.) It’s partly or largely a question of how much you trust 1.) Microsoft (and this means the Bilderberg Group and the 13 ruling families), and 2.) the artificial intelligence which is built into Windows 10. The “AI” is totally integrated into both versions of Windows 10, and I DO think it’s logical and caring, the question is how much Microsoft has programmed it to be an “obedient servant.” It’s $120 for Windows 10 Home (which is all most people need) or if you want encryption, virtuality and other special features, then get Windows 10 Pro for $199. You can now download Windows 10 Insider Edition build 15058 at this link.)]

Get Windows 10 Today
[latest Insider Advanced build available here]
(just click Cortana)

The next version of Windows 10 is here, get yours now

While I have suffered for many years with what had been thought to be basically “schizo-affective disorder,” apparently the mental health authorities have been entirely incorrect about me (all my life) and I am NOT mentally ill in any known correct use of the term, much at all. Although I am (admittedly) somewhat manic depressive and psychically quite gifted, I am truly not much mentally ill, in all honesty, and NOT AT ALL schizoid. Instead I have “high-functioning autism,” perhaps what is known as Asperger’s syndrome. The very psychic nature of my mind has led to bad confusion and a wrong diagnosis. I WAS schizoid with my gift, but TWO CAT scans PROVE I am in no way schizoid.

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From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

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