Top 10 Horror Movie Musical Themes

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Top 10 Horror Movie Musical Themes

Dedicated to Dan Hershberger

Free Music57, January 15, 2015, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of and YouTube. I lived for well over two years with my great friend Dan Hershberger, who lives in Wooster, Ohio. We always used to sit around half the night watching mainly horror movies (and also game shows and cartoons). I found out that if you get used to the blood and gore, horror movies can actually be rather humorous. For example, there is usually a beautiful heroine, and, almost invariably, the most beautiful woman in the film dies a horrible death. She often ends up being chased by the monster, or zombie, or psychopath, down a corridor. There is a mirror on the wall of the corridor at some point and, invariably, the doomed lady stops to check her appearance in the mirror. That’s the way Hollywood scripts these movies and knowing the next scene and waiting for the rather camp plot to unfold can be a gas. Often, the music in a horror movie is not so notable, but here are looks at ten horror movies where the music is an integral part of the entertainment. If you are squeamish, you might not want to watch them, but the scenes depicted might just want to make you turn on your TV or Netflix and settle down with some popcorn and coke for a riveting horror movie. The ten horror movies discussed here were notable, since even I remember them.

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How is life at once like a horror movie and like being in the Army? With both, it’s about 99 percent boredom and one percent sheer terror! OK, maybe the horror movies have a bit more of the horror. I guess it would depend, if you are in the Army, if you are deployed to an active war zone. Then being in the armed forces would seem to me at times very much like a horror movie, right? Please pray for peace in the middle east.

Support our Veterans! See this page on Memorial Day, and please consider making a contribution. Please feel encouraged to visit the very special website at this link to honor our fallen heroes, and please take a moment of silent prayer to the Lord, that all these fallen heroes may receive their just rewards, and not be devalued as in fact they are in today’s politics and culture. We owe them our very freedom, and the fact that now democracy and American values have a chance to spread all over the world. Amen.

My Motto had recently been: “You tell the truth, and then everything works out all right.” Unfortunately, the situation is more complex than simply always telling the truth. In our society and government, it’s more a question of “rendering unto God what is God’s, and rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” as Jesus said. This is a new realization for me, and is a disappointment, but the world is the way the world is, and we all have to get by. You try hard in life to avoid problems, but some things just happen to you in life, like it’s Fate, or Karma. I have suffered a great deal in my life because I thought I had answers that would help people, and I was determined to communicate these truths. But this simply cannot be, because different people will misinterpret the same truth, and it could hurt them and hurt other people. In terms of the security situation for America, it’s best that a website owner sometimes doesn’t “say” everything he knows or can find out. Overall, for me, it’s been like it is a question of fate and karma, which I believe are different attributes of the Holy God of Israel. It’s really nobody’s fault that I have suffered as I have, except to some extent my own, although sometimes a man suffers unfairly because society is evil a lot, and any man who gets in the way of the security interests of the United States gets steamrollered. Be warned, that is the truth and you should be careful and not mess with the status quo.

A lot of very serious, powerful people dislike those who try to “change the world” and make it better. Maybe we should be more conscious of the security interests of the United States. However, if no one tried to make the world a better place, I would think it would have slipped fully into darkness long before now. What people need to realize is that that is exactly what the intelligence services are trying to prevent. Perhaps I am learning enough to get along in the world and have a happier life. I’ve learned my lesson: there are quite a few things I am just not going to talk about on this website. As the CEO of Google said, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.” I just want to have a life, while continuing to help and inspire people, and also serve our Lord.

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