Three-peat I: Moody Blues Early Albums (“a day in the life”)

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December 22, 2015

Free Music57 + politics
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THE MOODY BLUES: Three-peat – I
Days of Future Past
Full Album 1967 (HD)

Sentimental Songs of the Fantastic,
“Easy Rock with the Universe in It!”
(“If You Only Knew…”)

Free Music 57, December 22, 2015, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of LilHaseProductions and YouTube. Photo modified from “The Moody Blues play the New Theatre, Oxford – – 1001290” by Brian Robert Marshall. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The Moody Blues second album, Days of Future Passed, released in 1967, established them as pioneers in progressive rock. Their first recording was a promising but not-widely-known R&B effort, but the 1967 tracks we provide here made up an album considered so exceptional that it set the progressive rock tone of succeeding albums. While I love classic rock, I am so entranced and captivated by the music of The Moody Blues that I may change the overall direction of the website towards progressive rock. My followers can expect, then, progressive rock and coverage of the politics of the Republican primaries. I do believe the “Donald Trump 2016!” at the top makes my own sympathies there. I feel deeply that this would be the most rewarding and challenging effort I could make, yet so enjoyable I bet the viewers are envious. Right now I appreciate The Moody Blues in unexpectedly strong ways which transcend even my own typical enjoyment of good music. I have never been so appreciative of any music in a lifetime spent plugged in. You gain so very much listening to them every single time. Hey, it IS challenging and enlightening music, just have a little patience with the music. Listen to the lyrics, they’re unsurpassed. The Moody Blues actually talk about the way the world really IS. They simply are not leading you into any philosophical game, but into a very enjoyable reality. I mean a REAL reality. What a concept!

Pardon me for the following anecdote: When I started studying comparative religion 36 years ago, unconsciously I looked for a premise. (You know how every philosophical argument has a premise, a logical proposition which, if true, might be the foundation of all of your subsequent thought and argumentation. I had the thought, my premise would be (and is) that, far from Pontius Pilate’s “what is truth?” that my own premise would be that reality is real and that there existed real truth about everything. Now, basically, mankind is just taking little baby steps in the direction of imagining they can find out the truth about the universe, and this is the foundation for the materialistic religion of science, isn’t it? I have made my own explorations, true enough, for a long time. My own belief in the truth of reality is coming more out of philosophical idealism, though. But that TRUTH could even exist AND be a reason to make life decisions and live a certain way is a basic challenge to the unwritten code that we make our decisions and lifestyle based on AESTHETICS, isn’t it? Let’s be real. And let’s talk about it, by all means. It gives a savor to an otherwise rather dreary existence: Email paulfreedom57 AT, We could chat, IF I ever get around to installing the messenger. (It makes my girl all jealous. But you can still email me.)

God help me, I pretty much fully comprehend the life situation in which Dharma is determinative.

I’ve come to the point in my life that I admit that we don’t really know how real reality is, you know. But…well, poverty, that’s real enough, isn’t it, LOL. I fully comprehend poverty. It has this nasty way of asserting its existence and reality. Again, mine is an idealistic rather than a materialistic appreciation of my life’s understanding, philosophically. But that reality is real, and that truth exists about everything is still my premise. And poverty is REALLY real, I assure any of my well-off readers. And NO, you do not GET poverty unless you’ve experienced it. If you ever do… it will change you. In some good ways and some regretable ways, but the rich ought to at least TRY a little compassion for their fellow man. It’s the reasosn for the season. Scientifically it makes sense for us to be actually caring to one another because we are greagarious primates and therefore thrive only when we get a certain base level of affection in our lives. God it’s hard when nobody is ever affectionate to you, isn’t it?

My almost constant insistence on a reasoned response in various life situations can be actually troublesome and upsetting to many people, I have seen.This deeply saddens me. I beg my girl’s forgiveness about it. I’m sorry, I know I’m too logical. If only my family and my life had led me more in the direction of COMMON SENSE, as opposed to logic. Things work out best for a child, I think, when the parents are both affectionate and also raise the child with Christian values, in an appropriate Christian church. My own parents were silent, undemonstrative sorts of intellectuals who were not very affectionate and who stressed an intellectual response to situations in life. No, we’re just humans, we need some affection in our lives, and we need the experience that being raised in a decent Christian setting can provide like nothing else can. But I digress. This blog doesn’t get that many visitors and so I feel freer to express myself here as if, in some ways, it is a diary, too.

The reality of Truth about everything is a deep starting point, perhaps you’ll grant me that. Not that I’ll ever prove it. I take it as a matter of faith. It’s my premise, you see. And the artistry of The Moody Blues musical presentation is very, very rewarding for a token of just a little peaceful, quiet listening. THAT is true musical freedom and Love, too. And since when did music HAVE to be noisy? This stuff rocks. My favorite song of the Moody Blues is “Burn slowly the candle of life.” Most of you lacked the patience to absorb any of the light shed here. Meaningfulness, well, as much as anything. If you want to make a real point, have an impenetrable premise, ironclad logic however examined, and examine something unknown. Maybe that’s a little pessimistic. I used to have higher hopes, but I’ve lost faith in logic. I never thought anything of the sort could even possibly happen in my own life’s experience. PEOPLE, people are what matter. ‘Nuff said?

This album “made” The Moody Blues — get high on the possibilities of this music — with the real possibilities of the sound, and maybe you’ll begin to understand….. Quite a lot of music just as good as this is why The Moody Blues have such a loyal following, even today. Once in a while, a band does some things that are NOT just easy listening, and no sort of ordinary rock, but universal — truly this is the quiet, beating heart of progressive rock — and this recording could be said to transcend even the whole genre of progressive rock. (Buy better speakers, guys. Look, we’ll make it easy, here’s a whole range of Best Buy’s own Insignia speakers under $100. That’s Best Busy’s own brand. Even the basic $40 Insignia speakers come with a subwoofer and sound great!) We’ll be listening to this recording more than once.

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From Hippy Chick’s description on YouTube:

“‘Days of Future Passed,’ (the) first concept album by The Moody Blues, released in November 1967 on Deram Records. After 2 years performing as a struggling white R&B band, The Moody Blues were asked by their record label in September 1967 to record an adaptation of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 as a stereo demonstration record. Instead, the band chose to record an orchestral song cycle about a typical working day. Recording sessions (were) at Decca Studios in West Hampstead, London during May to November 1967.”

OK, youse guys: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No profit is made on this audio/video, strictly for comment only.”

Disclaimer: I blogged this to make some money, of course, but really, not really. I did it because it’s damned interesting, and a worthwhile expenditure of my very valuable time. The charismatic community of “kings” I live with has taught me adequately that a king spends time (when appropriately high on life) on that which they want to, period, you see, OK. Like really, that’s the reason for the copyright disclaimer, too. I wanted to make some points, do some musical criticism and enjoy the Moody Blues. So I did. You see. Doom still has the hope of another Spring, right? I’ve come to the conclusion that the univferse is, to a pretty basic extent, pretty perverse. No, that’s not quite it. I think rather it’s that people are perverse and far too selfish. But you can quote me on the following: “It’s still about people and being caring. That makes life bearable.” That would be my overall conclusion. Besides, I’m Facebook friends with The Moody Blues. Justin Hayward, too. God Bless you guys!

Visit the Official website of The Moody Blues and see their Facebook page.

See Wikipedia on The Moody Blues:

‘The Moody Blues are an English rock band. They first came to prominence playing rhythm and blues music, but their second album, Days of Future Passed, which was released in 1967, was a fusion of rock with classical music and established them as pioneers in the development of progressive rock. They became known internationally with singles including “Go Now”, “Nights in White Satin”, “Tuesday Afternoon” and “Question”. They have been awarded 18 platinum and gold discs. Their album sales total 70 million.

‘As of 2015 they remain active with one member from the original 1964 band (drummer Graeme Edge) and two more from the 1966 lineup (bassist John Lodge and lead singer and guitarist Justin Hayward).’

Visit for lots of great digital rights free mp3’s by The Moody Blues. In the final analysis, the purpose of this discussion of philosophy and all about the Moody Blues has one basic purpose: if you have a brain, get someplace quiet and turn the sound up and really listen.

hot photo of The Moody Blues in performance

The Moody Blues
Days of Future Passed

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