Autism & the Vaccine Revolution for Truth

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The pharmaceutical industry must stop pushing
toxic, little-tested and unsafe vaccines and other
medications on us & our children. There must be
much more testing and oversight, and the FDA must
cease being the corrupt, money-hungry institution it is.
Once you have read this article you will at least admit
there is doubt and MAYBE vaccines cause autism.

December, 8, 2017
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Autism & the Vaccine
Revolution for Truth

The pharmaceutical industry must stop pushing
toxic, little-tested and unsafe
vaccines & medications on our children

The Daily Walk with Love, updated December 8, 2017, by Paul Evans. with video source of The Vaccine Revolution for Truth, Washington D.C. 2017 (please excuse the audio issues with this video and listen carefully), and text-source of The Vaccine Revolution for Truth, Mercola: Take Control of Your Health, article by Barbara Loe Fisher, initial comments (first four paragraphs) by Paul Evans. It is fashionable in educated and scientific circles to discount any connection between vaccinations and medications, and autism. I believe that if you read this article you may feel differently or at least admit that doubt exists in the matter.

Let me give you just one example of the corruption involved in the FDA’s pharmaceutical approval process. Let’s look at the approval process for NutraSweet (Equal). As it turns out, the primary lobbyist who pushed this through FDA was none other than Dick Cheney, who worked as a lobbyist for NutraSweet before he worked for Halliburton, during the years 1995-2000. How bad is NutraSweet and why should you avoid it if at all possible and why should FDA NEVER have seriously considered approving this food? NutraSweet is (I hope I have the percentages right) 40 percent what is basically a neurotoxin, and it is 30 percent by weight something which in the body turns into formaldehyde, which they use to embalm corpses with. That is how bad this artificial sweetener is for you, and you can just bet that Dick Cheney knew EXACTLY what he was doing. The MAIN thing I have against Dick is that he should have stood by his daughter even if she IS gay. But you do have admire they guy, he has a lot of guts to go through that many heart operations, still be alive and kicking, and still facing the world bravely. This gives you some idea of how corrupt the FDA approval process was “back in the day.” I really don’t know if it has become any better, but I doubt it.

See Communication difficulties in Autism – my personal view, The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 11, 2016, by Paul Evans: learn what autism is, and see some of the difficulties with which autistic people labor.

Also see Chromium Reverses Diabetes, The Daily Walk with Miracles, May 12, 2017, by Paul Evans with Dan Hershberger: “From the Cleveland Clinic Specialty Center, Take Chromium picolinate to Reverse (NOT Cure) Diabetes.”

That it is “preventative” injections with various drugs, or vaccines, in other words “innoculations,” which may cause later autism is an idea believed by many parents whose children still develop autism today after many innoculations. The FDC and scientists have tried to disprove this causal link, (for there is a lot of money at stake), but to my own understanding, it is either innoculations or else medications taken today which are a primary cause of autism. There may even be a causal link between vaccines and prescription drugs and other mental illnesses. When I was an infant and young child, my parents saw to it that I was vaccinated with every drug they had to make my life healthier (innoculations), as my doctor and parents saw it. I currently suffer from minor depression and occasional mania and to some extent, which diagnosis I challenge, schizophrenia, and I may be considered as having “high functioning autism,” and have other conditions which force me to live on Social Security disability in poverty. I fully believe that it was the crude, essentially untested nature of those vaccines (back in the late 1950’s and 1960’s) which is responsible for many older people’s poor health and/or disability with autism.

The Federal government must STOP being the “pusher” for all these unsafe, poorly tested and dangerous vaccines. Other prescription drugs are also developed by Big Pharma with multiple millions at stake in their approval, and, too often, the FDC seems to rubber stamp and streamline the whole approval process. With some drugs there might be hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. (Always follow the money.) At the same time, researchers “honestly” believe (MSN article from from May 11, 2017) that vaccines are NOT the cause of autism. However environmental factors should not be discounted, says the article. “More blurry is their research on the non-genetic (or environmental) contributors to autism, like pollution or medications.” In my own life, I have suffered bad side effects, and even died once (literally clinically died, but came back an hour later), from side effects of mental illness medications I have to take.

In my mind, one way or another, I feel that pharmaceuticals in some way have to do with causes of autism, in genetically susceptible children. Vaccines must be used only when thoroughly tested and at a much higher level of safety than now currently exists. The FDA must STOP rubber-stamping Big Pharma’s and food additive manufacturers’ requests for approval, as they did for the incredibly toxic NutraSweet sweetener and many food additives which are now KNOWN without doubt to be toxic or unsafe. Let’s take for example NutraSweet sweetener. 40 percent by weight of this sweetener is a neurotoxin and 40 percent of it actually reacts in the body to form formaldehyde, which they use to embalm corpses. It should never have been approved.

Donald Trump says to not get the bird flu vaccine right now, because it’s “bad stuff,” and to not put that in your body. (Because Trump uses plain, simple language to warn us about some vaccines is absolutely NO reason to reject his ideas.) Did you know that during the clinical trials for the bird flu vaccine, some 500 people had severe neurological complications? These vaccines and food additives are being approved by FDA without enough concern for levels of safety and the long-term welfare of patients. This must change!

Dr. Mercola:

  • The U.S., which spends the most on health care and has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world, is crippled by a chronic disease and disability epidemic that costs more than $2 trillion annually
  • From the day of birth through age 18, children are given six dozen doses of vaccines that contain genetically engineered viruses and bacteria, plus toxic heavy metals, antibiotics and human, animal and insect DNA and RNA
  • Today, 1 in 6 children is learning disabled; 1 in 9 has asthma; 1 in 10 has a mental disorder; 1 in 13 is severely allergic to food; 1 in 20 has epilepsy; the autism rate is 1 in 50 and 1 in 400 has diabetes

Read the full article by Ms. Fisher here and visit

Vaccine Revolution for Safety

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