The World Needs Faith and Charity (Works & Love)

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

All I can do is keep reminding you,
God is not mocked, America, clean up your act
and take care of your own… or else.

February 24, 2017

The Daily Walk with Miracles
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The World Needs Faith
and Charity (Works & Love)

…and the greatest of these is Love (Charity),
which begins with each of us

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated February 24, 2017, by Paul Evans. Read an autobiographical sketch about me here. I am still “single and looking” ladies, I am 59, 5’10” and 175, I am an educated man who is very affectionate and kind in relationships, however I will say that I am somewhat poor. I am not seeing anyone at this time and need a friend: please email me at paulfreedom57 AT gmail DOT com.

The main message I am trying to get across here follows strongly from 1 Cor. 13:2And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.” We are trying to build a Christian and not a hypocritical society. When Jesus said “feed my sheep,” do you suppose he meant feeling good after Sunday morning services, or do you think he might have meant (in a modern context) making sure that ALL OF US had shelter, heat and decent food to eat. For example, unbelievably, there are 320,000 homeless veterans in America. This is absolutely unacceptable.

75 percent of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck, and in my home state of Ohio one-quarter of our children are at risk for real hunger each and every month. This is not a difficult message, it’s just one which our selfish, materialistic society refuses to acknowledge. I do NOT see how a rich man can drive through the decaying central part of an American city without feeling some compassion in his heart for his suffering fellow Christians who are forced to live there. And so we cut our food stamps by 50 percent, 5 percent a year for 10 years so that maybe Americans will not notice that much. Most of the people now on food stamps have a job, and most of them are single mothers. You are literally taking food out of the mouths of babies.

Well Ron Paul warned you, various modern day prophets have warned you, America, and the Bible warned you too. This particular passage refers to a couple of situations, just in the way that sometimes a prophecy or statement in the Bible can be taken in more than one interpretation, but this is a direct warning to America, it seems to me: “Oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a god of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame.” Karma can be a bitch sometimes. God’s patience is not unlimited, we are bringing down a lot of suffering and pain for the future for our whole nation. There is a passage in Hosea which refers to our selfishness and God’s punishment: “You are under a curse, now….” I’ve tried for years to make an inroads into (against) America’s materialistic selfishness, but only brought down pain upon myself. Some selfishness in business is OK, it’s the basis of capitalism, but America has kept it up year after year, the currency wars, the disdain our rich feel for our poorer citizens, the increasing inequality. The problem with the Democratic Party approach is that their solution is to just keep throwing money at a problem. Well, yes, in a sense of course the solutions to these problems are going to cost. But really what is necessary to remake our whole American culture and make it actually Christian, for it is not truly Christian at this time. Peter Green in today’s Patheos has summarized what we need to do: “Our children are to be taught to think God’s thoughts after him, to bring him glory, and to serve our neighbor.” See Income Inequality Is What’s Destroying America, Forbes, September 27, 2013, by Shah Gilani.

In no way am I trying to present any sorts of “dissident” ideas here. Let me look at the current economy strictly from the point of view of money and power. One of the best economic indicators of the future economy is the “Misery Index.” Well this was 28.5 in 1929 before the big crash and it is 32 now. We are worse off in terms of suffering, AND in terms of out economic outlook than we were immediately before the big crash in 1929. Do you get that you super-rich? Can you simply admit these simple statistics which say so much? In other words it is very definitely in the interest of the rich to see that the Misery Index goes down. We just cut food stamps in half, 5 percent for ten years. It isn’t hard to see that if the Republican Party were to come out for the restoration of the food stamps cuts, the economy would do better, the common man would do better, AND the Republican Party would be seen generally as a party who stood for the ordinary man. Maybe this might win the Republican Party the 2016 election. This isn’t dissidence it’s actually just common sense.

Look, I am a loyal and patriotic American, but even the Pope has said it well, see Pope Francis on “the God of Mercy”, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 19, 2016, by Paul Evans and Pope Francis: “Helping the Poor Isn’t Communism, It’s Gospel”, The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 29, 2016, by Paul Evans. All I can do is keep reminding you, God is not mocked, America, clean up your act and take care of your own… or else.

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

Please Visit The Official King James Bible Online
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