Trump, Biden, Coronavirus and Election 2020 (Updated)

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— We’ve added some new, truthful news to keep
everyone updated, along with truthful commentary.
The Republicans have ended the special coronavirus
unemployment relief for 31 million Americans out
of work because of the pandemic. (Remember When Ronald
Reagan successfully smeared all the “welfare queens”?)
I’m assuming all these people can see which way to
vote? Here is all the latest election 2020
news and also coronavirus news.

August 4, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Trump, Biden, Coronavirus
and Election 2020 (Updated)

Here’s the Latest News on Both
Election 2020 and Coronavirus

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), updated August 4, 2020 by Paul Evans, a digest of the latest election 2020 news, Donald Trump news and coronavirus news. This is updated daily on the sidebar of my Home page, but it seemed timely to put it together as its own article, which is in the form of a blog, with the most recent news at the top. Featured photograph of unknown origin.

NEW: Coronavirus Live Updates: Chicago Schools Will Start the Academic Year Remotely, The N.Y. Times, August 5, 2020: This leaves the N.Y. City school system as the only major school system that will open “as usual,” and not remotely.

NEW: Trump backtracks, urges mail-in ballots in Florida — Company behind unemployment system wins big contract — Bass eulogized Communist Party USA leader, Politico, August 5, 2020, by Gary Fineout — a few statistics: “Between Monday and Tuesday, the number of Florida coronavirus cases increased by 5,446 (1.1 percent), to 497,330; hospitalizations went up 586 (2.1 percent), to 27,952; deaths rose by 245 (3.4 percent), to 7,402.” No Republican has won the Presidency in over 100 years without taking Florida. Trump trails there by about eight points. Maybe its time for the G.O.P. to give up on a Trump re-election and think about retaining control of the Senate. I backed Donald Trump big-time in 2016. This is a man John Bolton the arch-neocon described as “stunningly uninformed.” The absolute worst thing I have against Trump is that he is utterly incompetent.

NEW: Trump, in ‘Fox & Friends’ interview, warns it could take years to get election results with mass-mailed ballots, Fox and Friend, August 5, 2020, by Ronn Blitzer: “President Trump warned that if states like Nevada are allowed to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters, it could take “years” to get the results from November’s election.”

Evidence of Infamy: “A dereliction of duty”: Former CIA director says Trump has gone “Awol” in handling of coronavirus, The Independent, no date given, by Louise Hall: “We have a president that is not willing to stand up and do what is necessary in order to lead this country,” said former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Paul Evans. From the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis in America, it is as if Donald Trump was determined to make every wrong decision with regard to fighting the pandemic in America. So far as I see, this stems from Lord Jacob Rothschild, head of the largest and most powerful of 13 Ruling families, an Orthodox Jew who also describes himself as a neo-nazi. (That is a sham, a lie to get the support of America’s far right. Historically, Rothschild has been the world’s foremost Zionist Jew. And also the head of the Illuminati — the Jewish billionaire investment bankers.)

Could sanity on coronavirus measures finally grace our nation? See Biden tells Trump to ‘do your job’ as coronavirus fails to ‘just disappear’, The Guardian, August 4, 2020, by Amanda Holpuch. Did you realize that at the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis in America, Trump appointed his son-in-law to be in charge of our testing for the disease. And his son-in-law came up with a really great, scientifically sound strategy for testing that might have stopped this crisis in its tracks. Which Trump then proceeded to fully ignore. As it is, there is such a shortage in testing supplies, and such a backlog of tests, that usually it takes 10 to 15 days to get a test result back to the doctor(s) who ordered them. But coronavirus is at its peak transmissibility in the first week after infection. Which really makes our whole testing program just about useless. Thanks Donald. Nice job.

U.S. News: Fauci: ‘We Will Get Back to Normal’ But the Pandemic Is Far From Over, Late August 3, 2020, by Gaby Galvin. “Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the coronavirus is ‘not to be underestimated’ and that the pandemic is far from over in an interview with U.S. News Monday.” On a more hopeful note, Fauci said that he expects a vaccine to be ready late this year or in early 2021. However, see Fauci Supports Birx’s Coronavirus Assessment After Trump Criticizes Her, The N.Y. Times, updated August 4, 2020, by Stefani Reynolds:

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, agreed on Monday with his colleague Dr. Deborah Birx that the United States has entered a “new phase” of the coronavirus pandemic, in which the virus is now spreading uncontrolled in some states by asymptomatic people — comments that drew fire from President Trump.” According to the N.Y. Times, Trump had actually called Birx’s remarks “pathetic” on Twitter. It seems to me that’s Trump’s usual reaction to people and science that disagree with him. He surrounds himself with “yes men” and fires anyone who has the courage to say anything different.

The Census Bureau announced that it is ending efforts to collect data on September 30, one month earlier than had previously been announced. See Census Bureaun Announces They Will End Counting One Month Early, NPR, August 3, 2020, by Hansi Lo Wang. “With roughly 4 out of 10 households nationwide yet to be counted and already delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, the bureau now has less than two months left to try to reach people of color, immigrants, renters, rural residents and other members of historically undercounted groups who are not likely to fill out a census form on their own.” These are MORE typical Republican efforts to hurt the poor. If you are poor and don’t vote for Biden, you’ve got a few screws loose.

A really useful and informative article of mine is Political Ideology versus Caring, The Daily Walk with Love, recently revised, by Paul Evans. Ideologies, “isms,” doctrine and dogma only serve to divide us, as well as being tools the billionaires use to keep the common man from uniting into any kind of effective resistance to their latest, worst horror, what I call the Zionist-Illuminati depopulation plot, their planned reduction of the world’s population to seven (7) percent of what it is now, by means of disease and war. (So far as I can tell, those people who would be allowed to live are only those in the 12 Tribes of Israel (the surviving Neanderthals). In other words it is the very worst sort of very ancient racfial hatred. In this article I am basically defining some political terminology. I know that isn’t exciting, but now IS the time the political right and the left MUST get together and protect our freedom, and the lives of our families and children.

TIME: Right in line with Ronald Reagan’s demonizing of “welfare queens,” Trump and the Republicans in congress are refusing further unemployment aid to the 31 million Americans now out of work because of coronavirus and, without Federal aid, facing the prospect of homelessness. See Despite What the White House Says, Unemployment Aid Doesn’t Encourage Americans to Stay Out of Work, August 3, 2020 by Philip Elliott. I sure hope all these people know which way to vote! Another Republican “demon” has been the free “Obamaphone” service for the poor. There’s only one problem with that, Repugs. The service originated under Reagan.

Middle class Americans tend to be educated, and therefore capable of smelling out political lies by big money. (You should know by now that, whatever their failings and seeming inability to change “the system,” Democrats’ hearts are pretty much in the right place, while Republicans pretty much just represent big money.) So big money is intent on reducing the numbers of middle class Americans and also making it almost impossible for anybody who isn’t rich to be able to afford college. See In Rich Countries, the Middle Class Is Getting Smaller and Smaller, Generation by Generation, Pocket, by Eshe Nelson. “Automation and the rising cost of living are pinning the middle class into a corner.”

The Daily Beast: What Happens If This Pandemic Fiasco Lasts Three Years?, July 31, 2020, by Olivia Messer. The U.S. now has more cases than Brazil and India combined. Coronavirus has “sabotaged an historically bustling economy, shut down many forms of basic professional and social interaction, killed beloved friends and family members, and popularized terrifying terms like ‘super-spreader’.”

The Hill (and Paul Evans): Biden leads Trump by 9 points in Pennsylvania: poll, July 30, 2020, by Rebecca Klar: Biden even has support among 15 percent of conservatives, whereas 95 percent of liberals say they will vote for Biden. “Biden also is leading among moderate voters over Trump, 63 percent to 22 percent, based on the poll.” There are now more Independent voters than there are registered Republicans OR Democrats. The fact that Trump is not playing well among Independent voters bodes poorly for Trump. And even fewer people are considering supporting Third Party candidates than in 2016. But assuming that Trump closes the gap and it is a close vote, it really depends on Party machinery and “GOTV” (get out the vote). As Tip O’Neil once said, “all politics is local.”

The New York Times: A Viral Epidemic Splintering into Deadly Pieces, updated July 30, 2020, by Donald G. McNeil Jr.

Once again, the coronavirus is ascendant. As infections mount across the country, it is dawning on Americans that the epidemic is now unstoppable, and that no corner of the nation will be left untouched.

As of Wednesday, the pathogen had infected at least 4.3 million Americans, killing more than 150,000. Many experts fear the virus could kill 200,000 or even 300,000 by year’s end….”

TIME: America Needs to Radically Rethink Our COVID-19 Testing Approach, July 30, 2020, by Ashish K. Jha – “America’s testing infrastructure is collapsing. As coronavirus cases surge around the country, laboratories are facing crippling shortages of key supplies and growing backlogs of samples. In many states, it now takes 10-15 days to get test results – rendering these tests useless as a tool to prevent transmission and bring the pandemic under control. For most people, the peak period of infectiousness lasts about a week. And, in the middle of this testing collapse, cities and towns are preparing to return millions of children to school this fall with neither the intention nor the capability to test them. At this critical moment in our nation’s fight against COVID-19, it is time to radically rethink our approach to testing….” Paul: Reopening schools in Israel was a total disaster.

The Hill: Trump raises idea of delaying election, July 30, 2020, by Scott Brett Samuels – “President Trump on Thursday suggested delaying the 2020 elections, something he does not have the power to do unilaterally, as he levied fresh attacks against mail-in voting.” Paul: I have actually read that as many as 70 percent of the votes cast may be mail-in ballots. Trump, knowing as he does that mail-in voting has usually favored the Democrats, and seeing that he is trailing 8 to 10 percent in most polls, has seized on the idea of delaying the election… Trump tweeted that with all the mail-in voting, election 2020 is turning out to be the most “inaccurate, fraudulent” in history. I guess that’s because he is losing. Usually in the past leaders in the U.S. Senate have stood by President Trump. However they refused to sign on to any idea of delaying the election.

The Republican Party is sitting on a war chest of over $100 million to throw into the election. You have to wonder, if Trump does not recover somewhat in the polls, whether the G.O.P. might decide to put a lot of that money into an effort to retain control of the Senate, more or less accepting that Biden is likely to win the Presidency. I don’t think they are quite there yet, but I bet they are strongly considering it.

NPR, 3 Months Of Hell: U.S. Economy Drops 32.9%, In Worst GDP Report Ever, July 30, 2020, by Scott Horsley.

TIME on election 2020 in Florida, Donald Trump Needs Florida. Does Florida Still Want Trump?, July 28, 2020, by Tessa Berrenson – “The purple state has voted for the winner in all but one presidential election since 1964, and no Republican has won the presidency without Florida in nearly 100 years. Trump won the battleground state by about 112,000 votes in 2016. Now several recent major polls show Trump is in danger of losing the state — and its critical 29 electoral votes. A July CNN/SSRS poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading Trump 51% to 46% in Florida among registered voters. In a July 23 Quinnipiac University poll, Biden leads Trump by an even wider margin: 51% to 38%. A Real Clear Politics polling average of multiple polls has Biden beating Trump by an average of 7.8 points.”

We are now 100 days from the election and NPR reports that, although the situation is still quite fluid, Joe Biden has a “clear advantage” and has opened up an 8-point lead overall in the nation. The N.Y. Times has Biden up by ten points nationally, 55 to 45 percent.

The Hill, citing Bloomberg as its source: Trump’s national security adviser tests positive for coronavirus, July 27, 2020 by Brett Samuels: “The positive test makes O’Brien the highest-ranking White House official to date to test positive for the virus that has killed more than 150,000 people in the U.S.” O’Brien meets with the President every day. “…One of the president’s military valets and the vice president’s press secretary previously tested positive for the virus.” The NY Times reports that O’Brien has “mild symptoms” and “is working from a secure location off site.”

According to the Hill on Monday morning, July 27, “The pandemic has surpassed 16.2 million confirmed cases worldwide and is responsible for at least 649,000 fatalities.” According to Reuters, here are facts for NEW cases in states for ONE DAY: California leads the nation with 448,497 cases, Florida is fairly close behind with 423,855 new cases on Sunday, and New York is in third place with 415,827 new patients Sunday, (but leads the nation with 32,000 deaths overall). Paul: I almost feel that eventually, everyone is going to be exposed to coronavirus, which 239 scientists have said may spread through the air, almost like pollen (which is exactly what it looks like under a strong microscope). Not everyone will get ill from it, though, but may be carriers. Spain is having a resurgence of cases. In Texas, some hospitals are absolutely swamped with new cases, and one hospital has resorted to a kind of “reverse triage,” sending those likely to die back to their homes. America was not prepared for this.

All-right you computer geeks, now you have no excuse: See Tech Republic, 10 high-paying tech jobs that don’t require a degree July 23, 2020 by N.F. Mendoza. But hey, digging out some timely articles for you is a lot more fun!

ZDNet tech news: Microsoft has sent a large number of its employees home, to work from there remotely. They saw that with many of them if not most, they actually put in longer hours. Curious, Microsoft studied the situation and found that much of the increase in hours worked was done on IMs, significantly between the hours of 6pm and midnight! Paul: this reminds me of a tale that was circulating on the internet between about 2006 to 2009. It seems the last big internet outage was back in 1998. Today, it would be disastrous, since now everything basically runs on the net. However, in 1998 (so the story goes), business productivity actually increased by about 317 percent! OK people, take breaks from the tube and the internet, stay un-hypnotized, and occasionally get a good night’s sleep!

Mental Floss: The 45 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now, by Mental Floss (a good place to spend an hour). I have read from one source that Netflix consumes 29 percent of the available “bandwidth” of the entire internet.

BBC Future: The people with hidden immunity against Covid-19, July 20, 2020, by Zaria Gorvett: “While the latest research suggests that antibodies against Covid-19 could be lost in just three months, a new hope has appeared on the horizon: the enigmatic T cell,” a white blood cell which apparently grants immunity against Covid-19. It would be “illuminating” to see which ethnic groups have T cells more than others.

NY Times – Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Surpasses 4 Million Known Infections, from an email newsletter: “Public health experts have warned that the actual number of people infected by the virus is certainly far higher than the number of reported cases, and could be up to 13 times as high in some regions.”

Want to know more about me? Read Paul Evans: Who I am and What I Believe In. I try to tell my readers the real truth, sometimes at the risk of my life. I care. If anyone writes to me at or, I will try to be more forthcoming.

According to the Atlantic in Inequality and the American Dream, “In the 1980s, the top 1 percent of adults earned 27 times more than the (entire) bottom 50 percent. Now, they earn 81 times more.” This is beyond greed, this is purely evil, wicked and angering to God. If you make $50,000 a year and don’t tithe, there’s something very wrong with you, (or you can at least give it to a tax-deductible charity/non-profit). Some of you have this vague apprehension that there may be a God. You’re right, and someday you will be judged.

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