Understanding Spirituality

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— This is a new, summary article
explaining “Spirituality” from the point of view of
it’s physical reality, sensation and effects, as well as
another understanding of it in a more straightforwardly
religious sense (in terms of “philosophical idealism,”)
which some would call a “mystery,” as in the mystery
of the gospels. This latter must be experienced
to be at all understood, but is also just as real
in its experience as the more straightforward, material
understanding of spirituality. This is the first time
I have attempted to write on the subject, see what you think:

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November17, 2020
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Understanding Spirituality

Spirituality is discussed and described in terms
of philosophical materialism as well as
philosophical idealism

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner, republished November 17, 2020, by Paul Evans. I have been away for ten days working out a deal with a new Internet Service Provider, but should now be able to provide my readers typically with my usual two to three articles a day. I worked hard on today’s main topic: I hope you like my thoughts. Email Paul at sailingtokansas@gmail.com.

Remember when everybody was talking about the (basically new) phenomenon of “tinnitus,” when some people were experiencing a ringing or whistling sound in their ears? The truly smart people realized that this is “for real,” (and possibly is caused by machine communication with each other), and so accepted it as part of life these days. Others spent thousands on expensive treatments and even operations… usually to no avail. Basically, I feel that as we utilize more and more electricity, and especially computers and TV (machines utilizing integrated circuits), humans are causing this ourselves, at least indirectly. It is in the realm of esoteric (classified) knowledge.

There is a Spiritual process, for some people sudden, as in being “born again,” for other people a lengthy, even difficult process, as in “process theology,” somewhat akin to the strong feeling of “spirituality” some people are blessed with — a kind of “magnetic puckering” of the brain, and, often later, the body.

There is a more materialist explanation of Spirituality, which I have never seen quite explained in depth, so I will attempt that here. Some believe that this inspiration may be a rush of oxygenated blood to the neocortex. This rush or feeling of inspiration, does have at least one material explanation. It is physically felt and may be interacted with, but you can summon it forth or build it’s presence at least in your head, by carrying out a simple exercise. Take in a breath from the full torso (from your abdomen to the top of your lungs), but not too hard or deeply, holding the breath and “bearing down” and holding that for about ten seconds. Do this exercise a few times, twice or more a day. This opens up (penetrates) the blood-brain barrier and connects up the two hemispheres of the neocortex by opening the “corpus callosum” between them. (If you do this too strongly or too often you will hurt yourself!)

The logical left neocortex also becomes more intuitive and the right, intuitive neocortex becomes more logical, once there is communication between hemispheres of the neocortex through the corpus calosum.

(Religious traditions, especially the eastern ones, teach sitting in meditation, which may also further this communication.) True inspiration comes more, and perhaps when you don’t expect it, as if by angels. In Reformation times, it was actually argued, “how many angels can fit on the head of a pin?”

The Bible describes the process as “putting on the armor of God,” and Krishnamurti describes it as, simply, “the process.” (I enjoy watching videos by Krishnamurti, Ram Dass and Alan Watts on YouTube. They have a lot to teach us, in my opinion especially Alan Watts. Anyone could learn a lot from reading their works or watching their videos on YouTube, whether you are a Christian or not.) For me, a true interactive experience began on my 30th birthday, and IS the essence of spirituality and the Holy Spirit (whatever your religion).

I have studied comparative religion for about 40 years, on and off, most especially when I was younger and in the last six years. So far as I can tell this material process has little published material or “rational” explanation except that based on religious experience or tradition (outside of the Bible and other sacred works). This is the conclusion of Pyotr Ouspensky made over one hundred years ago. Ouspensky wrote a seven book series discussing his experiences with several esoteric and even occult ideas. Then, at the end of the last book, he admitted that his search for overall help from esoteric/occult ideas hadn’t helped him, but that religious tradition offered the only help there is.

If you just simply observe yourself as you do the breathing exercises over the course of a month or two, your inspiration certainly does seem to be more than just a rush of blood, but rather usually some kind of a benediction, IF you are so blessed. It helps to go to a church or meet with some like-minded friends. This experience, as well as any kind of benediction you may be so lucky as to receive, is very real to many millions of people. However the idea of inspiration by oxygenated blood does seem to be scientifically valid to me, and should fit with your experience if you do the exercise. I really don’t think these two are the same sort of inspiration at all. But I do believe that both kinds of experience occur in most religious traditions, and not just Christianity.

The kind of experience occurring because of the exercise, which may be mentally very useful knowledge, has been handed down as an oral tradition. However, as we are more globally connected into a “One World” greater society, I strongly believe the time has come for this “secret knowledge” to become more universally available to everyone.

Mankind stands on the cusp of greatness. He is becoming mindfully aware, and all Earth’s people (almost) are at least potentially connected all over the world via the internet. But the problem is that we all are coming in close contact with people in different cultures and subcultures. We are not sufficiently tolerating and accepting those who are “different” than our own culture, and if we do not do a better job of accepting each other as they are, and not demanding conformity, we may be facing nuclear winter and an end for mankind. Pope Francis made an excellent summation of this in his first book as Pope, “The God of Mercy.”

Whites will soon be a minority in every country all over the world. Demographers (population experts) expect that to happen in the United States by 2045. The only real question to be answered in America is, do we want to be more of a gumbo stew or a tossed salad (expressions used in a sermon here in Wooster by Rev. Dr. Elaine Strawn). Or would we prefer nuclear winter. It is one thing to want to preserve our uniquely American culture, but racism must end.

Psychiatry can dismiss religious belief in terms of a “peak experience” and follow the finding of The American Psychological Association three years ago that “all religious belief is delusion” – right in line with what the Illuminati teach – but these are new teachings, whereas religious beliefs go back several thousands of years. I counsel the Illuminati (and the psychiatric profession) to show some patience.

Krishnamurti noted that for him, what he called “the process” was somewhat physically painful. Maybe there is also an element of “enlightenment” involved, to reach a deep level of understanding, which involves a deep understanding of suffering (from what Buddha called “attachments,” which he said always cause suffering, or from painful experiences in our lives. Enlightenment may come from personal experience, or, like the Buddha, long contemplation). It is not, according to the understanding of Enlightenment taught by Zen, something that can be “sought after” or “gained,” it just happens to some people, historically.

I would like to see any objective social or physical scientist prove spirituality as a question of only oxygenated blood and not as any kind of a divine blessing. I don’t think humanity is at that point, yet, where we can even fully grasp the difference. I feel my own, amazing benediction, quite recently, was the gift of God’s own angel.

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