Why I Smoke

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

“Why I Smoke” is a wondrous, joyous exploration of
what it means to be “restored” in the Christian sense,
(with an explanation of how this might apply to smoking cigarettes)
“Light up or leave me alone”!!

March 25, 2017
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The Secret of Joy:
Psalm 126 and Smoking

With a video playlist from the movie,
Thank You For Smoking (2005)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 25, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email paul.miracles57@gmail.com), an excerpt taken from The Secret of Joy: Psalm 126, by Josh Moody, on Bible Study Tools, sponsored by Liberty University (“You Want a Christian University that Prepares You for Life. You Need Liberty.”). Photo is courtesy of The Official King James Bible Online and Facebook The video playlist is Thank You for Smoking (playlist) – 5 videos.

SUMMARY – Reasons I smoke: Keep in mind the Bible verse Genesis 1:29-31 — essentially and in some translations: “…and God gave man every green herb,” and please realize that tobacco starts out as a green herb, does it not? “They” (the people who are trying to put a taboo on smoking) say from their statistics that you lose 5 minutes of your life, on average, for every cigarette you smoke: OK dummies, and How Long does it take, about, to SMOKE a cigarette? You Got it, about five minutes. QED. Plus, I ENJOY smoking, it is one of the most enjoyable, comforting things I have done in these 60 years. AND though the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we should keep it as such, on December 25, 2012, I tried to quit (do to all the pressures you all have put on me), but failed and prayed to God about it, and He said to not worry about it, that He forgave my (minor) sin. At least I am NOT selfish with money or possessions, or with my love. Can you say the same?

TWO women I was engaged to left me at least partly (or mostly) because I smoke, and a large church once denied me toilet paper because I smelled of smoke. The fact that I constitutionally cannot bring myself to quit is because of the falseness and evil judgments made on me be a society where essentially EVERYBODY has addictions, whether to a FALSE morality of righteousness (“For none is righteous. No. Not one.”) or addictions to food, to drink, to clothes or shoes, to money, or fancy cars, or power itself. So far as Jesus and God are concerned you are ALL a bunch of self-deceiving hypocrites and God’s judgement is upon YOU, not me. Because of your hypocrisy and lack of kindness, shown to me over this entire last decade, God has it fixed in my mind: I will smoke till I DIE! God does NOT judge or blame me for it, either, the blame is society’s and I KNOW God forgives me this trifling sin. As to how He judges YOU….

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The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online for February 21, 2017 (date of original publication), is Psalms 9: 1 – “(To the chief Musician upon Muthlabben, A Psalm of David.) I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.

Bible Study Tools has a most excellent discussion of Psalm 126, the first paragraph of which is shared below:

Spurgeon (a great theological writer of Bible concerns) was once criticized for putting too much laughter into his sermons. Frivolous. Lacking gravity. His reply to the woman who had button-holed him was classic: “My good lady, if you only knew how much I restrain myself.” This psalm shows us not only that “laughter” (Psalms 126:2) and God go together but also God and “joy” (Psalms 126:2-6). This psalm is written to help you discover the secret of joy.

Read Psalm 126 at The Official King James Bible Online:

  • 1. (A Song of degrees.) When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.
  • 2. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.
  • 3. The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
  • 4. Turn again our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.
  • 5. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
  • 6. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.
  • The False, Sick Taboo
    The Devil is Trying to Get you to put
    on SMOKING

    I want to speak, just for a moment, about an insane and growing taboo in our society, that is to say smoking cigarettes, and how God always meant for us to smoke, but in a certain way, with a certain style, and to avoid the wiles of the devil in doing so. We were never meant to avoid smoking altogether. We simply have to do it in a certain way: in so doing, NO sorts of evil shall befall the “right minded smoker,” but rather, we gain God’s full favor. (One funny movie which is rather devilish about the whole anti-smoking movement is Thank You for Smoking 2005 || Aaron Eckhart, Cameron Bright, Maria Bello, YouTube — 1:53:38. (This is a campy spoof, people, I’m talking about exactly why we SHOULD in fact smoke, and how to do this and in fact gain God’s favor.

    Here in this little paragraph is just a little note on smoking and STYLE: MEN, hold your cigarettes in a certain style, in the European fashion between the ends of your thumb and forefinger (index finger). DO NOT simply hold smokes like you’ve seen your mother do. Way too many men are getting taught to smoke by their mothers. And another thing, smoking a cigarette should be done SLOWLY and TASTEFULLY — do NOT waste cigarettes, they’re a precious gift from God (were they not originally “green herbs”? If you’re a man, SMOKE LIKE A MAN!!

    ABOUT SMOKING AND HEALTH: Back in the 19th Century, people smoked all the time, a LOT of people. And back then, people were NOT dying AT ALL from it. So, WHY are we dying today then? It’s NOT from smoking. In Ohio, 25 years ago, 43 percent of people SMOKED, AND the death rates from cancer and emphysema rates were NOT that high. Now some 15 percent (only are left) of us smoke, and the rates have actually gone up… along with the water and air pollution and the amounts of radiation and terrible chemicals (like Roundup, which is killing off the birds by making the eggshells too thin) in the environment!! THAT’S what’s killing us, mainly. Plus, when a smoker lights up, either in private or in public, he Feels guilty and bad about it, so it’s SOCIETY who puts the ju ju on smoking, it’s SOCIETY who’s making smokers sick, that and the pollution and radiation of various sorts in the environment.

    So we’re viewing the terrible statistics about, for example, smoking and cancer ALL WRONG, …and “sickness from cigarettes,” to the extent it is even FROM cigarettes, is from society’s virtual TABOO they’re trying to put on smoking, maybe ESPECIALLY in OHIO. It’s wrong, it’s sick, and it’s EVIL. Look, let me just make the final argument I’m gonna make about smoking, well, TWO arguments, actually and the first really from The Bible itself: From the Bible, Genesis 1: 29-31, “And God gave man every green herb …and it was very good.” That’s RIGHT, God Himself said it’s cool to smoke. WHAT exactly is the tobacco plant before it is treated and cured? YES, a green herb!

    MOREOVER, they “say” from their statistics that you lose 5 minutes of your life, on average, for every cigarette you smoke: OK dummies, and How Long does it take, about, to SMOKE a cigarette? You Got it, about five minutes. QED. For MY girls, for MY woman, “either LIGHT UP or LEAVE ME ALONE!

    Watch Music Video: Greatest Hits of Disturbed, YouTube playlist, where I note significantly:

    I wish and hope and pray that the various denominations of the Christian churches would realize that no one of us has any exclusive hold on “the truth” and learn to be accepting of one another. My pastor, Kevan Franklin, made me aware of what a problem this is in the world today. This was Jesus’ wish at the Last Supper, knowing as he did the dissention among his various, power-hungry disciples, “that they may all be one.”

    Christians, I ask you: IS IT NOT doctrine which divides the church and has led to many harmful impressions of us and the very slaughter which has been done in the church’s name in history? Of COURSE God’s Holy Word is central, BUT we need to DROP THE DOCTRINE and start living LIKE JESUS TAUGHT!!!

    Thank You for Smoking (2005)

    There are 320,000 homeless veterans out there:
    This is absolutely unacceptable.
    Everybody needs somebody sometimes:
    National Suicide Helpline
    God Bless You All!

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