The True Goodness of the New World Order, with documentation and Reasons Why

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January 28, 2016

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The True Goodness of the New World Order
with documentation and Reasons Why

Presented as a Special Present
to my Fellow Patriots in the C.I.A.

Free Music57, January 28, 2016, by Paul Evans. Presented as a service to the intelligence services of Homeland Security, for whom my dad, Jack E. Evans (born John Gough, 1925-2012), ASA, AFSIA, NSA, and CIA, a true “America firster,” labored for quite a few years. God Bless you Dad, I know you are wherever true patriots go when they pass on. Photo of the “peace dove” is courtesy of Trinity United Church of Christ in Wooster, Ohio, and is actually the image of a real and beautiful quilt, a labor of Love, as is my attempt, here.

If you read this article with any sort of open mind, you will see that George H.W. Bush and the C.I.A. and company established the New World Order FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS.

Conventional (“wrong-minded”) Opinion of the NWO

There are some very negative appreciations of the New World Order, which by now, every Anonymous member, plus the Russians and Chinese must be thoroughly aware of. For a recapitulation, see Overlords of Chaos. Here are strong elements of the truth, but it is all coached in negativity, without understanding. The main element, which is actually engraved in a granite monument in Georgia, is population reduction, some say to an earth-sustainable level of 500 million people. The common perception is that the population reduction would be accomplished via wars, famine and “pestilence” such as an easily spread bird flu, or even the (obviously contained) Ebola virus. I can’t even really know whether there even are plans for depopulation. It seems to me that it was in 2013 or 2014 that our geneticists developed human-to-human transmissible bird flu (only as a counter bio-weapon to a Chinese threat),, but certainly this has NOT been released upon us, has it?

Another important source is Basic Understanding of the New World Order. This is a “Christian” source which makes the typical attempt to use selected Bible verses to show a supposed pure sort of dark agenda for the NWO. Bible verses include 2 Corinthians 4:4, and Ephesians 6: 10-12. Only someone who had the typical Christian reliance on the Bible could make such claims. We ALL know that the Bible can be quoted to “prove” basically several sorts of positions. Even if the proof at the first link seems pretty tough, you always must consider a source’s proven bias and their agenda.

Brothers and sisters, it is not lightly that I take the writing of this article upon myself. I am not providing many of the myriad evidence of a so-called evil of the NWO. A simple Google search for the evil of the New World Order gives a whole lot of the typical bullsh*t that Christians and the paranoid among us, who perhaps have some dealing with the Anonymous communities on Google Plus, or are otherwise galvanized falsely.

Back in 2009, I wrote an article — only a republication, actually — about the whole “funding” of the investment banks and the New World Order under both George W. Bush AND Barack Obama. (I so very strongly regret any bad feelings which may have arisen because of this. I feel I have suffered over it enough.) Some $16.1 Trillion was said to be issued in zero percent interest loans to banks and corporations around the Western World. At that time, some 20 websites and blogs covered this. I soon realized my huge error and lack of patriotic understanding about the whole endeavor. It wasn’t long before I removed the article, and, ultimately feeling that my entire website, The Daily Walk with Miracles, formerly Evans Liberal Politics, was way too left, I eventually deleted the entire database which contained the website. The question you all must be asking, is just why I feel the whole NWO is in fact, the most moral and intelligent organization/effort yet made by man. I write this so that my friends in Central Intelligence will be recognized for what they are, true American patriots, who are in fact mostly good Christians. Here’s why some of this whole NWO and its funding make sense:

Donate to Save the Children

You see, the necessity for funding the NWO this way has been known since the C.I.A. made a 2007 report to President George W. Bush. It seems that right at that time, there were one billion — or actually about 870 million — poor suffering souls around the world who lack access to clean drinking water. (Many of the Christian churches are engaged in microfinance efforts to dig wells and finance economic development in the arid and waterless regions of the world.) BUT, the same C.I.A. report warned Bush that by 2050, there will in fact be a whopping 3 billion people without any essential and basic access to clean drinking water. What was projected was that whole tribes/peoples would be migrating, desperately seeking food and water. So that these poor souls will be ripe targets for terrorist recruiting, and terrorism will flourish even more than now. (So in the first place, if we are honest, population control does not sound so extreme, does it, though of course such a course of action would be impossible for moral men.) I am asking you people, as intelligent citizens of the Homeland, to make a Christian moral judgment here. The whole funding of the NWO, corrupt as it is on the face of it, is actually an attempt to empower and enable the Western democracies to fight off the rise of terrorism and for our whole culture to survive the time of terror. This is the claim I am making here. I’m not kidding you when I say it’s going to be bad.

All this is not without considerable pain for all of us. I have put off writing this note for perhaps three years because of my fears that it might be misinterpreted. Can’t you see that “the truth will make you free?” Disinformation won’t serve any longer. The only way the authorities could hope to stop real truth from getting out is to shut down the whole internet, right? Though they now do have the power to do that, in fact, it is Obama’s stated goal to have much more transparency.

Another C.I.A. report, which soon followed, stated that the global situation might continue to deteriorate (no real fault of Obama’s) until about 2050, after which “things” are expected to start getting better. But funding the NWO, you see, is absolutely necessary to the survival of our whole western culture. Can’t you see that? I know that there will be those who point out that the amount given out is greater or equal to the entire national debt, or who may be skeptical. But what is the survival of our Western system worth? I AM saying that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. You just shouldn’t expect too much success from Presidents these days. They are Titans struggling against a tide of looming disaster. Maybe Jesus might actually come sometime in this period. I know that God must so strongly feel such sadness and compassion for a suffering humanity. Does this explain the “rationale” I have discovered behind the NWO and any depopulation so-called plots? You will find plenty of evidence, I’m afraid. It is with fear and trembling that I have mustered the true patriotism I feel so deeply to bring you my ideas. Of course I lack the relevant security clearance to know the facts, but I did actually find online and read a few CIA warnings about this sort of thing. May God Bless our brave intelligence officers and our troops in danger.

I am so sorry for any perceived dissidence here, but this is NOT really ANY sort of dissidence, but a real and actual patriotism. I’m sure all my Christian brothers will understand that my purpose is purely patriotic. I have the true pride of my patriotism just as in the photo, above. Before God, I have done about the best I could here. I remain yours in Christ, Paul Evans.

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