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November 10, 2019,
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This and that & the future
of MIR: The Land and Peace

As they say, I “know too much,” and people have speculated where I stand,
politically and religiously but I will
make myself explicitly clear as to my
positions on all of that, below.

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Actually, I felt I have been quite open and honest about where I stand politically and religiously. I would fight to the death to keep us from becoming fully Communist. Did you know that there were 60 million political prisoners who died in the Soviet gulags under Stalin alone? We need to keep this in mind and realize that this is almost twice as many people as died in all of WWII. As to some sort of democratic socialism, that might work ok with a mixed economy, but I strongly feel that Americans are not ready for that.

The real problem is the level of the greed of the super-rich and the elite at thee top, with attendant corruption and rampant lobbying. I will not go into it here, but previously I offered four or five “simple fixes” that would keep our economy safe, continue the entitlements we have become so used to, and do it in ways which would be easy to take for everyone, including the very rich. But any fix for the economy would have to include closing some of the worst loopholes in the tax code. Did you know that for the last two years, General Electric, the world’s largest maker of electric and electronic parts and appliances, paid zero taxes. That is a tax code run amuck.

So, to complete this topic, I am not Communist, I think the time for considering socialism might be 100 years in the future, AND I am not neo-nazi or ultra-far right, either. I am truth, justice, the American way, AND reform. Here I will note that there is nothing inherently evil about a facist form of things, as in fact America has now. The problem in America is that “the tail is wagging the dog,” that is, the corporations are in almost full control of the government. Their greed, headlined by such lies as “trickle down” and more recent “hyper-capitalism,” only makes our problems worse.

Here is one strong suggestion, and then I will shut up for now: The party (Democrats or Reublicans) who came out and pushed for the restoration of the fifty percent food stamps cuts over the next ten years, could well be portrayed as heroes to the common man, and That would translate into votes. Most people on food stamps Have a job, and most of Them are single working mothers. You are making plans which take food out of the mouths of our little children. That’s It for now, I want to thank GoDaddy and all the truly rich for allowing to make my discussions truthful… God Bless you.

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Then peace will guide the planets,
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