Understanding the Role of Comparative Religion in the Overall Study of Christian Religion

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Every man’s personal theology is colored by his own intellectual journey
as a Christian and I am no different. But I am hiding nothing,
nor do I believe that my site is in any way other than fully Christian
in the best sense of this that I have been able to draw together.
God Bless, and Blessed Be!

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Understanding the Role
of Comparative Religion in the Overall
Study of Christian Religion

(Where The Daily Walk with Love
Stands, Versus Ideas we Discuss)

The Daily Walk with Love, updated October 12, 2017, by Paul Evans, featured video is possibly my all-time favorite singer, Gordon Lightfoot, who I see as almost a prophet in some of his music, and always worth a good listen, Gordon Lightfoot Greatest Hits || Best Songs Of Gordon Lightfoot – 2:00:33, courtesy of YouTube.

First of all let me state straightforwardly that The Daily Walk with Miracles is in fact a Christian website. What that means to us, and should mean to you, we think, is that we fully value and appreciate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and what that means to us. What may be somewhat unusual is that we do not insist on any particular doctrine, but rather put emphasis on living a kind and moral life as the Bible teaches us. To live “kindly” means to us following Jesus’ commandments or teachings. We also believe we need to understand and incorporate morality, such as is mainly found ultimately in the Old Testament.

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However, my own beliefs like any other mans, do incorporate experiences and ideas from my past, and my past is not so typical. I am rather intellectual because I was taught by a Yale Ph.D., have done a lot of writing, had 11 years of college and have edited 12 books. That’s OK, I guess I would claim that, at least for me, the unexamined faith does not stand up strongly against some of the evils and hardships that life throws at it. Most of my life, some 24 years, I spent as an agnostic seeker and member of the Unitarian Universalist faith. At this time I came to understand the relation of the “God who is life” to the more earth based “synergy” as valid ways of seeing the same reality (different flavors of the “same ice cream,” different ways of looking at Life). A lot of people think of God as another word for “society,” but I go a lot deeper than this. There is some way of speaking of God as the Life who is the essence of culture, but He goes a lot deeper than just “society.” As a matter of fact I believe that “society” is sick precisely because of this error or wrong way of viewing God. When the Bible says “God IS Life,” I think that is pretty straightforward.

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I came to examine or explain my own faith in terms of an earth-based way of thinking, but prefer now to think in terms of the “God who is Life” from the Bible and in the universe. Then in 2007 and 2008 I strongly embraced spiritualism. The most recent book I edited, in fact, was an introduction to spiritualism. You can purchase the paperback of a book I edited on the subject from Amazon.com, called If You Plant Roses, You Don’t Get Carnations: An Introduction to Spiritualism, by Cynthia Christman, it’s $14.95. It’s a fairly straightforward introduction to spiritualism. Since the time that I contributed to this book, I’d say I have gone a lot deeper into Bible-based Christianity, and also equally done a lot of exploring into many and varied sorts of beliefs, inspirations and motivations. Nonetheless I am thankful to the author, Cynthia, for what I learned in 2007 and 2008. 2010 and 2011 frankly were mostly “lost years” useful to me mainly in learning from suffering and hardship. Then about 2012, a family of charismatics basically adopted me and taught me how to view the Christian faith in that way. In other words, to summarize my journey and where I am at, Charismatic Christianity is a way of Christian faith which explains Jesus and the universe best to me, but I am familiar with various faiths, and incorporate good ideas from many of them into my own beliefs. I am NOT going to believe exactly the way you do, I am a unique child of God and I have my own beliefs, and I asking you all to respect my own personal beliefs, which I write about here, and in that way honor God and help me out a lot. This site communicates my own ideas: NOBODY is making you read this, either.

I actually have a basically Zen Buddhist sort of appreciation of morality, so long as it doesn’t conflict in any way with my overall Christian faith. My Buddhist ideas are a kind of philosophical ethics, while my religious belief remains and always will remain Christian. I like to watch videos by Alan Watts, Ram Dass and Krishnamurti and learn a lot from them. Joel Osteen, the televangelist, though is my very favorite Christian televangelist, along with T.D. Jakes. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m perhaps best thought of as a butterfly just poking it’s head out of the cocoon I’ve been in all my life, just beginning my “new life” as a born again Christian. (Aren’t you vaguely disturbed by all the “righteous” people who are so sure they understand everything? Let me be the first to say I’m surely just a work in progress.) But the more time I put into reading scripture, the better my life generally turns out, and I suggest that as a lesson all my readers are encouraged to take to heart. I really wish I had a girlfriend and am quite lonely: one thing I would wish to do with her is to study the Bible together. The only real issue I have with established Christian denominations is their insistence on doctrinal tests of faith. Doctrine, it seems to me, is what divides us Christians, and so outside of what Jesus in fact asked for at the Last Supper, “that they may all be one.” Let our faith and works testify of our beliefs, and how we live and treat others.

Every man’s personal theology is colored by his own intellectual journey as a Christian and in life, and I am no different. But I am hiding nothing, nor do I believe that my site is in any way other than fully Christian in the best sense of this that I know or can find out. I just thought the time had come to express my own ideas more openly and up front, so that my readers have a better idea of where I’m coming from and especially so that no one might contend that we are not a Christian website and blog. It is my contention that The Daily Walk with Miracles is very much fully Christian. However I simply enjoy exploring ideas from many faiths, which is the basis of comparative religion. And if a given belief is in any way at odds with the Bible or the Christian faith, I may or may not explore it, but I won’t support it. Amen.

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