The Right in Politics AND the Left Must Support Donald Trump

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You know they only made the situation from 2008 worse
— if global economic collapse happens, it will be
twice as bad as the depression of the 30’s.
Brothers and sisters on the left and on the right,
the article before you “gainsay” me) The Right
and the Left Must Both Support President Trump!

Donald Trump 2017
“Make America Great Again!”

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May 31, 2017
Justice is Coming!

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The Right in Politics
AND the Left Must
Support Donald Trump

A New Alliance Between the Political
Left and True Conservatives, A NEW ALLIANCE BETWEEN

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished May 31, 2017, by Paul Evans, with video of 5/26/17: Weekly Address, White House and YouTube – 8:07.

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There is very little information anywhere about any sort of coalition between the right and the left in politics, but it MUST happen, or else the elite will succeed in either killing Donald Trump or else crippling his Presidency. Much of this discussion is taken from In Politics, the Right and the Poor Can Be Happy with Donald Trump, But So Should the Left, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 9, 2017, by Paul Evans. I think we need to make a shorter and plainer statement about what’s going on.

Many people have captured minds from the Matrix of TV and the New Matrix of the internet… I call them “soft machines,” it is a very dangerous situation. I am trying to get the people to WAKE UP!!

UPDATE of April 15, 2017: from my Facebook page The right AND the left MUST see that unifying behind Trump is the only hope we have to avoid the destruction/depopulation of the common man by the Illuminati and globalism which rips the guts out of the U.S. Constitution… Trump… though he be very conservative in some ways he is NOT corrupt and we must unify behind him and the U.S. and Russia must ally themselves: it is feasible…both sides gain foreign policy wise and money wise and the mob makes more money too. And Putin’s Russia is in many ways Fascist right now…Revelation makes clear that the final battle is against the “yellow horde,” and Russian cooperation on ISIS and with Iran is priceless. Moreover, Hitler’s Germany in 1938 hummed with industry… and This time we’re doing this allied with the Jewish leaders too. The alternative is the Illuminati depopulation and a “robot society” where like the creeping New World Order, the poorer and less desirable elements of society (by their view) are gradually eliminated. [This would mean the very poor, the mentally ill, the true Christians, AND those who are real and true socialists – (ultimately all those who oppose the 13 ruling families): ALL utterly eliminated.)] Maybe it would mean depopulation to the stated Illuminati goal of 500 million souls. The Illuminati do NOT give a DAMN about the common man!! Support President Trump, you are NOT betraying your economic vision for the future, this is the salvation of the common man, and our only hope.

See The Illuminati and Evil Plans for a Robot Society, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 14, 2017, by Paul Evans. If only it were just some screwball idea: this threat is very real!

famous quote by John F Kennedy about the enslavement of the common man

Watch Alex Jones in Dark Bohemian Grove – Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length, Alex Jones and YouTube – 2:02:55. To call it “Bohemian Grove” is VERY misleading, these evil Illuminati are SATANISTS whereas Donald Trump is a Constitutionalist who may be a bit “crypto-fascist” but is standing tall AGAINST the Illuminati and their evil plans for depopulation of “undesireable elements.” Donald Trump is trying to produce decent jobs for all Americans who want them. The Illuminati are Luciferian and Satanic.

See Donald Trump set to completely scrap US consumer protection agency, April 9, 2017, by Paul Evans. “Donald Trump probably going to do the wrong thing about consumer protections because of the tremendous influence of corporate lobbyists in the Republican congress… He is under tremendous pressures… HERE is the permalink for this article, please share it:) Obama gave up and “caved” the moment he was elected, installing Bush’s troika of economic advisors, though he tried at times. Donald Trump is standing up against the Illuminati and Masons: WE MUST ALL SUPPORT HIM!

It can be shown that if we do NOT wrest America free of the overweening influence of the billionaire investment bankers and defence contractors (and ultimately the 13 ruling families, we will have a depression twice as bad as the Great Depression. Chaos and probably nuclear winter would ensue. Somehow, we MUST get free of these lobbyists and their minions in Congress, even if Donald Trump must seize power somehow. Support President Trump in the eventuality of “something major” happening, as I know he has a good heart and has the interests of the common man very much in mind.”

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It was basically impossible to find on target videos about this on YouTube at all. It is the Illuminati (basically I am talking primarily about the Masons, and ultimately about the 13 ruling families), who are the main opposition to Donald Trump. They (particularly the DNC and the Democratic Party) are trying to stir up the left to opposing everything in Trump’s agenda, based on, as the video says, “the politics of fear.” No, people, the Illuminati want to basically replace the poor and the common man with robots: ALL of’s orders through their warehouse are now filled with robots. Domino’s Pizza is now going to use robots to fill pizza orders and many institutions are considering filling orders with drones. Donald Trump on the other hand is trying to save the American economy and create decent, paying jobs. What is totally needed is an ALLIANCE between the true right and the true left to oppose without hesitation elements of the Illuminati plot and to support the President helpfully. Did you know that fully one-quarter of Bernie Sanders supporters polled said that they would support Donald Trump for President? You CANNOT find out the truth about all this on CNN (The “Clinton News Network”) or even The Hill.

Donald Trump is about the only hope the common man, the true right, AND the actual left has against our Illuminati masters. Donald Trump may in fact be, like Marine Le Pen in France, crypto-fascist, but the illuminati have made an unholy alliance with the 13 ruling families and want to destroy, enslave and eliminate the common man altogether (Think Rothschild, and the NWO – New World Order — and the stated Illuminati goal of population reduction to a 500 million person level globally.) This whole “robot society” thing is in line with that, while claiming that “87 percent of us would enter the leisure class” (ZDNet). There are all kinds of TED Talks videos about this “future of jobs” and “robot society.” New TED videos have now appeared trying to make it “look nice,” but have our Illuminati masters EVER cared about the common man? And it’s bullsh*t. Supporting Donald Trump, my left wing brothers, is supporting the common man. Donald Trump is about the only hope, in fact, that we have.

Important to keep in mind as you read this is The Illuminati and Evil Plans for a Robot Society, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 1, 2017, by Paul Evans.

The Coalition of the Left
and the Christian Right, in Politics

In the Senate a couple of years ago, Rand Paul stitched together a coalition of the right and left to ban the NSA spying, which thus became illegal for about 5 days. The vote was 78 to 18 to ban NSA illegal spying, and included elements of the left and the political right too, until a compromise worked out by Mitch McConnell restored relative normalcy in these surveillance matters. Actually I am NOT even suggesting that the espionage/spying should end. America has many enemies and hackers have been trying to take down our electrical grid, for example. The Daily Walk with Miracles has always to a large degree supported a modified Patriot Act set of provisions here.

Now I know that the provisions Donald Trump is trying to put in place are “unpleasant” for the political left. What I’m saying is that, in the first place, you may realise that in many aspects Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a fairly fascist rule anyway. (It is NO kind of pure socialism, at all.) But mainly, the left and the right MUST cooperate against the influenced, bought “middle” those Republicans and blue dog Democrats who just do as their corporate masters instruct them to. THOSE people are the problem in America, they are bought and owned by the billionaires. And while I know that Donald Trump’s “crypto-fascist” measures are distasteful to many, we REALLY MUST support them as an alternative to global economic collapse.

Did you know that in fact the investment banks, (as run by our Illuminati “masters” but who are NOT Donald Trump’s master), who are the real problem, have managed to amass $552.9 TRILLION in lousy derivatives investments? I believe the figure in the U.S. alone is about $225 trillion in sh*t derivatives based on foreclosed or underwater mortgages, and given illegally “good” or “excellent” ratings as bonds or CDL’s. There is simply no good way to redeem these investments they are basically worthless. 50 to 75 percent of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck, and in my home state of Ohio, one-quarter of our precious children are at a real risk of hunger each and every month. THIS is the legacy Barack Obama has left us. He doubled the national debt and allowed the banks to run rampant.

There was a HUGE problem in 2008 and instead of fixing it, the banks had us “double down” on the debt, and it is set to cause us total global economic collapse, unless we institute austerity measures. Deutsche Bank and CITI Bank, for example, are in HUGE trouble. There is no choice. We MUST use Rand Paul’s coalition in the Senate, and develop one in the House, to push Donald Trump’s agenda. If YOU LISTEN to Trump’s speeches, and NOT to CNN (the “Clinton news network”) you will see that Trump is a good and reasonable man. Did you know that the average premium for the sh*t coverage you get under Obamacare has gone up 22 percent this year? The left AND the right must support Donald Trump. For the good of America and the whole global economy. The alternative might put us back in the Stone Age, for if global economic collapse happens, it will be twice as bad as the depression of the 30’s. Brothers and sisters on the left and on the right, SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP!!

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See Inequality and the American Dream, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 5, 2017, by Paul Evans.

Also see Getting Real on Economics, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 3, 2017, by Paul Evans.

5/26/17: Weekly Address

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