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— Useful resources and links from
The Daily Walk with Love, focused on
addiction and the opioid crisis, gathered
together in one place to help
the addicted and their loved ones.

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Useful Resources and Links

Collecting Together Some Helpful
Resources for Our Readers, focused on
the addicted and their loved ones

The Daily Walk with Love, republished with additions April 8, 2020, by Paul Evans (an article I published in mid-2016, in an expanded version). My pages are getting too big with the collected links to resources so I am thinking the time has come to have a help page of helpful resources we endorse. In matters of treating addiction, our links go about equally to public and private resources. Getting long-term treatment can be expensive, I am putting out a couple of private treatment options you might very definitely want to look into, but we are not specifically endorsing any one of these. We also provide a resource for families of the addicted, to help everyone involved cope and address the situation best. Don’t ruin your life as well as your family’s lives: get treatment!

I would like to refer anyone who has questions about what addiction is or how it should be treated to Addiction & Recovery: The Definitive Expert Resource Guide For You, Your Family, or Your Patients, Lumiere Healing Centers, by Dr. Dina Macaluso, Psy.D, L.M.H.C., Alan Boyd, & Sharon Therien. This work seems really excellent, concentrating on addiction dealing in substance abuse.!

NEW! See Opus
A guide for families of the addicted
This is a wonderful resource all such
families should review

Please Visit The Official King James Bible Online
(King James Authorized Version)

Get Your Windows 10 installation
(Windows Insider advanced edition)!

Everybody needs somebody sometimes:
National Suicide Helpline
God Bless You All!

Get Help with Your Addiction
Try these confidential services:
SAMSA helpline

See American Addiction Centers (AAC) –
the largest collection of online resources
for those suffering from substance use and mental health
disorders. Our goal is to guide as many
people to help as soon as possible
before more lives are lost to drug overdoses.
We offer a wide range of information
on our sites – from facility reviews to forums –
to help millions of families make more
informed decisions about treatment.

Visit Drug Rehab Guides for Addiction & Mental Health
and Wooster Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs
, or call 1-888-497-courtesy of Megan Bishop Outreach Specialist.

AND Have a look at Recovery
or call 1-888-247-2623

Have a good hard look at
Ohio Foundations Recovery Network

Do You Want Somebody to Talk To?

Please email me, Paul Evans at We can at least offer each other
a little kindness and compassion, right?

Visit Compassion International
* Sponsor a child today *
$38 a month takes care of a vulnerable child!

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