U2 – Achtung Baby

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— U2’s Actung Baby – Bono, Edge and Company
never sounded better, ‘comes the bloody revolution,’ right?
Amen and May it Be. We have important content
for all Americans here, so please read this, check out
the links, and share. This is U2 at their finest,
and the immediacy of this music cannot be denied. OK, this is
“Achtung Baby,” so we have included a major
major bit of intelligence for my fellow Anonymous members,
silent as we usually are: did you realize that a few years ago the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) for two years and five-year head of NSA was a featured speaker at “Disrupt New York”? So maybe there is some hope for future cooperation. I would think that at this point, most CIA/NSA people can see where the evil greed of the investment bankers has taken America, but I would also hope that most Anonymous people can see how badly we need the “surveilance (for reasons such as to protect the eletrical grid, and looking out for terrorist sleeper cells here). I feel these two groups need to more closely co-operate.

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The Daily Walk with Love

September 30, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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U2 – Achtung Baby
(full album)

Bono, Edge and Co. Never Sounded Better:
Freedom, Peace & Love
from the CIA & Anonymous!
(in the hope of future cooperation)

With a major financial warning

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page, where our blog starts), September 30, 2020, by Paul Evans, with video playlist of the “Achtung Baby” album courtesy of
Ita Depeesa & YouTube
. As for me, “I blog, therefore I am.” Let’s stay calm and sane out there, people! (Here I note that 38 percent of Englishmen test as being mentally ill….) Included image is courtesy of DataScourge at Deviant Art. Have an Attitude of Gratitude! PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, THANKS!

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online is Psalms 27:11 – “Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.

Especially See Fixing Inequality: (A Model That Would Work), Where I say:

Note to Rothschild and the elite… The lower 50 percent of us know exactly what you are planning for us, and that you don’t give a damn, you just don’t want our poverty and suffering which is there out in the open, as if it were an accusing finger, waving in your face, done away with, and us, too. Well, maybe you can do that to us and maybe you can’t, but I can assure you it’s going to be bloody, you will pay a stiff price…. God loves the poor and hates injustice: it’s shot through the bible… Well, this is mainly just a republication. (And what about the Motherships, hmm??)….

See Political Ideology versus Caring, which sums up my detailed views about politics.

From my old FACEBOOK page, before someone hacked it and deleted my whole Facebook account: “OK, people, all you Jezebel spirit neo-nazi’s, LISTEN UP: Donald Trump is himself in large measure Jewish (himself), and was bankrolled in the first campaign by former NYC mayor Arthur Bloomberg (worth $32 billion), the control of Microsoft has been lost by the Bilderburg Group and Rothschild (they control their own destiny and are going into open source big time), and Trump now has his HIS guys running NSA, CIA and Homeland Security. Trump needs to realize that Rothschild is in England, while CIA and the American mob are HERE. President Trump must answer to them, not Rothschild, CAPISH? I read that while only four percent of Americans are actually Jewish, some 30 percent of Americans are Jewish by descent. And you need to remember that of God’s people, the “Twelve Tribes of Israel,” that only three tribes were the well-known Jews of the Bible. There are nine “lost tribes” out there in the world. Oh and there’s MOST of the 30 million strong combat trained Christian militia. So shall we GET REAL and DROP the whole “I hate Jews” routine? Before you all end up in jail or DEAD? Lord Rothschild, this is America. You’re in England. Here, things go pretty much as the CIA and the American mob wants.. I have nothing against you personally, but get real. Love, Paul Evans.”

Very highly recommended, watch Santana – 1976 Beacon Theatre, NYC, Master Eddie and YouTube — 59:17, this is one hot show!

Business News Headlines

Here is a good one to spend your late Monday reading, Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You, The Daily Walk with Love, September 9, 2017, by Paul Evans. For your Tuesday, we have Stockman, Soros, Others: At Least 40 Percent Market Crash is Inevitable, The Daily Walk with Love, October 3, 2017, by Paul Evans: “There are $552 Trillion in mostly worthless derivatives floating around, the bond market is in a super bubble… and the dollar has been outflanked by Shanghai cooperative and the yuan. By not facing up to this the elite are just going to make the ensuing collapse worse, you NEED an interest rate hike by the Fed. David Stockman says a 40 percent market correction will happen “this year.” Wall Street is living in a fantasy world. The situation is far worse than in 2007-2008. The only thing that might fix it, before the market collapses worse than in 1929, is a Jubilee, where Everyonne’s debts are forgiven, public and private. Start everybody out with a credit rgating of 600, and start over (and get it right this time). And calling the facts about this to your attention IS a very patriotic duty.” The elite have known this was coming for a couple of years now and have converted a LOT of their stocks into gold, which is liquid and will only rise in value. For example, George Soros, worth $72 billion, a couple of years ago, pulled $55 billion from out of the stock market and converted it to liquid assets. I will only note that in 1932, Roosevelt confiscated privately held gold. Some authorities are saying that in terms of financial reality, both the market and the dollar are 50-80 percent over-valued. One major piece of evidence (from the article): the only two times in history stocks were as risky as investments as they are right now was in 1929 and 1999. At those times stocks crashed 88 percent and 50 percent. So be warned. This is probably going to be pretty bad.

More about U2

Also watch, on The Daily Walk with Love the following great U2 videos, U2 – Vertigo World Tour Live from Chicago 2005 (entire DVD); U2 Joshua Tree Tour, Los Angeles, 18 November 1987 (a great concert); and U2 – 2004 “How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (I used to listen to this in my Honda CR-V all the time, back when the common people were allowed to have decent cars and money and stuff. If you’d like, please feel invited to email me, Paul, at sailingtokansas@gmail.com. As my friend on Facebook, in a time of deep upset and depression for me, Bono once sent me a special photo which literally saved my life. God Bless you Bono. The video provided here is my very favorite U2 performance. The featured photograph of U2 is striking but very cool, too.

Visit Amazon.com to get digital-rights-free downloads of mp3 tracks of U2, or if you prefer the iTunes format, check out music by U2 at Apple music, which describes the band well:

Through a combination of zealous righteousness and post-punk experimentalism, U2 became one of the most popular rock & roll bands in the world — equally known for their sweeping sound as for their grandiose statements about politics and religion. The Edge provided the group with a signature sound by creating sweeping sonic landscapes with his heavily processed, echoed guitars. Though the Edge’s style wasn’t conventional, the rhythm section of Larry Mullen, Jr. and Adam Clayton played the songs as driving hard rock, giving the band a forceful, powerful edge that was designed for arenas. And their lead singer, Bono, was a frontman with a knack of grand gestures that played better in stadiums than small clubs….

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“Comes the Bloody Revolution!”
U2 Achtung Baby

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