“The Talk” about Oral Sex

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Not one but TWO great videos for you. In terms of oral sex,
I am already taken MOSTLY as far as I wish. Almost. But hell, 60 years old
and still “alone” in the world. People, ladies, are you listening?

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November 16, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Billy Joel’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music with Heart and Soul:
along with some Nine Inch Nails

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 16, 2017, by Paul Evans, videos as noted at the links. Included photograph of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden courtesy of GodandScience.org. No one that I know of has “had the balls” to just come out and talk about the truth about human sexuality on the internet. Well, here it is:

The Bible verse I have selected to go with this article is Matthew 25:40 — “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

“Three kinds of people in the world who’ve had sex: monks, addicts and hypocrites….” This is ESPECIALLY true about oral sex. Well there are those who never “get it” and those that are “past it,” too. OK, I get really personal and almost sexual in my discussion to this article: Those people not wishing to read a discussion of human sexuality should NOT READ IT. I DO understand a widow’s or widower’s reluctance. An old girlfriend who has lives in me, my first fiance, actually, and I WILL NOT dishonor her or hurt her. Included video is something ELSE to watch so that you might understand me better. The main video is a Billy Joel and other favorite artists of mine singing and performing a very special playlist, Honesty, YouTube – 3:50, with many other favorites of mine. Also watch ”The Perfect Drug” (1997) Nine Inch Nails, YouTube – 4:10, included to the right. Behold, I will do a new thing: be really, TOTALLY honest about human sexuality and oral sex. So help me God, this is “the Truth” as I know it.

Human Sexuality & Oral Sex:
“The Talk”

Adam Eve the Garden of Eden and the serpent

All this talk about human sexuality makes me think of my own suffering in “alone-ness” and why God hasn’t sent me a beautiful, sweet woman yet, who might want even to marry me. Did you know that more than half of all baby boomers are now single? The whole “sexuality” and related matters form the body of much discussion in the New Testament (and Old Testament too, particularly the “Garden of Eden” story. Let me just say that I am only a human man, that I am “comfortable in my own skin,” and that I see no harm in being a sexual man. I feel that practically speaking, there must be limits in what is called “oral sex.” I am ALREADY SATISFIED and TAKEN in this regard. This is because there is a certain degree of what is commonly called “possession” involved in oral sex. THAT is why God warned against it. I see really no harm in it, and do not feel it is evil. Like many special features about being a human, oral sex can be misused and abused, and one must be Very Careful about it.

The truth you've been living is a lie - Anonymous

OK, then there’s the fact that there are aliens (as in UFO’s) among us. See www.disclosureproject.org. These guys have briefed the President, they’ve briefed Congress, heck, they’ve even briefed the Department of Defense…. At Disclosure Project, you can download the Presidential briefing as a .PDF or buy a DVD explaining all this for you. And “The Rules” about everything — especially sexuality — seem to be totally different for humans and aliens. Aliens are HERE on earth right among you, and you’ll never know who they are. ALL religions, all walks of life, all income levels. But generally, if you’re a hybrid, God help you! Me, I feel like an insect on a dissecting board. And as God is my witness, that’s NOT RIGHT!! MOST aliens are EVIL and want to enslave mankind and take over the planet for their own. SOME few are good Christian men: TRUST Donald Trump, he will lead us to freedom. Or else there’s no hope, and so long as I’m not in the cold, cold ground, I will always have hope!

It seems to me that oral sex and the whole “Garden of Eden” story are there to scare people away from doing this and that it is NOT meant as an absolute prohibition but a test of Love. Perhaps in ancient Hebrew society, what is meant by that story is that IF you love AND TRUST a lady enough to do this, then you qualified to be allowed to marry the lady. Can you see that? I am saying that the lady will in fact be “in you,” and that you will to a certain degree experience HER MIND in you, and as a part of your own mind. YOU HAD BETTER, if you “do” oral sex, be willing to trust the lady with your life!! But isn’t that partly what marriage is about, two people trusting each other with their lives? Although I do not NOW NEED or WANT this form of the expression of love from a lady “very much,” I am saying that it involves a certain degree of possession and there HAD BETTER be strong mutual trust. Hopefully soon I will find the woman that will love me truly and come into my life right here in Wooster, Ohio. But in terms of oral sex, I am already taken MOSTLY as far as I wish. Almost. But hell, 60 years old and still “alone” in the world. People, ladies, are you listening? OK, at my age I am not longer that “gifted” at sex, not terrible but not that great. But I AM a great kisser and I give my woman a LOT of lovin.

Sexuality and Brain Architecture

Sexuality, like the “fight or flight reflex,” is rooted in the human id, the limbic system at the base of the brain. In some ways, life is a battle between the neocortex (superego) and the id for control of the ego, in the mid-brain, where the “ego” or self resides. If one were able to give up control of the ego to a God-centered neocortex, then he would be like Jesus. Less sexuality will give up control of the ego to the superego or neocortical mind, and empower the True Self. Me, I KNOW I am a sinner and live by the Grace of God. I guess I want it both ways. But then I’m a hybrid. That’s the thing: MOST PEOPLE are pretty hybrid these days and have the blood of “The twelve tribes of Israel” (only three of which are Jewish) flowing in their veins these days. And humanity is waking up, and HUMAN hybrids are doing telepathy over the IpV6 internet!

EARTH resources must be better shared… for humans too… it is IN THE INTEREST of the rich and the aliens to support and help the poor right now, and LOWER THE MISERY INDEX. Otherwise you are looking at nuclear winter. Watch Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts (Piano/Cello Cover) – The Piano Guys, YouTube – 3:59.

The 30 million strong mostly combat trained Christian militia are with me, so is Anonymous, and so are the witches by and large. And Anonymous is MUCH bigger than you have any idea. And Donald Trump CARES, and Mike Pompeo’s CIA is with me, as are the Christian leaders in the armed forces. Oh, yeah, and Putin, too. AND the mob is largely with me. GIVE IN NOW, Rothschild, and stop these insane dreams of depopulation and a robot society. Peace and Love, everyone! ~ Paul paul.miracles57@gmail.com.

Billy Joel & George Winston playlist:

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