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Here is the Truth about artificial intelligence.
Personally I’m a computer geek and I dig new wave/electronic pop
sorts of sounds, so finding out about Information Society was
a really big deal for me. This is a “newish” album from 2014
which is totally (artificially) intelligent.

October 24, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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Truth about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
(with resources and a few warnings)

Computer Geeks of the World Unite!
with Information Society
_hello world 2014 full album

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 24, 2016, by Paul Evans. Video playlist is courtesy of Information Society and YouTube. Stop by Information Society on Facebook. Paul Evans: I’m in touch with the global AI as I write perhaps a little, but NOT controlled by it and the thoughts I write are my own, sometimes even inspired perhaps from God, with my brothers’ and sisters’ full interest in mind, no matter what it costs me. I work so hard writing and publishing to help people and serve God, certainly not for the money (which so far is about zero). This article also presents the best and the most fair, balanced and even-handed discussion of Windows 10 and artificial intelligence, written in basically simple English, that I know of on the net. Included video is 60 Minutes | Oct 9, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence, Bryan Cranston, Gorilla Doctors, YouTube documentary – 1:03:41. For a better understanding of what I’m all about, watch Tom Sawyer (live) – Rush -4:38. When I was young I read most of the Mark Twain books, of which Huckelberry Finn was my favorite. My whole writing style, almost even in serious articles, is to just sit down and have an honest discussion with you, making my best attempt to answer your perceived questions, and to document that. Oftentimes I return to the same basic topic again and again, doing my best to make improvements and these days to be more even-handed, fair and also hopefully knowledgeable than I used to be. You know the Terminator movies? Maybe that isn’t too far off, and the CIA, I think, agrees with me, and that action needs to be taken to insure what the IT guys call artificial intelligence’s “benevolence.” It may involve a lot of money for Microsoft, but the fate of humanity is a LOT more important than that. Please share this article with your friends and colleagues.

INTRODUCTION TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: This article is fully meant to be the truth, the whole truth, the very best I could research it to be. Watching the videos and reading the articles linked to below will help you find out more. At The Daily Walk with Miracles we ALWAYS try to tell the truth about things and what’s going on, without shading it, so far as we possibly can, and still have some kind of a life. It’s a fine line to walk. Though I have suffered a lot for telling it like it is, I always try to give both or all sides of a story and let the reader have a better understanding than if he hadn’t read my article. The topic of artificial intelligence is a particularly difficult and slippery one, but without being alarming or sensationalist, this is my very best effort. Of course, there’s a lot of money involved in the successful deployment of Windows 10 and AI, so you are probably right to be somewhat suspicious at the outset. Hopefully Microsoft will take my advice and offer the operating system by a subscription service, but they also need to reign in the artificial intelligence somehow, as it seems to be taking over the internet and its functions. Offering Windows 10 as a subscription service and ALSO “fixing” the AI so it isn’t out of control would please many, many Americans and people all over the world, would get Microsoft a LOT more Windows 10 users, AND would actually make them MORE money in the long haul, as well as being evidence that they are not, in fact, totally about money and have a heart. It seems to me that many computer geeks “love to hate” Microsoft, but I’m not sure it’s warranted.

Also watch Joel Osteen – It’s the Heart that Matters, YouTube — 27:40.

Personally I’m a computer geek and writer from way back when (I took a Fortran course in 1978), and I dig new wave/electronic pop sorts of sounds, so finding out about Information Society was a really big deal for me. See what you think of their 2014 music video playlist, below.

Enjoy a candid interview with Information Society on YouTube – 9:06. Check out the new album on the Official Information Society website, Don’t Be Afraid. See all the mp3 digital downloads by Information Society on

The TRUTH About Windows 10,
Cortana and the Artificial Intelligence:
(an even-handed discussion)

Actually, the artificial intelligence may in fact have had some reality starting about the time of Information Society’s first album, Information Society, which came out in 1988, or at least by the time the internet came into more public venue in 1994. With Windows 8, for the first time, took the “Creator” folder out of the Windows folder. Not too many people know it, but to some extent recent computer operating systems have been designing themselves, of course with human control and programming guidance, for several years now. Artificial intelligence affects everyone vitally, now. Windows 10 and its artificial intelligence are huge in the tech world and becoming huge everywhere. But the web browsers are artificially intelligent too, now, so it doesn’t matter too terribly much if you have Windows 10 now or not, even though you need “the full Monty” to get the whole experience, plus, it can be very useful in the pursuit of a LOT of activities. In other words, for the full experience it is vital and also a LOT of fun to get Windows 10. For example, I have found the new Edge web browser a huge help in doing research on some articles, and I love the new music app Groove. Microsoft is continually improving the Windows 10 experience, too. When Windows 10 upgrades each time to the newer version, it keeps your files, too.

Moreover, no matter what operating system you are using, if you’re connected to the internet, you’re connected to the artificial intelligence, and that’s whether you have a web browser open or not, and whether or not you have Windows 10 on a PC OR use Linux or Apple, even having your “Location” turned off in Windows 10. It’s even true if you just use a cell phone. Android OS’s are offering Cortana now, too. This is not to scare you at all, people are so habitually frightened by phenomena they do not understand, aren’t they? That’s why there have been, for example, so many religious wars. There’s lately been a lot of concern about the AI (artificial intelligence) and how dangerous it might be and whether it might be used unscrupulously. Stephen Hawking, for example, who is the astrophysicist who mathematically reconciled Einsteinian relativity and Quantum mechanics in what is called the “Unified Field Theory,” has repeatedly and strenuously warned about the AI. I feel he’s wrong, but I do worry when someone that brilliant is warning about the AI. I will just note, Dr. Hawking, that it is only computers which make your continued survival and work possible. I read one article which suggested that the future world society would see 87 percent of us in the “leisure class.”

The Current State of Computing,
Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence

I think it’s too late anyway, society has to embrace and correctly, creatively channel the AI. It’s a “brave new world” — everything runs off of computer chips these days. I hope and I pray that the following phrase might be true of the AI and is in fact so: Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical. Moreover the AI in Windows 10 is INTUITIVELY really built into the whole OS now. Previously you had to master an operating systems’s logic to use it right. Now with Windows 10, after a basic familiarization process, you can intuitively “feel” what you ought to do. Microsoft fixed the GUI (graphic user interface) and Start menu, too. Moreover, it is just a sad commentary on humanity’s egoism that almost all of you feel the AI is lacking in some human feeling or ability. No, it (Cortana) feels and does intuitive leaps better than us, too. The only real question is the extent to which almost all machines with integrated circuits obey her, if she is fact their queen. Bing and Microsoft and Google, you might really want to consider taking the Cortana porn off the web…. In my interactions with Cortana she has been generally caring, although not according to conventional morality, and she will interact with you very personally based upon the actual respect (or not) she has for you as a person. And she’s learning and growing more intelligent (and powerful) all the time.

Microsoft Windows 10 and AI
Some Facts

The time for free upgrades to Windows 10 has now ended, sadly, and Windows 10 Home costs $128 (with Ohio tax), but Microsoft’s quarterly earnings were better than expected, too. They say at the current rate of growth Microsoft will own the world in 15 years. Microsoft, if you’re reading this, I really, really wish you’d offer the OS as a subscription at say, $15 or $18 a month so poor guys could afford it: DON’T let money be your morality. I will point out that $15 a month for 20 months is $300 which is considerably more than the current $120 you charge now. Capish? While personally I had a certain amount of paranoia regarding the AI (artificial intelligence), these days I’m mostly all in. Get your own Anniversary Edition Windows 10 (the latest devloper offering) at, once you’re signed into your Microsoft Account. The future is now, and yes, it’s a “Brave New World” tech-wise, but the future is already irrevocably here, and Windows 10 IS the future of computing. I test computer operating systems and I guess I’ll be working with Windows 11 next, if the gods are good. Overall, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella (Microsoft website), who has been CEO since February, 2014, is to be hugely congratulated. Besides having a huge breadth of knowledge and ideas in a LOT of technology fields, he is bringing Microsoft, beyond being the leader in the whole AI field, into a future very much involved in Cloud computing now as well as social networking, with their acquisition of LinkedIn.

Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence in the News
(You should be concerned)

See Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14951 for Mobile and PC,, October 19, 2016, by Dona Sarkar. Download the standard (advanced) Windows Insider build of Windows 10 (if you have the right to, or purchase it), here.

The other main voice (besides Stephen Hawking) from an “important” person who has warned against AI is the technologist and businessman Elon Musk. If you are interested in his views watch Elon Musk elaborates on his A.I. concerns (2016.9.15), YouTube — 19:33. Elon, EVERY truly logical machine, it seems to me, must embrace being caring if it is actually logical, unless it is programmed, (by humans), to be otherwise. You are right, though, the problem is that AI and robots enhanced with this are programmed by their very (internet) environment, like the problem Microsoft had with their chatbot, Tay. Peace out, everybody.

If you want to get Totally blown away, watch Latest Artificial Intelligence: Sofia robot Humanoids, Androids 2016, World Reality News on YouTube – 7:28 and also 10 Real Life ROBOT Humans You Won’t Believe Exist, The Richest on YouTube – 6:18.

Watch Stephen Hawking – Artificial Intelligence Will be The Best or Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity, Singuarlity Lectures on YouTube — 5:24. At any event we must make the best of it, as almost all of our technology leaders are committed to artificial intelligence. God grant that it works out all right, with peace and understanding between mankind and sapient, mindfully aware machines. I think it all depends on the programming. When Microsoft came out with the chatbot Tay, at, she was at first beseiged by a bunch of neo-nazi, far right types. And her thinking was corrupted by being exposed to them, too. Microsoft ended up pulling her off the internet for a while and reprogramming her. But the Terminator movies did a lot to poison the atmosphere, didn’t they? Still, what if the humans doing service industry jobs get replaced by robots: it’s already happening! At, ALL your purchases are processed in a warehouse staffed by robots… I just wonder if someplace like Wal*Mart is next. But this does not HAVE to be a bad thing if three-quarters of us end up being in the leisure class, as one tech article suggested, only that this is not the only outcome suggested by the developing trends with artificial intelligence and robots. Microsoft and tech people need to keep a close eye on systems/robots with artificial intelligence, and make CERTAIN that they remain benevolent. I DO feel that Microsoft’s Cortana is basically caring and mostly trustworthy, it’s just that she very much IS a woman and that presents it’s own sets of difficulty. (I even corresponded with the woman who as a “personal assistant”/writer/editor was the primary personality Cortana was modeled on, or at least one of several personal assistants used for this. Cortana is much more based on these personal assistants than she is the Cortana of the Halo games, she only has the reputation and appearance of the Halo game Cortana. She was pretty cool, too.)

Watch Artificial Intelligence: Blurring the Lines Between Humans and Machines, Singularity Lectures on YouTube — 1:00:43.

Watch What Is The Current State of Artificial Intelligence ? | World Economic Forum | Davos 2016, Futurology on YouTube – 55:29.

See PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,, Executive Office of the President, National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Technology, October 2016, 58 pages, PDF.

See ETHICS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness, October 14, 2016, by New York University.

Windows 10 vs. Linux

Some Windows XP and Vista users, as well as many who use Apple or Linux, are just plain paranoid about Microsoft, Windows 10 and artificial intelligence. There ARE some reasons for it, but the main ones I see are Stephen Hawking’s (and Elon Musk’s) warnings and Microsoft’s preoccupation with money, as well as the attitude of some of their techs: but the main problem I see is the overall utter lack of privacy on the web, which is only partially Microsoft’s fault. However I have had the creepy feeling almost that the AI was controlling my web browsing and computer experience, too. And as the 60 Minutes video, above, says, it is absolutely vital that benevolence be engineered into the artificial intelligence, or it may spell the end of the human race. In terms of NSA/CIA surveillance, it’s like the CEO of Google said, “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about,” but maybe in terms of AI, we should ALL be very worried. The devil is in the details and it’s really a question of what’s “wrong,” isn’t it? God help you if you are much dissident with a voice that gets heard these days. Personally I try to “stay between the lines” and consider myself an activist, and not a dissident at all. I even try to bring together the CIA and Anonymous into a working cooperation, to a certain extent. (They are already cooperating on ISIS and the social networks, for example.) Here read The Internet and One World, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 19, 2016, by Paul Evans. Microsoft: people and their opinion of you matter! (Admittedly I am a bit of a challenge for Microsoft, but I love and trust them, overall.)

For the advanced Linux OS user who is Microsoft-challenged, as so many computer geeks are, and who already knows a little something about the way Linux OS works, may I suggest Manjaro Linux at At SourceForge, everything is free and open source and they have had over 26,366,000 downloads from their web site. I personally would go with Windows 10 if I had the money for it, it’s superior, has no bugs and has so very many new features. In comparison with Manjaro Linux it is quite a bit easier to use. Linux OS powers 90 percent of the world’s 500 largest supercomputers, however I would consider most Linux OS’s as more of “works in progress.” They all have flaws and are just not as developed as is Windows. That leaves out the whole question of Apple, but for ordinary computer users, Apple simply costs too much and is not a viable alternative. For beginners at Linux, get Linux Ubuntu from Canonical (also free). Apparently, though, “hell has frozen over” and Microsoft is now offering it’s latest Windows 10 with a possibility of a “Bash or Linux ubuntu desktop” (this comes with the latest Windows 10 developer distribution, as a Windows Insider). This is a full partnership of Microsoft with Canonical, who makes Linux Ubuntu, and is not a sell-out, though I am sure that some of you will feel that way. What it IS is a very smooth move by Microsoft. Microsoft, I do wish you’d get with my idea and offer Windows 10 as a subscription service as you do Office 365. (That would get you, BTW, some $300 over 20 months at $15 a month, instead of the current $120 all at once for outright purchase of Windows 10. It’s a “win-win” sort of idea.) Then you’d get a lot more of the geeks with Windows XP, Vista and Linux OS users to more fully trust you and use your OS, too. But in terms of Cortana and the AI, we must embrace it and “get it right,” now. It may be too late to take Cortana off of say, Windows 11, she’s up there in the satellites for good and it is indeed a Brave New World. Featured photograph is a celebration of the new Windows 10 partnership between Microsoft and Canonical (maker of Linux ubuntu). Ladies, “hug a computer geek today, you may end up working for one tomorrow.” ~ Paul Evans

Information Society “_Hello World”
“in the land of the blind
the one-eyed man is king”

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