The Savage Hypocrisy About Addiction in Our Society (Addiction Part 2)

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The Savage Hypocrisy About Addiction in Our Society
(Addiction Part 2)

Cry Out to Jesus: Hope for the Addicted
A New Direction for The Daily Walk

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner, republished October 15, 2020, originally published July 11, 2016, by Paul Evans. Second included video is David Crowder – Come As You Are (Music Video). Brothers and sisters, let’s forget about judging each other, and escape this social matrix into a place which we alone build here, where we can truly “love our neighbours as ourselves.” Even failing that, a kind word is never misspoken. Featured photo is courtesy of

A lot of people are in bad situations and can’t help their addictions, like the terrible curse of heroin, which has destroyed me twice through people in my life I have loved, partly, (although I never tried it). So I speak as one who cares, and somebody who has sacrificed a lot in my past, and now seeks to make those efforts mean something, which I feel I can only do by continuing to offer my love and what minor help I can offer to the addicted in our society. Heroin in particular is such a deadly evil today. I knew this one little slip of a girl, must have been about 18 or 19, she finally managed to get really good rehab out in California, was there for 5 or 6 months, got released, shot up and died. One cop once put it to me that “the only cure for heroin addiction is death.” But that’s wrong, not just a wrong attitude but this is not my experience. I had a friend who was the lead singer of a major rock band, but who sadly has since passed on, and he was addicted to almost every hard drug there is… but do you know he beat them all?

One major point I am trying to make is that IF we call ourselves “Christian,” then, like Jesus, I feel we should not be at all unkind to those who suffer from addiction. Friends of mine I have known and loved have died because of their strong addictions. But was theier suffering, and those of a lot like some or my friends, just in vain? It just seems to me that I myself should “finish what I started” and keep trying to help. I KNOW I was unsuccessful at helping my friend. But I feel that God is calling me to open up the airwaves and offer my friendship to all those who suffer from addiction. To me, that makes my friends’ deaths meaningful and it gives me a good focus for my life. Therefore the main focus of The Daily Walk with Miracles, besides the music we provide, courtesy of YouTube, from now on is going to be an honest and open chance for all those who suffer from addictions to have a place where people CARE about each other and refuse to judge or shun each other just because we suffer from addictions. In other words, I’m here for you, and we need to be here for each other!

Please understand that neither I nor The Daily Walk with Miracles has any money for you, only an honest open Christian love and ministry of sorts. I want to just “be here” for you and maybe if you want offer some choices for rehab, to help in that way with suggestions. The two links immediately below seem like they would be a good place to start, IF you have come to the place in your life where you’re actively thinking of rehab. Otherwise, if you just want a friend to talk to, I’m here for you.

Get Help with Your Addiction
Try these confidential services:
SAMSA helpline

Do You Want Somebody to Talk To? Email Paul

I want to be certain that any person with “addiction issues” should strongly think twice before getting help with their addiction(s). Far too often in America, rehab sources have kept the 19th century mentality in which addiction is viewed as something morally wrong, when the overwhelming evidence suggests that that this not the case or situation at all. To give you one concrete example, consider the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. (Even though strictly speaking marijuana is NOT really a “drug” at all, but a healthful green herb approved by the Bible itself (Genesis 1:29-31.) Did you realize that some 90 percent of the money spent AGAINST legalization in Colorado came from a multimillionaire who had owned a chain of rehab clinics? At any event, I am not myself capable or helping anyone morally about what to do if you are addicted to a hard drug. (Actually, I mean I care as much as anyone, and I know the truth, but I have no credential, and I would personally find it difficult from my heart to give you any advice. But if you just want somebody to talk to, I will always be here for you.) There seems to be little relief a person can get outside of conventional rehab clinics, but half of them are “wrong” in some way, and the rehab offered is not long enough, not paid for by the state or just too expensive. However, please know, everyone, that you DO have God’s love! And anyone should feel they do have a loving heart to talk to anytime. Please email me, Paul Evans at We can at least offer each other a little kindness and compassion, right?

I smoke cigarettes and neither want to or can stop, and it hurts me to be judged because I smoke or troubled because of it. I know in my heart that God loves addicted people just as much as He loves policemen, for example. God has healed me pretty much of any mental afflictions I may have had although I am a “different” sort of guy and may be somewhat autistic. I FEEL, at a personal level, the attitudes of those around me, partly because I have a lot of love in my heart. People mustn’t judge or hate others because of their addictions or odd or different behaviours, or different beliefs. We’re all just humans, the important thing is to realise how much God loves us.

It is also very important for those in authority to finally begin to see how rooted in 19th century law and old attitudes about addiction “the system” is, and how wrong that is in terms of saying we are a Christian nation. I would beg the reader to see and watch the video at The Real Truth About Addiction. This video and discussion are very revealing.

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