Thinking About the Logic of Questions and Answers & Truth

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Sometimes the answer to even a simple “yes or no” question
might be more of a shade of gray, or even be one or MORE
of various multiple answers which make sense (and sometimes MORE THAN ONE).
Sometimes, of course, an answer truly IS in fact “yes” or “no.”

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March 6, 2017
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Thinking About the Logic
of Questions and Answers & Truth

My premise: reality is real
and Truth exists about everything.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 6, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email This gets into the philosophical discipline of “epistemology” or the “origin of things,” and is not quite the same thing as cosmology, but it’s close. Here I’m mainly talking about the NATURE and truthfulness of Questions and Answers in everyday life.

My dad was a CIA editor in charge of two translating sections, and a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature. I myself have managed 11 years of a mostly liberal arts curriculum and have a B.A. from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio, 1980) and have also edited 12 books and done a lot of thinking and reading about a lot of things. I’m a pretty philosophical person, a person who on the one hand has a strong, pretty spiritual, charismatic Christian faith, but lives according to a more Buddhist set of ethics. (Sometimes that presents me with the difficulty of reconciling views on the nature of yin ideas in the mind and yang ideas. Christianity views the yin and yang as oppositional, whereas Buddhism views yin and yang as complementary (not oppositional). The answer there would depend on whether you thought the pre-socratic philosophical conception of Logos is true or badly flawed. I have not been able to see my way clear to any definitive answer on that question. If I lived in southeastern Asia I would view the yin-yang as complementary, whereas in the west we view them mainly as oppositional. I’m kind of between a rock and a hard place on the whole issue, so I wanted to mention the whole issue and address it before discussing the best way to think about and utilize proper methods of answering questions, and what conclusions I have come to about that issue.

Paul Evans owner of The Daily Walk with Miracles in March 2017

In the last three or four years I have come to have a strong charismatic Christian faith. These people mostly believe that a “Yes or No” question almost always deserves an unqualified yes or no answer. My dad, Dr. Jack E. Evans, thought that many answers should not be yes or no, because a better qualified question would recognize that many answers are NOT in fact yes or no, but involve shades of gray. I feel that is less often true than many agnostic (as dad was and as I was raised), or scientifically trained minds could agree with. But, personally, it seems to me that there is an even worse situation in play than “shades of gray.” Dad got in some trouble for his whole “shades of gray” viewpoint too, so please people, no one is making you read all this, right? Well, to me, many questions present SEVERAL choices for answers, and it is not always in truth just one of those, but rather, percent A.), B.), C.) and/or D.).

For example, to a computer geek like myself, we know that many questions about how to proceed in using an operating system involve choices such as “the right way,” “the wrong way,” “the Microsoft way,” and “the ‘workaround,'” as well as sometimes, a terribly mistaken (fifth) choice which will cause you to wish the old PC had an “oh, sh*t key,” lol. It just seems to me that, after thinking about this question of what answers questions have, logically, for several years now, that SOMETIMES it’s not “yes” or “no” but percent of multiple choices, such as 80% A.), 10% B.) and then sometimes it doesn’t even add up to 100 percent because there are some questions, also, that we DO NOT KNOW the answers to, either at all, or perhaps only partially, and NOT well enough to totally make the right choice. Human intelligence sometimes has not attained to the particular truth in question.

So, overall, what sorts of difficulties are involved in not knowing which to choose of a simple “Yes” or “No” question. Isn’t it generally a question of the limits of our cognition and our perception too? Our cognition is limited, we are just human. And our perception often involves the limits of our thinking involving MEASUREMENT, which does suggest a given answer, but perhaps our science has not attained to that yet. I do feel that SOME people, such as Prof. Stephen Hawking, are HUGELY gifted in both his cognition and his perception and logic. (Prof. Hawking reconciled Einsteinian physics with Quantum mechanics, mathematically, in what is called “The Unified Field Theory,” and also has given us a better understanding of “black holes.”) Thank God for such people.

Here at The Daily Walk with Miracles, in exploring various topics, I want the reader to realize that the ONLY logical premise I ever made was that “reality is real, and truth exists about everything.” I strongly feel as a Christian man, for example, that one day before very many years pass, we will “understand” (which involves both cognition AND perception, much better. So “understanding” involves cognition AND perception, AS WELL AS sometimes, WISDOM and EXPERIENCE. Solomon said, “get understanding, that’s the principal thing,” and Louis Pasteur (inventor of vaccines) said, “chance favors the prepared mind.”

Well, anyway, those are my thoughts about “Questions and Answers” in terms of their logic and applying that logic. Hey, when the “drill sergeant” asks you a “yes” or “no” question, you darned well better try your hardest to answer one way of the other, LOL. Sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much and just had a sweet girl to hold and kiss and treasure….

A Bible verse for all people everywhere to always remember, and central to the Christian Life is 1 Corinthians 13:2: “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity (love), I am nothing.” I am reminded of the truth a LOT when I see how selfish and depraved mankind has become. It just seems to me things used to be “better” back in the 70’s when I was a younger man. Let’s all “get back to where we once belonged.”

From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

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