The Truth: Simple Ways to Fix America

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November 24, 2015

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The Truth: Simple Ways to Fix America

Nothing Radical Here, Middle-of-the-Road, but America,
Here’s your Final Warning, and a few “Solutions”
(but only for the Party that wants to win the Presidency)

Free Music1957, November 24, 2015, by Dan Hershburger (my new Partner at Free Music57) and Paul Evans, video from Global Financial Crisis and YouTube. The featured photo of quote by Steve Jobs is of unknown origin: Apple, you’ll never touch Microsoft so long as your computers cost nearly twice as much! I bought Windows 10 and boy am I happy with it (link is to a free download and install for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. Just use the Product Code from your Windows 7 and 8.1 PC’s operating system: it now works with Windows 10, too!).

A warning from God: “In life, fairness is not to be expected, but intentional injustice is to be avoided.” ~ Paul Evans

Note from Paul Evans on the future of Free Music57: First, let me welcome my new co-partner and co-author, Dan Hershberger. I struggled for years with Evans Politics, Evans Liberal Politics and The Daily Walk with Miracles (all at, where I recently deleted the whole site, so it no longer exists), to find my “political soul.” I embraced in a rather rapid succession, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and most recently, Donald Trump. It was a fruitless, painful journey, and after this article I have decided to leave politics to others and rather exclusively blog music, music videos and the occasional tech article, leaving politics and religion to those who might have the protection of Democrats or Republicans, those who have friends in high places, or those who still enjoy such generally fruitless and actually quite dangerous pursuits. I’m 58, and now I just want to blog music and music videos and make a little money from the ads here. (Do support us and check out our great advertisers, who have great deals for you!)

America is and has for two centuries been the hope of the free world. But everybody knows or senses that we’re in trouble now, and like me since 2007, many Americans have been desperately groping for a way out. Although Dan and I make a few suggestions, below, America is not in an easy situation to pull ourselves out of. Our enemies gather around us, yet in far too big a way, we are our own worst enemy. We DON’T need a huge change, only a few very “doable” reforms, to restore America to greatness again. I have uncovered strong evidence that America is sitting on a $100 trillion to $300 trillion bank debt. Furthermore, it seems that these derivatives, from “underwater” (where the real estate is worth less than is owed on it) and foreclosed homes and businesses, have been repackaged and resold, and often sold as corruptly rated AAA and AA bonds. If America doesn’t at least pay the interest on this debt, our overall economy will collapse. This impending collapse is also the message Ron Paul gives us in his special video message, recorded in May, 2015. “He who has ears let him hear.” These arguments ARE just common sense. There is NOTHING complicated about the logic of this article, and it is written so that anyone can understand it.

When the three Walton sisters — heirs of the Wal*Mart fortune — own more than the entire “lower” forty percent of America in wealth, inequality has gone too far. 75% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck, and that is too many of us. Here in Ohio, Dan and I were distressed to learn that one-quarter of our children are at risk for hunger every month. When Congress, far from representing the people, follows its own members’ interests in obeying their corporate sponsors rather than looking after the interests of the American people, reforms are necessary. There is nothing wrong with a corporate-government partnership, but in our case it has come to pass that “the tail is wagging the dog,” that is, corporations are running our government. It should be a real partnership, and not serve only greed. The main media outlets (the “mainstream media”) are largely owned by the billionaires and give out the views that THEY want, NOT what Americans need to know. That fact is just common sense. OF COURSE most media outlets serve their billionaire owners and not Americans. But they take it too far.

Following the economic theories of its darling, Paul Ryan in the House, congress following the Republican majority in the House has recently cut food stamps by 50 percent over ten years. That’s five percent a year for ten years. That way it’s supposed to be not as noticeable, I guess. This is just wrong, morally, ethically AND in terms of the economic welfare of ALL Americans, even the rich. Here’s why. Conservatives won’t grant a living wage yet now want to deny the working class food to eat? Is that “Christian” like conservatives want to be, is that “loving your neighbor as yourself?” Or is it protecting the wealth of rich folks? But overall, this is even against the self-interest of the rich! This has to do with the “Misery Index.” Here are some thoughts:

First, I, Paul Evans, want to make crystal clear that I am in NO way any kind of real dissident or radical. I try very hard to be nonpartisan. However, truly patriotic I am, and it’s no kind of false, self-interested patriotism, either. I USED TO BE a rather naive kneejerk liberal, but now consider myself a somewhat unorthodox Libertarian Republican who actually now supports a third party called the Reform Party. Four Presidential elections ago, Reform Party candidate Ross Perot gathered in 18 percent of the vote. You have to ask, are the Republicans and Democrats on the way out as policy-making majority parties in America? Right now, only 23 percent each support each major party in America, according to public opinion polls. Fully 53 percent of people consider themselves Independent voters, knowing as they do that neither Democrats or Republicans are really representing their interests. It seems to me that ultimately either one party or the other DOES start representing the people, or else one or the other or both might go the way of that dominant party of the first half of the 19th century in America, the Whigs. The overall political situation convinces me that the time is right for a third party in America. But why is the American political scene so bankrupt and what can we do about it? Here are the main reasons Ron Paul is right in his warnings and that “the emperor has no clothes,” while the dominant American politicians have buried their heads in the sand and ignore all the warning signs around them.

Huge Las Vegas Deals

In 1929, just before the Crash, one gauge of the economy and the economic future, the so–called “Misery Index,” stood at 28.5. And America suffered for twenty or thirty years because we ignored the welfare of the people while under Hoover the rich partied and the nineteen twenties was full of easy money. Money was easy for everyone but ordinary Americans and the “common man,” but God is not mocked. From the Bible, “Oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a god of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame.” That is God’s warning to us. But apparently a lot of people were suffering just before the Crash while the rich were doing great. Like now. But now, America, this Misery Index stands at a whopping 32. If something isn’t done in support of the mass of suffering Americans, this means that the whole corrupt edifice is going to come crashing down. Our erstwhile “friends” in China have stopped their customary habit of propping up the economy by buying, as they did for years, $1 billion a day of U.S. Treasury bonds. Now they are selling dollars and buying gold. They’re betting we’re going down. It just came out in the news that China has three times the amount of gold in their possession than we thought they had. CHINA is ready for the collapse of America and it appears they’re even helping it along. Surprise, surprise. America, we can’t even nominate a decent Presidential candidate, while China is planning 100 years in advance. A realist could be pessimistic for America’s future, yet Dan and I know of the perseverance of our people and the glory of the American system of government, and we DO still have a LOT of hope for the future.

The danger stated in short, sharp terms is: The stock market just keeps going up and up (and the greed for money and power of the rich seems unlimited), but stocks are overvalued and the dollar, like Ron Paul says, is about to collapse. Our economy is so bad that it just came out yesterday that Mexicans are leaving the United States in record numbers, with more leaving than coming in.

(A note about immigration and racism, by Paul Evans): Oh yeah, so let’s build a damn wall. Let’s be true to our values. You know, like it says in the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, “give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to be free….” Wait just a minute, conservatives: The Italians and Irish, yes, even the English and Germans, we were once immigrants, too, not so long ago. The point is that almost all Americans ARE immigrants, a few generations removed, and America should stop its spectacle of immigrant hate. The Republican Party in particular — shouldn’t have to worry so about ethnicities or need to so limit Mexicans and Latinos in general unless it wants to admit that this is purely racist, and little more. (In the 19th century it was the Italian and Irish who suffered badly due to immigrant prejudice. Now the bigots and the haters have a new target, Latinos and Middle Easterners. Donald Trump has been a disappointment to me on this subject. The way to a non-racist society is simply to not consider race, right? Maybe limit the number of immigrants, maybe even include security provisions, but we shouldn’t consider race, ethnicity, or, in the main, country of origin. Or else we are admitting to the world that we are racist bigots. (I mean this purely outside of security considerations.) Moreover, Republicans, consider that 16 percent of the electorate is Hispanic now, and that by 2050, every indicator we have says that whites will be in the minority. Stick your heads firmly in the 20th century sands Republicans, or else just admit that you are only the party for rich whites. (If the shoe fits…. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…. racism is racism.) And stop being the party for which “the right to life ends at birth” unless you are born rich. Personally, I count myself as a new convert to the Reform Party, and I personally extremely dislike my fellow conservatives’ thinly veiled racism and knee-jerk support of inequality (at the same time you claim to represent the people). At the same time, I LIKE some important Republican ideas on social matters, and realize we can’t go on living beyond our means as a nation.

The Republican Party might nominate another “typical” nominee, and might get a good turnout from the 23 percent who regularly DO vote Republican, but this ignores Latinos (16 percent of the vote), blacks (14 percent of the electorate), the 23 percent who are Democrats and the fully 53 percent who basically know both parties are screwing us and consider themselves Independent. Republicans, if you want to win, you should nominate someone who isn’t racist and represents ALL Americans, not just your white billionaire backers, and THEN you’ll get our vote. I guess it just depends on if you really want the White House back. What’s wrong with my logic here? The truth is still the Truth whether you admit it to yourselves or not. The numbers on demographics speak plainly.

As Mitt Romney noted, Republicans start out with 47 percent of the voters voting against them. It’s only that they have to win over twenty-seven percent OTHER voter (more people than vote Republican regularly) in order to win the Presidency. Therefore, “moderation” makes sense. Given that Democrats usually have 47 percent of the overall Presidential voters, historically, “locked up,” all the Democrats have to do, really, is win over a little more than three percent non-traditional voters. This is the problem for Republicans in winning the White House, and the demographics are only getting worse.

(Paul and Dan): We know of the strong dissatisfaction and unrest on both the left and the right. I actually have some evidence that both neo-Nazi AND Communist conspiracies are going on now. Politics seems very dirty to me and this may well be the last article I write about politics. I already tried to write truthfully about politics for seven years, and basically the whole subject is emotionally traumatic and I no longer want to cover it, at least I won’t blog the Presidential race, I don’t think. Let others cover “waste management,” I just want to blog music. But Dan and I wanted you to understand better, and not make a mistake in 2016, so of course I am making one more effort to get this important message out.

Both parties seem monolithic and unresponsive to the needs of the American people. I think it’s time for a third party, and that this might really get somewhere. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party seem willing to un-bury their heads from the sand and FIX what’s wrong with America. They are too tied into their monolithic party ideologies, and so they refuse to see the truth when it is in front of their noses. It’s time for a third party, and I believe that the Reform Party is right for America.

The Truth on Fixing America

There ARE a few simple changes we can think of that might (could easily, theoretically speaking) make both Republicans and Democrats responsive to all American’s needs. We feel that PUBLICLY FUNDED ELECTIONS would be an idea whose time has come, which might get backing from both the left and the right. Such a coalition already exists in embryonic form in the Senate, where the vote was 78 to 18 behind Rand Paul’s idea to limit NSA powers. Right now, the Speakership of the House is up for grabs. Republicans, PLEASE use your heads about this, OK? I wish John Boehner would stick around, I really like him, and he was a genius at building winning coalitions. ANY-body for Speaker but Paul Ryan, OK? Ryan is a BIG part of the problem. Also, we think that at this time in our history, America really needs Patriot Act type provisions, which is why we decided against supporting Rand Paul. The world is a very dangerous place right now. But what’s important here is that a coalition of the right and the left CAN and MUST support joint-interest legislation. The right and the left can’t agree on much, but they DO agree that gross injustice is wrong in America. They CAN and MUST agree on legislation in which they have a common interest, such as publicly funded elections, especially. This takes influence (lobbyists) largely out of elections and to a lesser extent, out of the legislative process and at least partly gives Congress back to the American people. A coalition of the right and the left ON THIS MATTER can get us there. The coalition to pass publicly funded elections already exists in a major way. Overall, making publicly funded elections the law of the land is one of the most important things we can do as a nation to restore America.

We also really like the views of the Reform Party candidate Kenneth Cross, who is coming from a background outside D.C. as a Pediatrician. (Ronald Reagan, too, was an outsider. Hillary Clinton certainly is not an outsider by any stretch of the imagination, is part of the problem, and is too corrupt for our tastes here at Free Music57.) The Reform Party is middle-of-the road in it’s main political stances, is pro-capitalism and the free market economy, is reasonable about foreign policy, pro- ALL the people, in favor of one of our favorite ideas, the fair and flat tax. We like all these things about them. Here in a few words is the platform of the Reform Party platform:

The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist party that sits in the center of the political spectrum. It has moderate fiscal and economic platforms mixed with strong calls for ethics and electoral reform based on populist beliefs.

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A halfway reasonable fair and flat tax, which Rand Paul, (who is NOT so reasonable on other matters, especially foreign policy and security concerns), Ben Carson, AND the Reform Party support, WOULD fix the economy and get it really growing again, and this strongly promotes real growth in our economy, and real fairness at a LOWER level or rate of taxation. The money most people would save on their taxes would get pumped right back into the economy and provide ordinary Americas with better times and real jobs. Support of this is quite reasonable, IS patriotic, and not at all extremist. As to the Reform Party, we think they deserve America’s real support and backing, and they certainly have ours. God’s will be done. However, even the Republicans or Democrats would prosper if publically funded elections, a fair and flat tax, particularly the fair and flat tax, regardless of the Party’s ideological identity, were made a part of their party’s platform.

One idea I had for Republicans is that they might run on a platform calling for the direct 5- or 10 percent direct cut in Social Security benefits ALONG WITH the restoration of the food stamps budget cuts. It would certainly help the misery index! This would gain the G.O.P. a lot of support among the common people. It would tend to make people believe that Republicans actually care and ARE the Party for Christian America and the common man. This idea I believe is a really good one even if examined just in terms of cold plain logic. I think Americans would want the food stamps program to be kept intact, if the truth were known, and by reducing Social Security entitlements as much or more than the cost of the food stamps, it wouldn’t cost a thing, overall. I believe most Americans would go along with this. I mean, IF you want to win the Presidency. “You can fool some of the people all of the time…,” but the American people are wising up, aren’t they? These are simple, basic reforms to the system which already exists. They are NOT in any way radical and they WOULD fix things.

So publicly funded elections and a fair and flat tax, particularly, as well as perhaps the restoration of the food stamps cuts are the major reforms Dan Hershberger and I support. Or else, America, if you don’t fix things, a general collapse will come very soon. Please watch the Ron Paul video about this to see what may happen, otherwise. Those in power can’t go on burying their heads in the sand as to the reality of this indefinitely. Facts are facts. Do you want to fix the economy and help average Americans’ lives or not? God is not mocked and karma is a universal law. America will reap what we sew. Good solutions are good solutions, and I, Paul Evans, say this from someone who’s been leftist and been very conservative and now supports a more modest, middle-of-the-road reform agenda. Or else we are facing a great depression at least as bad as the 1930’s. You know in your heart that what we have said here is true, just as the moral laws of God are written in our hearts. Please watch the Ron Paul video, below:

See our recent article, Political Ideology versus Caring, Free Music57, November 20, 2015, by Paul Evans.

“In life, fairness is not to be expected, but intentional injustice is to be avoided.” ~ Paul Evans.

Ron Paul Final Prediction,
Warning to Americans 5 2015

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