To Rothschild, Trump and the U.S. Congress

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To prevent a Great Depression worse than the first one of 1929, as well as a probable civil war between the forces supporting a neo-nazi government and those who will stand for no such thing, which faction includes a strong and growing communist conspiracy, it is totally and absolutely necessary that Lord Rothschild, Donald Trump and Congress pass and sign into law three simple reforms which basically would hurt none of these factions much at all, although a good deal of the basic Illuminati plans would have to be fully curtailed.

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April 15, 2019
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To Rothschild, Trump
and the U.S. Congress

There are three basic reforms
the U.S. MUST make to avoid a terrible
depression and quite possibly civil war

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), April 15, 2019, by Paul Evans.

I want to thank President Trump, the CIA and my website host GoDaddy for allowing this to be published. It means to me as it will to a lot of people that freedom of speech still exists in America: God Bless America.

We knew in 2007-2008 that we had a very terrible problem, which we publicly addressed with a government stimulus (did you know that 40 percent of the stimulus went through as tax cuts for the rich?). What had happened, mainly, was that the greed of the rich and the banks caused this: the banks made way too many “liars loans” on new houses, zero percent down, but the low monthly payments mushroomed when the homeowner missed a payment, and a whole lot of these houses became bank-owned. The investment banks, in turn, made a new kind of bond package which were called derivatives and tried to lure investors into buying those, and Moody’s illegally gave the derivative packages AAA and AA ratings. And our whole economy basically went to hell, from which, to far too much of a degree, we have not yet recovered, with probably much worse still to come.

Well, Obama proceeded to double the national debt, and now they are making liars loans on both new houses AND new cars. Here’s a little fact for those Republicans trying to put all the blame for this totally on Obama and the Democrats: It’s a fact that Trump’s spending in his first year as President was actually one-and-one-half times what Obama spent in his last year as President.

This spending is totally unsupportable because of two similar and related occurrences. Late in Obama’s second term he got the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to declare that the Chinese yuan would now be considered as the dollar’s equal as global trading currency. Then, maybe a year ago, a so-called Shanghai Cooperative of 40 nations, including Russia, China and Iran, announced that henceforth they would be doing international trading using the yuan, not the dollar. This was a crippling move against the U.S. in its current situation because, in a mathematically related way, our ability to borrow money is dependent on the U.S. dollar being used in international trading. Now Donald Trump is not a stupid man, and had he been briefed on all this by his economic advisers, he certainly would have not increased spending the way he has. Now we are in Really Bad shape for our economic future, but I must add that all three Presidents before Trump were ruining America’s economic future as well, almost as if all four of these Presidents had planned on ruining America’s economy and our future as a world power. But actually I would guess it was more simple greed by the rich which was the culprit. So, to get down to what we have to do to avoid economic catastrophe:

First and foremost, we absolutely Must cause some escape valve from our headlong rush towards unrealistic and insupportable stock prices. The only way I see that might accomplish this would be for the Federal Reserve to significantly raise the discount rate so that we would suffer a much milder recession with some inflation. Just as an overheated steam engine must have a release or it will blow up, so we actually need to have a recession. Right now, America’s corporations are sitting on more cash money than at any time in our history; but they are not spending it on infrastructure and jobs, rather, they are buying more stock with it, which further artificially inflates stock prices. Can I cite even one authority that might really “give you an idea” of the impending danger? George Soros, fourth most wealthy man on earth (I think he is worth $72 billion), recently took a whopping $55 billion out of the stock market and put it into liquid assets. ‘Nuff said.

We also really must replace our current taxation system with a slightly progressive fair and flat tax, an idea which was first floated some time ago by 12-term congressman Ron Paul. For a fair and flat tax to work, some of the most egregious loopholes for the rich in the tax code must be eliminated. The current congress would probably never do this unless they were absolutely forced to do it by higher authorities. (Believe me, the economic powers who almost rule the whole planet can most certainly force Congress to do it.)

I also feel that making all Federal elections be Federally funded is a strongly needed reform. You can’t regulate lobbying successfully in any other way. Dating back even to English Common Law, corporations must be legally perceived as people, and so to limit lobbying is to limit their freedom of speech. This is very upsetting to those of us who still want government of, by and for the people, but there you have it. However Federally funded elections takes lobbying totally out of the picture, I believe.

See Inequality and The American Dream (Updated), The Daily Walk with Love, republished April 7, 2019, by Paul Evans.