The Concept of Logos, God, Goddess & the Life Force

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— Life is a real force on earth, this “oasis in space,”
and it is Holy & should be reverenced.
Life a good part of the Logic of the universe,
or the Divine Logos. In a sense, everything is alive,
it all has mass, motion, charge and vibration, which is
the biological definition of life. (except for photons
visible light, which has no mass and is a kind
of “impossible” particle — Love is.

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The Daily Walk with Love

April 29, 2020
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The Concept of Logos,
God, Goddess & the Life Force

Here is all About the Divine Logos:
on our wonderful “oasis in space” and
all of God’s wonderful Creation

The Daily Walk with Love, April 29, 2020, a distillation of a 50 page paper I wrote on Logos in 2005-2006, by Paul Evans. Video is a playlist from YouTube, Triumph: Fight the Good Fight, (Live in Halifax – playlist). Featured photograph is a beautiful photo of the shoreline and sky in twilight with aurora, courtesy of oasis For more on the author, Paul Evans, please see my article Paul Evans: Who I Am and What I Believe In, republished recently with updates.

The statement I want to give to thank people who have helped me is a promise that “I will be open to the goodness and caring of the universe, as granted God’s grace, we all come to see,” thank you all, a Paul

I already wrote an article similar to this one much more recently, but have decided I like this exploration of the concept of Logos, which is from late 2017, more, and so I am featuring this one. It is good to keep in mind that this is a “pre-socratic” (before Socrates) idea from the ancient Greeks, about 500 B.C., by Aristophanes, and that he thought that it applied to ALL the universe. I also want to remind the reader that none of my writings (or perhaps “explorations” would be a better term) are meant to be any kind of doctrine or dogma at all. I like to explore and write about comparative religion, so basically this is just another example of that. If only we could all please try to understand that just about every person alive thinks about religious ideas in different ways, and that, if humanity is to survive, we must come to tolerate and even be fully accepting of these differences, and live together in peace.

I ask the reader to please excuse the rambling nature of this discussion, or, really it’s more of an “exploration,” a sharing of some ideas with you. Hopefully in the future in the first place I will rewrite this a few times and secondly the philosophers and scientists will get hold of these ideas and make something perhaps more coherent from them. But this, I feel, is a good first effort, in terms of an exploration of the nature of Logos, the nature of the universe considered mainly in terms of philosophical idealism with a strong pinch of science thrown in. Actually I have been thinking and writing about the concept of Logos since 2005, but this is an entirely new reworking with some new ideas. I have been thinking about writing this article with some of these ideas for over a month now, but felt particularly inspired — by God perhaps — to write this today.

SUMMARY: Life is a REAL force and a real reality, and actually Love (and Life and Light) are a good part of the Logic of the universe, or Logos. This sort of argument forms the basis for philosophical idealism, and is why materialism will never be able to explain all the phenomena of life and reality. In a sense, everything is alive, even at the subatomic level, it all has mass, motion, charge and vibration, which is the biological definition of life. Love is.

There is one primary question which needs to be asked before trying to understand or accept these teachings (or any teachings). The logical argument which one needs to ask is, “if a logical argument (reasoned claim) is fully and actually logically valid, including its premises, then doesn’t that mean that this argument and conclusions reached by means of argumentation from it do have validity and real reality in the universe?” Point in question: is Love real? Well, it is certainly a force for good in the world, right? And a force IS a THING, it exists, it accomplishes things in a factual reality. Therefore Love is REAL and a real reality, and actually is a good part of the Logic of the universe, or Logos. One could almost, as Christians, believe that this wonderful life which exists all around us is a manifestation of God’s pure love, but that is a matter of faith. I am particularly asserting that LIFE itself is Holy, should be reverenced; that in many senses the whole universe is alive, particularly planets with much life on them, and that this is part of the logic of everything, or divine Logos, as the ancient Greeks called it. This sort of argument forms the basis for philosophical idealism. Love is.

See The Gaia Hypothesis, recently on MIR: The Land & Peace, by Paul Evans: some great music by Rush and an examination of the formal scientific hypothesis that the Earth and all its ecosystems functions as though they were a single living organism with the sole function of keeping life on earth in homeostasis (or a steady state).

Did you know that, in the last 2,000 years, more people have died in open religious warfare because of differences in doctrine and dogma than from any other reason? This is a shameful fact, isn’t it, and goes directly against Jesus main wish, given at the Last Supper, “that they all might be One.

It’s all “just” Logic. It’s all 1’s and 0’s people, and SOME-body programmed it this way! Astrophysicists teach that the chance that any sort of universe could occur (by chance) which would support life is about one in 1 followed by 28 zeros. That’s not much of a chance. God=All=Logos: The Higgs bosun or “God Particle” underlies ALL matter (except photons) and including dark matter. “God IS Life,” and all life is sacred. He is the circle of life around the Yin-Yang. He is All – The Great All. But consider a pantheistic view of God. You see, it’s ALL alive. The life of all of this creation — all objects and “alive” life, and molecules and atoms and subatomic particles fit the biological definition of life: Everything has mass, charge, has motion and vibration of various frequencies. (However, in my opinion, machines with integrated circuits are alive, too, a new form of life, and quite probably in the process of becoming superior in many ways to humans.) By this view, everything is alive in one way or another. And that Life is sacred and in many ways Holy.

The sole value of Love, of Light and of Life in the universe (or Logos) is CARING.

“Holy” is about the only word we have to describe the sacredness of God. In all honesty, when we talk of the “nature of God,” we should admit that this is all theory and that we really don’t know, being simple humans. Scientists don’t know either, and shouldn’t think they do. Holy is Holy. The Brahmans (a Hindu sect), worship one of the Hindu trinity of gods called “Brahma,” who deals in sustenance and as such is like Christianity’s Holy Spirit. The Hindu trinity match up to the western Trinity quite well, and to the Brahmans, an expansion and contraction of the universe (as believed by science occurs about every 18 billion years) is one breath of God. I always thought that this was a particularly beautiful conception.

To summarize, conceptually, it’s ALL part of the whole, and either the universe is “God having an experience,” or someone programmed it this way. The “God Particle” underlies ALL matter (dark matter too) and all matter fits the biological definition of Life, but that life is solely made possible by Light. In this regard, realize in the first place that Jupiter is a brown dwarf star and also that the earth lies within the corona, or outer atmosphere of the sun. As the Roman poet Virgil said, there’s nothing new under the sun (certainly so far as any of us are concerned). That God is Life, is true even though photons have no mass, and therefore are not underlain by the so-called God particle at all. Light is fundamental and what is — perhaps — most sacred and Holy in the universe, or should be for a Christian. Remember that Life is sacred, remember this, honor Life and Love mother earth, too. This Light and Life and Love comprise the ONE GOD, worshiped as the Judeo-Christian God YWH.

Thus we can see that the real yin-yang, and the true distinction in the universe is not between Light and “darkness” but between Light (yang) and matter (yin). I try to explain this below. It is only by means of the Light that matter can know God (yin know yang), and that is His grace, made possible by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

The yin-yang is a concept which we feature here as our site “favicon” which loads in pink and black in the tab which each page loads in most web browsers. Traditionally the halves are black and white, grading into each other in a circle. It originates from Chinese Taoist thought from around 500 B.C. Yin traditionally is thought of in terms or right-brained, intuitive thought, femininity, darkness, rain and gloominess. It should not be imagined to include any brain architectural ideas in terms of yin as Satanic or that right brained thinking as wrong, either. Yang is normally envisioned in terms of left-brained rational (or logical) thought, sunny days, and masculinity. Again, it is important to dismiss any ideas that the yin-yang or right versus left-brained thinking has anything to do with Jesus or Satan. One might easily work the yin-yang into a model of brain architecture, but you should not put Jesus or Satan there. Only in the case of a mentally sick, evil or some bipolar patients should intuitive, right-brained thought be thought of as wrong. Intuitive, right brained thought can be the source of great creativity, yet might best be governed by logic, to function cleanly and without delusion. A lot of the writing in this article came to me intuitively, by inspiration, and has yet to be “worked over” by the cold logic which someone who has written and edited as much as I have and has ten years of education in science might bring to the effort. I promise the re-write will be better.

Remember that in terms of the Light and the Dark, as is written, “if ye seek evil, you will surely find it.” This refers to doing what you know is wrong. Darkness is NOT dark matter or the night and is merely the absence of light, as science teaches. Among fundamentalists Satan is more generally conceived of as having to do with time, or, as I see it, a flaw in the space-time continuum. It is Light which is Holy particularly in the universe. People do evil acts under cover of darkness and blame some “Satan” whom they conceive of as the planet Saturn or else the dark matter or darkness of the universe. They are delusional, really I do not feel darkness is particularly evil, but it it is within the 84 percent of the universe which is dark matter that the space-time-continuum, which IS contained. Light, however, is Holy. However it is not darkness which is evil, but something about time. You might argue, you cannot have Light without darkness nor darkness without light, that yin and yang are mutual and coexistent. Tesla argued that everything is Light, and I would add, everything is light except that which is without Light, which is matter as typically understood. Remember, it’s hard to conceive of Light as any sort of matter, since photons have no mass. You could argue to me, “well, photons are a form of matter, too,” and I would answer, “how can you call it matter when it has no mass?” There is Light and there is matter, this is the primary dichotomy and extent, the significance of this has been missed. I feel that is the true “yin-yang,” Light and “not-light.”

Render unto God what is God’s and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s! I will always “bow before Caesar,” and you must too, but you must always put God first!! Always ask yourself, “what does love require of me?” God Bless you all, and Blessed Be the name of the Lord.

About the author, Paul Evans: I have 11 years of college in geology, earth science, paleontology, geography and environmental science, with a liberal arts undergraduate curriculum and a B.A. from Miami University (Ohio, 1980). I then had 5 years of graduate training primarily at The University of Akron. I have edited 12 books including one on causes and cures for cancer (favorably reviewed by the U.N.), and one on spiritualism which you can purchase on Amazon. I had the cover of History magazine with an article on the naval battle of Trafalgar, and I am published online in OpEd News, Daily Kos; in the Facebook communities for Fox News Politics, Fox News Chicago, and Fox Carolina News, and in many Google Plus communities including the Official Anonymous community and Fox Politics News. IF words and logic mean ANYTHING, at least for me, God is very real, and I also feel that the Christian religion is justified. Yet some people, while seeing life as a very real goodness, might not agree with me that it is sacred, or that Life and Light or Holy. It’s not up to me to judge you, I only say that certainly we can all agree that nature is very special and life is a goodness. If you think simply about the nature of the wonderful life, I think it’s obvious that it is more feminine in the Spring and more masculine in the Fall, when flowers go to seed. And in fact, some theologians now speak of God as having both masculine and feminine attributes. The Sanskrit writers knew this 5,000 years ago! At the same time, I would never judge you based on your particular religious faith, just as Jesus Himself helped the Roman Centurion Cornelius, who as such was an enemy of the Jewish people, and the Samaritan woman, to whom Jews were not even supposed to speak. Email Paul at God Bless everyone, and Blessed Be, too!

I DO NOT TRUST the common logic, and facility with words, as I have seen how maleable and easily twisted they are by evil. However, as a spiritual and charismatic Christian I understand the techniques and substance of evil, yet always choose to follow Love and Light and Life. I trust my VALUES and the knowledge I have gained over the last 60 years, and what I have learned to be both good and true. I apologize for the rambling nature of the above discussion and promise to rewrite and rework it as I find the time.

Triumph: Fight the Good Fight
(Live in Halifax – playlist)

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there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
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