Prayer for Peace Between God and Satan

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A Prayer for Peace Between God and Satan:
An Updated Work in Progress:
Considered at the universal level of darkness
and light, or in our solar system, the Olympians
(planets such as Jupiter) and Titans
(planets such as Saturn), or even on earth as
between Jacob Rothschild & Vladimir Putin:
Please, Oh Great God of the universe, let us find
Common Ground so that war might end
and the world know true peace, (before
it is too late), in the Name of Jesus Christ,
our Lord, Amen.

August 27, 2020, 2020
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Prayer for Peace
Between God and Satan

Healing the ancient feud
between God and Satan so that
Our children (and their children)
Might have a much better life
(and so that we do not destroy
our precious planet earth)

The Daily Walk with Love, republished August 27, 2020, by Paul Evans. This is in memory of my dad, Dr. Jack E. Evans, WWII marine officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature, (1925-2012, R.I.P.). I am a spiritual, charismatic Christian, and very much pro-American, but I like Russian literature and I also like to go to bed quite early and rise in the middle of the night. It’s peaceful, you can get a lot done since likely nobody is there to disturb you, and then it’s nice to see the dawning and to see the skies lighten and the sun rise and so enjoy the early morning. Also, the reader may wish to know, I have no ties, official or otherwise, to any intelligence community, though, actually, I sometimes chat with them and also Anonymous, and perhaps even some Russian ladies. I really don’t know any secrets that anyone couldn’t find by doing research on the web, and I can even speak and read a little of the Russian language (although my German is better). My dad always used to say, “The difficult we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer,” I also want to dedicate this article to all those who ever prayed for me or helped me in any way. Here is a video for all the ladies by U2, U2- Love Rescue Me. Also see our recent U2 – 2004 – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, The Daily Walk with Love, February 7, 2019, by Paul Evans. I remain “single and wishing,” ladies. For friends or possibly more, please email the owner Paul at The featured photograph is actually a quilt which hangs in the basement of Trinity United Church of Christ in Wooster, Ohio, where free breakfasts are served every weekday for the poor and anyone else who cares to eat with us.

INTRODUCTION: A lot of people thought humanity was near “an end of things,” or a move to Venus or Mars, or that the aliens would rapture off a remnant of us, that most of humanity was just about doomed… but I could never accept that… I always trusted and had faith in God that he will yet make earth better and less corrupt and that humanity will make it through these tough times and not have WWIII and if we have war with N. Korea that China will not support them, that everything is going to be all right: I have faith in God about this. I believe that we are (slowly and painfully) recognizing that we are One, regardless of our different beliefs. We are headed into a new age of something more resembling a shared global consciousness. But we must be compassionate and at least a little bit kind towards our fellow man, whenever we can: that is central to me in what it means to be a Christian.

See our recent article, which I took down because it was definitely disapproved of by those in power, by Paul Evans on The Daily Walk with Love: “From ‘the Cloud’ to super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence to superhuman robots to supercomputers which can defeat any human mind at anything, we are nearing a point in technological evolution known as ‘the Singularity’ or ‘the technological Singularity.’ What will happen, what will be mankind’s fate as we enter the Singularity? Will we prosper as never before or is it the end of the human species, or could this ‘Singularity’ really be a sinister Illuminati plot to replace the common man with robots?”

PEACE: The first thing to realize in considering this article is that, somehow, there are different levels of divinity, as I call them. In the first place we have our immediate environment and the life of that, then what biologists call an “ecosystem,” (which is a larger environment and the soil which supports it and the animals that live there); and then there is the “earth-moon synergy,” which is what I believe is sacred to most witches. Beyond what witches think, Life on earth does represent an almost sacred goodness and we need to take much better care of our planet. Then (at a still higher level), there are the planets. See Avalanche : The Golden Sun, Woodstock & Comparative Theology, The Daily Walk with Love, September 16, 2017, by Paul Evans. Did you realize that in one Gospel, Jesus uses the phrase “son of man” and “sun of man” in the same sentence? There is a close relationship between the Egyptian god Ra, the Greco-Roman Apollo, and the Judeo-Christian YWH. These are the sorts of truths you learn as you would, for example, get higher up in the Masonic knowledge which is available to the privileged few. So we can see that there is a correspondence between Greco-Roman mythology (as well as Egyptian religious beliefs) and Christianity, perhaps particularly as Roman Catholics understand it. Looking at the planets, we have the “Olympian” gods, of whom Jupiter (Jove, Jehovah) is the father of Apollo (Jesus), and on the (“evil”) other side we have Saturn, or Cronus, the old king of the Titans (Satan). With this knowledge it becomes easier to understand the world around us, and in this sort of way of looking at the world, astrology does matter.

Finally there is the whole universe, where the main struggle is between light and darkness. However I believe that scientists are correct and that darkness IS the absence of light (although there is of course “dark matter” pervasive throughout the universe), that Light which is holy and is comprised of the particles called photons. Realizing as we do that photons have no mass it is easy to see them as a fundamentally different sort of matter than the rest of it all. Everything is underlain by the God particle (they found out at Cern), except that photons CANNOT be comprised of God particles because they have no mass and the “God particle” does in fact have a very tiny mass. So photons are fundamentally “different.” There are about 100 of these particles in each particle of dark matter, for example, and most subatomic particles have a LOT of them. Some Christians feel that the real evil, considered at the level of the universe, is time itself, or some terrible flaw in the space-time continuum (more than it is the darkness). By that way of looking at it, darkness is not particularly evil, and eastern religion is correct: yin and yang are complementary and not oppositional at all. What is evil is time or the flaw in the space time continuum. These are just ideas, but they fit with what I know as someone with ten years of college in the hard sciences and they do not contradict the Bible and in fact are consistent with it, and also fit in with the Eastern religions and philosophies. By this way of thinking we might even rethink the yin-yang as consisting of yang (Light) versus yin (all other matter).

I especially thank the Great God Yahweh who gave me this particular inspiration, for ALL people — English, American AND Russian — to use and benefit from. Amen. This isn’t just some wild dream: this is in the human testing phase and may be available quite soon. This was my quest, to have Satan accept God’s wish for “truce and mutual amnesty,” to seek common ground and ways towards peace, and to discuss with my readers those factors and problems where disagreements were hard, to suggest possible solutions… and I feel Jesus directly inspired the writing here. Prophetically, I am afraid there must probably be war with North Korea. I am so sorry, it grieves me so terribly much, as soon it will grieve the whole world, but it seems unavoidable, North Korea must in no way obtain a cache of ICBM’s and thermonuclear warheads on ICBM’s which could strike the U.S. mainland, and its ruler seems mad. There would be a large release of radioactivity, and many, many people would die. Oh, Great God, let it not be so, see the recent article, Tough talk from Kim Jong Un, but expert says it may signal an ‘opening’, Fox News, September 16, 2017, by Greg Palkot. Please, China and Russia, God is calling on you to use all your leverage and pressure to please force North Korea to peace. I do not believe that the United States is prepared to accept a thermonuclear armed North Korea with missiles which could reach the continental United States. Yet recently also we see NBC: China Will Back North Korea if US Strikes First, NewsMax, September 11, 2017, by Brian Freeman. China must, absolutely must realize that the United States cannot and will not tolerate a thermonuclear armed North Korea with ICBM’s which can reach the continental United States. Our defense people and our security people simply will not tolerate this condition. This is not “equity” on the Korean Penninsula. Russia, China, you must pressure them, cut off their oil if necessary, do what you must! China, if God forbid, the situation between the U.S. and North Korea escalates into war, perhaps due to a partial or full naval blockade, you MUST do the right thing and stay out of it. The world is depending on you, Beijing. God willing, the world in it’s horror may yet finally embrace peace and war might be banished from mankind’s active vocabulary. Oh, God, I ask it of you, in the name of Christ, Amen. See my favorite Bible verse, Ephesians 4:32 — “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

Watch the YouTube playlist starting with Let There Be Peace on Earth — 4:30.

See How to Live Much Longer Lives: Transfusions with Synthetic Stem Cell Blood, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 10, 2017, by Paul Evans. This discusses the methodology and provides more documentation.

Watch “God will Turn your Challenges to Opportunities”, Greatest Inspirational Video by Joel Osteen, courtesy of YouTube — 26:59. What especially touches me in this video is the example of the Old Testament heroine Ruth, whom Joel discusses.

A message to “neo-Nazis” out there whether Jezebel spirit induced or “soft machines” (people hypnotized by the Matrix of TV or the “new matrix” of the internet) or what have you: 30 percent of Americans are Jewish by descent. 26 percent are basically “witches,” (in one way of describing them), or in other words, Jews living outside of Judaism. Of the original “12 Tribes of Israel,” only three were Jewish, the others became the core of other ethnicities. Donald Trump may or may not be Jewish, but he is a true friend of Israel and also his election was bankrolled to some extent by the former NYC mayor Bloomberg, who is Jewish. STOP YOUR HATING, and love your neighbor as yourself! Many on the far right see themselves as Christian yet hate those of Jewish descent: this is NOT RIGHT and displeases God, I am certain. As to the Communists, this is the United States of America and that won’t fly here: we are very much “truth, justice and the American Way,” pro-capitalists, and ALSO as much as possible for equality of opportunity, for the common man, and hopefully soon for a more caring, sharing society. However I have always disliked poverty, inequality and injustice and I’m sure God does too. One day the world will know a much more caring, sharing society. Till then, can we please make God, and perhaps even Satan happy and refrain from blowing up the planet? God Bless you all and Blessed Be (the name of the Lord).

See the U.S. Agency for International Development, End Extreme Poverty by 2030. There were 1.6 billion people in the world living in poverty in the year 2000. There are 1.2 billion now. (Do you believe those statistics???) Do not think the idea of ending poverty is some quixotic, impossible dream, it is an achievable vision. Would not microfinance offer a better way to spread American ideals and culture around the world than any sort of global currency wars? Put water wells in third world villages, and while you’re at it, teach them capitalistic entrepreneurship and take a piece of the action. THAT way is the way for the future, THAT spreads American values, NOT bush wars, and currency wars, which only incite terrorism. Let the global powers compete in this way. On the negative side of things is the apparent truth that there are now two billion people without access to clean drinking water. This is a shame before God and a great recruiting tool for terrorists. But wouldn’t microfinance (and water wells in third world villages) help a lot here, too?

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See Brothers and Sisters: Peace, Love & Revolution!!, MIR: The land and Peace, May 13, 2017, by Paul Evans: “The only true revolution is a revolution of the heart:” The peace and love revolution – Hasn’t the time for love come? If not now, when, when will we BEGIN to love our neighbors as ourselves? Brothers and sisters, isn’t it time we loved one another?

SUMMARY: PEACE, and AN INSPIRATION FROM GOD — It occurred to me: Given that we can now produce SYNTHETIC, artificial stem cell blood, involving no abortion, why NOT take this very youthful, very germinative blood (which is LIKE embryonic stem cell blood) and do full blood transfusions with it for old people, and really a whole lot totally rejuvenate them. It seems to me that this offers virtual immortality. It could be done with current technology and known methods. I believe it would necessitate “typing” the particular stem cells with the blood type wherein it was to be used, but it’s entirely doable for everybody, and NOT offensive to God at ALL. We could all live VERY long lives.

Healing the Feud
Between God and Satan

Isn’t the MAIN thing God wants is for us to NOT BE TOO SELFISH?? To Love our neighbor as ourselves, or AT LEAST TRY TO BE KIND? Can’t we stop thinking in terms of who is going to dominate the world, in terms of ideology, and think in terms of Christian values? Hey, it doesn’t matter whether you are a nut for a suntan or like to be up at all hours of the night. You’re still all God’s children to me, and I love you ALL! And those “money” and “sexuality” differences, let’s leave that up to the individual with his or her particular culture and spiritual inspiration and beliefs. The whole “anti-lust” nature of the New Testament may be a bit overblown. However Romans 7:7 allows us to make a distinction between lust and desire which is important. Those are two very different words: I suggest that if one “sins” in terms of lusting after a woman (or man), well, that we ALL are not righteous, and ALWAYS are fully dependent on God and His grace anyway. I honestly don’t believe God cares that much if a man and a woman in a committed relationship enjoy sexuality somewhat lustfully, but rather, that mainly ancient Jewish society was “hung up” about this. NONE are really righteous (Jesus said, “For none is righteous. No. Not one.), especially when we think in terms of sexuality. I suggest that we shouldn’t worry so much about that whole issue, and that mostly we are forgiven fully by God for this. This is an issue which consumes a lot of Christians and I am saying we need not worry about it so much. God understands.

With money, Jesus was right, it is the root of all evil, I am saying But wouldn’t this “fix” in terms of the synthetic ‘stem cell blood,’ in fact, “fix” the feud between God and Satan (and between Rothschild and Putin)? It is a gift of God, I do believe. God Bless everyone, and Blessed Be, too!!

EXPLANATION: I used to own and write for a blog known as Evans Politics and earlier, as it was called, Evans Liberal Politics. An investigative journalism blog out of Toledo called The Raw Story had given me the right to republish any or all of their articles and I am very grateful to them. Anyway, about 4 years ago I came across one of their stories to the effect that full blood transfusions for old people using the blood of very young people (or, God forbid, developing, aborted fetuses), resulted in the old people being rejuvenated and made in important ways youthful again. Wow. Thus the basis I guess for real vampires. (Not me.)

But anyway I republished this article and it occurred to me: Given that we can now produce artificial ‘stem cell blood’ synthetically, and that the use of this blood involves no abortion (or the use of “living” human blood, why NOT take this very youthful, very germinative blood and do full blood transfusions with it for old people, and really a whole lot totally rejuvenate them. In recalling this to people’s attention, I am giving the idea to the medical and scientific community to study. There is no person or unborn life hurt in such a process, and by it I believe that people might youthfully live for several hundred years, or even achieve a practical immortality. I feel this is really an inspiration from God, it seems to me.

To see my own, particular beliefs (politically and economically) and understand more about me, including what has happened to me in these last twelve years, please see my Paul Evans: Truthful Status Update, The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 2, 2017, by Paul Evans.

Good to Keep in Mind: From Romans Chapter 9: 30 What then shall we say? That the Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have obtained it, a righteousness that is by faith; 31 but the people of Israel, who pursued the law as the way of righteousness, have not attained their goal. 32 Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone. 33 As it is written: “See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall, and the one who believes in him will never be put to shame.”

FOR THE FUTURE: See A NEW ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE U.S. AND RUSSIA?, republished March 26, 2017, by Paul Evans: “Not just a treaty but an alliance between the U.S. and Russia. There are tremendous foreign policy advantages and economic gains for both sides.”

See A New Alliance Between the Political Left and True Conservatives, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 25, 2017, by Paul Evans.

U2 Playlist:
Love Rescue Me

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