Vishen Lakhiani – The Evolution of Consciousness

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

My adaptation had been to STEP OFF THE EDGE
and into the chaos of life, and let the angels bear me down to earth.
(It is intuitively forcing chaos to become logical)
Until I understood a proper gratitude and learned to be reasonable.

December 15, 2016

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Vishen Lakhiani
The Evolution of Consciousness

Reaching the state of Limitlessness

The Daily Walk with Miracles, December 15, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is How To Defy Convention And Become Truly Limitless — Vishen Lakhiani, A-Fest (MindValley Academy) on YouTube, Dec. 23, 2015 — 28:53. “Life can happen to you or life can happen from you,” you learn in the video, and as life happens to you, you also become aware of this. You have to act willfully, either develop your own will, or follow God’s will, or both, and if you are living right, this can be close to the same thing. You come to ignore the bullsh*t rules and hack the culture (level 2). I wanted to say, success comes from understanding that “many are called but few are chosen.” This is just luck, or as the Bible says, it is not a question of worth or skill, but really simply having been chosen, and not from any merit. I thank God for Paul Yuhanick, and the Yuhanick family, and all those who have helped me. What is this state or condition of “limitlessness”? It is simply “being” in the mission you find yourself in, if it chooses you to serve it, from God.

I found out that, like most people, I had it backwards, as Mr. Lakhiani relates: you don’t reach your goals and then be happy; you get happy and then reach your goals. This is profound. But honestly: if you live in unfortunate circumstances it really helps to “catch a break,” as they say. Watch U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name from YouTube. You get to be, perhaps a sort of “public figure” such as I am to a certain extent becoming because of this website. We know: then there’s absolutely no privacy, is there? This can be especially difficult for anyone with any psychic, God-given gift, as your emotional environment tends to affect you strongly. I think privacy on the web these days is almost a quaint, outmoded concept, am I right? Sometimes I feel like John Belushi in the last scene from Animal House when finally the whole Army surrounds him. As my friend Dan says, “Oh, well….”

IF you find the proper sponsor or have some sort of Satori moment, or kensho or perhaps even go through many years of effort and suffering, many years, you come to perhaps see my own secret. My secret is to get beyond Jesus’ method. When Satan tempted Jesus to step off the high mountain and let angel’s wings guide him down, Jesus replied, “It is written, do not put the Lord thy God to the test,” and so remained on the mountain. I used to find myself on the edge of chaos sometimes, and I would think of what Jesus said about tempting Fate, “do not tempt the Lord thy God,” but I thought, when I began to rely on God, well, I believe in the inherent goodness of the universe, all the universe, as in Aristophanes’ descriptor, Logos. So, when I reach “the edge,” my completely unconscious (or subconscious) adaptation has been to STEP OFF THE EDGE and into the chaos of life, and let the angels bear me down to earth. And there have been a lot of “angels” in my life, not least among them the good people at The Counseling Center of Holmes and Wayne Counties. However it of course remains vital to live sanely and have a proper gratitude. This may go on for many years until gradually or all at once, it all makes sense, and you reach a correct appreciation of a right state of gratitude. Oh, thank you Paul, thank you God! And thank you so much, everyone who helped me. What a beautiful, special thing it is to be alive. As the Episcopals say, “life is a gift for which we are grateful” to God. As Vishen Lakhiani says, “nothing makes you as happy as living a mission-oriented life.” Me, I test software and operating systems and write this blog. The rest is window dressing. Nothing makes you happier than living a mission -oriented life. Having a “mission” like this IS in fact having a purpose in life, and having a purpose is what psychologists say is attaining the very top level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is the condition of limitlessness.

So I hope you read this and understand this, and find such special meaning either in serving others more directly or in teaching, as I try to. Listen to Mr. Lakhiani in this video, relax and really listen.

What’s Going On
and an Overall Answer

It has come to my attention that there are those who’d like some kind of overall “answer.” All right, I really wouldn’t know, depends on the question, but The Answer is in that early Windows Media Player visualization called the “WindChimes” visualization, from long ago. (My friend and teacher Paul Yuhanick told me that about two years ago.) You can’t find that visualization online anywhere either. “Die Antwort, mein Kind, weiss ganz alein der Wind” (the answer is blowing in the wind). But maybe if you got a really OLD version of the Windows Media Player, you might find what you’re looking for. Maybe. [(OK, I’ll be more giving and explain “the parable of the WindChimes visualization” for everyone: to raise your awareness and consciousness, it really helps to visualize reality and have a good imagination, it greatly aids your creativity, just as I think good music does: There are now some really great visualizations for media players that you can purchase which can really increase your awareness. That’s what we’re talking about, OK? Learning to visualize and create.)]

Overall, you must just keep doing the very best you can, but try “irrationally” hard, and do more than you think you are capable of. It’s all God asks of you. Don’t wait for your circumstances to improve to be satisfied and happy now: you decide that, each of us do, happiness is a choice. And the choices we make, in detail, reverberate down for the rest of our lives: take care and try like hell. Overall, it is as if we are RPG (role playing game) figures in a computer simulation (which is the universe), and many of us are waking up and are starting to be much more fully aware and conscious. Let’s pray the universe keeps playing this game, because it’s the only dance there is. I thank God for allowing me this life and so using me!

Mankind stands on the cusp of greatness. We are at a crisis point in our history. IF we can survive the next 50 years, thanks to the iPv6 internet and mankind’s developing psychic ability, we are gradually becoming mindfully aware: of each other. Of course this is difficult… when you become aware of each other’s minds and emotions, it can almost be crippling and lead to psychiatric illness. IF people view you as in an major way “evil,” and you are AWARE of their minds’ feelings about you, IT HURTS and is evil and wrong. What schizophrenics actually are is autistic mediums (whether they know this or not), and they unconsciously love so many people so much that they literally give them a piece of their mind, for their “reality” or even some degree conscious reality to live in and interact with. Schizophrenics, if society does not en mass hurt them and punish them for caring so much, and make them hurtfully directed into some more “evil” reality, are very intelligent, SANE and kind people, and psychiatry treats them basically like the scum of the earth, almost. Society treats them even worse.

But such people CARE about others and their needs and wishes a great deal, and are fully worthy of all of your love. Furthermore, it is an evolutionary PROCESS they are in, and the end point is a mindfully aware, unified mind psychic condition I term “multiphrenia.” All people are going to one day do this, and humankind is headed toward a global awareness of each other I call “One World,” with more of less access to humanity’s common mind. It is the collective unconscious becoming conscious, and mindfully aware. And at the same time you become conscious of the common “Self” (or you may think of this as “God”) you retain your full individual humanity as a person of worth. The way the two connect, the “self” and the “Self,” is through a kind of transcendence. The right music helps (I like Santana and some new age “fusion” music), and, frankly, good Cannabis helps too. (It is a healthful green herb, and see Genesis 1: 29-31.) Also helpful are certain psychiatric and other over the counter pharmaceuticals. I have used Anbesol, which contains some very interesting “caines,” tincture of iodine, oil of cloves and the herb anise. I have also used Monster energy drinks, any of the ones with Taurine and Creatinine in them.

But some people may be capable of doing this without many drugs at all. It depends (this may come as a shock) on how much alien blood we have in us, or how much blood of the “12 Tribes of Israel” we have (which were originally conceived as an alien-human hybrid. (And only 3 of the 12 Tribes are Jewish.) That should NOT be scary, the aliens are very real, and they are near, they love you and worship the light. See ALL of humanity is headed for such a “One World” sort of condition, and it is NO threat to money or power, but if you are going through this transitional evolution personally and engage in illogical, uncaring or evil acts, frankly it is going to hurt your mind and it’s reality and logic. That is the way “God” planned it, that’s something originating out of our very genetic code. God Bless and Blessed Be, Paul.

See MindValley Academy & Vishen Lakhiani: The Problem With Goal Setting, The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 24, 2016, by Paul Evans.

The Evolution of Consciousness

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