Trump lays out anti-terror plan

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August 16, 2016

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Trump lays out anti-terror plan

Blames Rise of ISIS on Policy Decisions
Made by Obama and Hillary Clinton

The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 16, 2016, by Paul Evans, excerpt courtesy of Trump lays out anti-terror plan, The Hill’s Ballot Box Campaign Blog, August 15, 2016, by Ben Kamisar, video is YouTube:

See Where the Trump campaign is right now, Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, video, August 15, 2016 – 6:57.

Also See Newt Gingrich Defends Trump’s ‘America First’ Speech from Washington Elites, Breitbart, April 27, 2016, by Patrick Howley: back in April, Republicans were realizing that Donald Trump was exactly on message with his “America first” position. Since then the liberal elite and the mainstream media have been hounding Trump and trying to destroy the average American’s ideas of him. Don’t you listen to them!

The Hill:

Donald Trump unveiled his plan to fight terrorism on Monday, promising to institute “extreme vetting” of immigrants to protect the nation from radical Islamic terror.

He promised an international conference to strengthen the coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria while arguing he would take major steps to clamp down immigration at home.

“The common thread linking the major Islamic terrorist attacks that have recently occurred on our soil…is that they have involved immigrants or the children of immigrants,” he said.

Trump likened the current ideological battle against jihadist Islamic fundamentalism to the ideological battle against the Soviet Union during the cold war, saying that we must “take on the ideology of radical Islam.” From what we have been able to find out, about six percent of the 1.3 billion Moslems around the world, only half of whom are Arabs, have jihadist values and strongly tend to act on them. Some 30 percent of Muslims are strongly for political expansion while shunning terror tactics. This means that 64 percent of Muslims are fine and decent, nonproblematical people. The problem is that with a given Islamic immigrant, it is basically impossible to tell what their hostility to Western values in fact is. This is the whole point of vetting Islamic immigrants. We are essentially at war with radical Islam, particularly the jihadists, and inviting them into America would be like inviting Japanese to settle here during WWII. I hope this makes Donald Trump’s position clearer and better to understand to my readers. Trump continued his hostility towards Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s dealings in the middle east, saying that “The rise of ISIS is the direct result of policy decisions made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.”

Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech
In Youngstown, Ohio 8/15/16

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