Addiction Part 3: The Truth About Addiction

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The negative and destructive behaviors which constitute addiction,
which are obsessive compulsive and should NOT be criminalized,
can be treated somewhat with arsenic – and EVERYONE has addictions:
it is just part of being human. Sentence addicts
to long-tern rehab and grow that industry —
read below to find out more:

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republished October 15, 2020
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Addiction Part 3:
The Truth About Addiction

The Biology, Morality and Politics of Addiction
Dr. Gabor Maté, Stefan Molyneux & Paul Evans
New Hope for Treating
Addiction, Alzheimers
& Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Jesus is Calling for a Revolution of Your Heart
Criminalizing Addiction is Barbaric and Medieval

The Daily Walk with Love, October 15, 2020, by Paul Evans, with the spiritual assistance of Gabor Maté and “The Yuhanick clan.” Video at YouTube. Featured photograph is courtesy of Lamott and Guideposts. This article is hereby placed in the Public Domain. Anyone wanting or needing a friend is encouraged to email me, Paul Evans, at God Bless (and Blessed Be)!

For over two years I supported and tried to help a heroin addict and her addicted friend “get clean.” I know I TRIED to do the right thing. Also, I’ve lost one and maybe two engagements because I smoke and once when I was dead broke and asked a church for help (toilet paper), they denied me because I smelled of cigarettes and so they said I wasted my money… Did not Jesus consort with “publicans, tax collectors and sinners”? We are all sinners before God: “For none is righteous. No. Not one.” And, “If I say I am without sin, the truth is not in me.” I made my peace with God about my smoking on Christmas day, 2012…. you have to accept my smoking if you would, for example, want a relationship with me. On the other hand I don’t drink or do any sort of drugs at all.

To criminalize addiction is a terrible, terrible stupidity. And marijuana (which is NOT a real drug (processed of made into something addictive), but a healthful herb, see Genesis 1:29-31) should most certainly be legal. The real reason for the criminalization of addiction is the MONEY “they” make of criminalizing it. Educate people, for god’s sake don’t throw them away in jail. THIS IS GOD’S WILL.

Our featured video discusses the strong connection between abuse and addiction. The truth is, I strongly believe, that there doesn’t have to be abuse at all for addiction to be a severe problem later in life. (I admit to analyzing this from the perspective of one who values in priority from the Bible primarily the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.) In primitive or less developed cultures it is typical for the mother to masturbate her baby, perhaps sometimes so it will stop crying, or sometimes so it will bond with her. I believe that this alone can cause a good deal of addiction issues later in life. I’m saying, directly, the more a mother does this with her infant, the more likely it is that the infant will face addiction issues later in life, so it is not a good idea to do this much, mothers. The primitive (by some ways of looking at it) Hebrew culture viewed masturbation as something greatly evil, to which God himself objected strenuously. Some believers still feel that lust is among the very worst of sins, but consider Romans 7:7. However, in a simple analysis, consider that these were nomadic desert sheepherders. If a boy lay down in the desert sands, he would get his scrotum dirty and sometimes might get infected and ultimately might die. Thus I feel this part of the law’s strictures is a much more cultural thing, than it is a reflection of God’s real will. I see YouTube videos of masturbation in the womb, and I feel that it is a simple biological normal part of human behavior, that Hebrew culture demonized. At any rate I feel that masturbation by the mother of an infant is NOT a good idea, and that it may lead to sometimes terrible addiction issues later in life.

But what is addiction, really: Some people are addicted to social networking, or to church, or to false righteousness, (“For none is righteous. No. Not one.” And yes, I KNOW we have to TRY to be righteous before God) or to fancy cars, or to clothes or shoes, or to only the best wines, or to having a nice or well-kept-up home, or to money and power themselves…. The conclusion that addiction is in some way evil is a FALSE and basically immoral or certainly “wrong-minded” conclusion, everyone has addictions, it is just part of being human. Unless you are going to be some kind of Buddha, sitting on the banks of a river in contemplation all your life, there are going to be some things in life which you develop a fondness or dependency upon. This IS addiction and EVERYONE is thus Some Kind of addict. And addictions to drugs are criminalized because “they” the evil rich ones MAKE MONEY off those drugs being illegal. SOME “drugs” like heroin ARE basically pernicious, but many are not. So perhaps heroin should be still criminal, although, from what I have read, experiences are possible with that drug unlike any other, but I CAN understand having that one as illegal. Still the emphasis MUST be put on rehabilitation and education, NOT punishment (And did you know that now there are more deaths caused by misuse of prescription medications than due to all illegal drugs put together?)

Did you know that in 20 countries (or states) that legalized or decriminalized some or all drugs that rates of use did NOT go up? And ALCOHOL is the gateway drug, NOT Cannibis. The SOLE reason why many of these drugs remain illegal is that very rich people Make MONEY off their remaining illegal.The private prison industry, the mob, Big Pharma: ALL stand to lose a lot of money, and the street gangs would lose power, if and when society drops the barbaric, medieval criminalization of drug addiction.

Render Unto God What is God’s
and Render Unto Caesars What is Caesars.
Well, overall, heroin is “of Caesars” as is alcohol
but Cannabis is of God’s (and Biblical) Gen. 1:29-31.

Let me explain further WHY some people take drugs, particularly the psychedelics. Wisdom, or as Solomon beseeched us to get, UNDERSTANDING, is often a question of the limits of our perception. If you alter or ENHANCE your perception, you enable altered states of mind which theoretically might lead to transcendentally enabled higher states of understanding. Isn’t that fairly self-evident and somewhat “alluring,” if you will. I am NOT advocating it, only explaining the basis for wanting to experience mind-altering medications or “drugs,” which, sadly remain illegal, MAINLY because of the evil of the money involved. Watch Cream – 1968 Farewell Concert /BBC-TV – Royal Albert Hall YouTube, 50:47, courtesy of my friend “Master Eddie” and YouTube. I advocate a revolution in society’s attitudes about drugs. I DO NOT advocate anything illegal, but rather legalization or at least decriminalization. Sadly, we all know that’s not likely to happen. But legalization of Cannabis, which is a healthful herb and not a “drug” (something synthetically manufactured) is inevitable in America. (Genesis 1:29-31.)

See and take to heart Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You: Guidance from 1 John Chapter 3: 1-18, particularly 17 and 18: If you call yourself a Christian, have real, true compassion for your fellow man.

17 But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

See Cry Out to Jesus: Hope for the Addicted–A New Direction for The Daily Walk, The Daily Walk with Love, June 30, 2016, by Paul Evans.

See The Whole Addiction and Rehab Question and some suggested answers, The Daily Walk with Love, July 23, 2016, by Paul Evans.

For whom did Jesus not die, and in what way does God love an addict less: Let it be said, if it be true, that you are a true Christian and a moral man (or woman). You must be somewhat aware of the ravages drugs have made in our society. Granted. But if you realize that Jesus answered every call for help he ever received, I KNOW that he is asking for 48 minutes of your time to watch our featured video here. Don’t “say” you care, actually “walk the walk” and then not give up just a few minutes of your time to better understand the tragedy of addiction in our society. If you honestly listen to this video, I know your heart will be touched and your attitudes will change. I know that God is calling to your faith: will you answer Him?

I have discovered that addiction, attention deficit disorder, mild cognitive impairments, obsessive compulsive disorder and some other destructive behaviors such as obsessive violence which involve obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and probably also Alzheimers, all may involve a deficiency in the trace element arsenic. Either that could be the case or perhaps arsenic will stimulate the body’s production of endorphins, the “feel good” chemical our brains release. With addicts, endorphins are mainly only produced when they consume the addictive substance.

In the addictive person, the brain only produces the endorphins when the addict consumes that addictive substance. Arsenic is found especially in some blue drinks, darker colored fish, and dark poultry meat. It will not harm anyone at these levels

Arsenic (and perhaps other trace elements) MAY lesson the addiction by assisting the brain’s endorphin metabolism. But ADDICTION to ANY SUBSTANCE CANNOT BE “BEAT” and overcome without going through long suffering in going through a long (several months) period of doing without the addictive endorphin-releasing substance. I can testify that this is a terrible suffering that most of you cannot imagine, especially when you are talking about a substance like heroin or crystal meth or crack or even cocaine or prescription drugs. I have seen it first hand. You cannot imagine the suffering involved unless you have seen it yourself. Most addicted people cannot “do” this this rehab of their own free will because they cannot face up to this long period of bad suffering. Therefore, CRIMINALIZING addiction is the most cruel, barbaric almost genocidal action that society could possibly take!! In this sense, society makes addicts (as they do the mentally ill) society’s scapegoats, and you might well think (correctly, in metaphorical terms) that we “eat your sin.” Cultural anthropology and sociology have studied all known human cultures and they all have two things in common: weather control and scapegoats. Drug users and the mentally ill are society’s scapegoats.

Of course, TOO MUCH arsenic, or any other trace element, can cause problems too. Foods high in arsenic (to be consumed for obsessive-compulsive behaviors) include Brussel Sprouts, dark meat fish, rice and chicken and poultry. See 5 Foods Loaded With Arsenic, Prevention, November 26, 2013, by Emily Main for It may be that consuming foods and beverages strong in arsenic IS in fact unhealthy in some regards, but that in the case of addictions, the cure is far more important than any health risk involved. And Beer and wine In the Dartmouth study, men who had 2.5 beers per day had arsenic levels more than 30% higher than non-consumers. People with addictive obsessive compulsive patterns drink or consume these beverages/chemicals to release the endorphins which sustain them, psychologically. Arsenic may help, in other words, in the brain’s metabolism of endorphins (the chemical which brains secret to cause us to feel good in life.)

What addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder and Alzheimer’s have in common then, is a deficiency in the trace element arsenic. In known “human ecology” this is based on a biochemical Law called “Liebig’s Law of the Minimum.” The defacto trace element deficiency in arsenic (which is necessary for the brain to properly process endorphins so you feel OK) is usually caused either in the womb or by some form of abuse in infancy, but it seems to me that very hard instances of Post-Traumaic stress at any time in life can also trigger it, as with our homeless veterans (where 320,000 U.S. veterans are now homeless). It will probably be found that deficiencies in various trace elements (mineral nutrients) are at the heart of many medical disorders, and this offers an excellent opportunity for research (and relief) in the future. It will probably also be found that the abuse which Dr. Matte speaks of as important in the formative of this chemical imbalance or deficiency may in fact in rare cases occur not just en utero or in infancy but also at any time in an individual’s life, (whether fairly or unfairly), as in cases of post-traumatic stress (such as with our veterans). Dr. Mate suggests a very strong relationship between any extended sort of TRAUMA or abuse (whether physical or mental, and usually early in life) and addiction.

Get Help with Your Addiction
Try these confidential services:
SAMSA helpline

Have a look at Recovery
or call 1-888-247-2623

Have a good hard look at
Ohio Foundations Recovery Network

Do You Want Somebody to Talk To?

I feel called by God to go further than this. I am offering what comfort, advice and counselling I can give to any person or family suffering because of addiction. Please understand that I have NO money to give you, nor will I ever. Also I am not trained even as a social worker, and have never worked personally in substance abuse, except that I indirectly suffered because of it for 4 years or so, with people I loved in my life. So my knowledge is more like educated “street knowledge.” But if you need somebody who cares to counsel or offer any advice that I can, or even any lady or gentleman who wants a true Christian friend, email me ( To the truly addicted to hard drugs, do NOT think you will get anything but counselling and a decent, caring Christian man to talk to. I have no money for you. (NOR WILL I EVER turn you over to law enforcement or rehab you don’t want. You do have to understand the nature of the lack of privacy in electronic communications, though.) I feel that doing this is what God calls me to as a sort of ministry. DON’T try to take advantage of me, and realize that as a member of the press all my electronic communications receive human analysis by the NSA (National Security Agency). Don’t waste both of our time. I only love you all and basically all I can do is care. The rest is really up to you.

Dr. Gabor Mate on Addiction

Text of the YouTube video:

See Gabor Mate: Attachment, Disease, and Addiction YouTube video – 1:19:57.


Dr Gabor Maté reveals the biological basis of addiction, and the insanity of the statist war on drugs.


Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1944, Gabor Maté emigrated to Canada with his family in 1957. After graduating with a B.A. from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and a few years as a high school English and literature teacher, he returned to school to pursue his childhood dream of being a doctor.

Dr. Maté ran a private family practice in East Vancouver for over twenty years. He was also the Medical Coordinator of the Palliative Care Unit at Vancouver Hospital for seven years.

Currently he is the staff physician at the Portland Hotel, a residence and resource centre for the people of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Many of his patients suffer from mental illness, drug addiction and HIV, or all three.

Dr. Maté has had regular medical columns in The Vancouver Sun and the national Globe and Mail.

Widely recognized for his unique perspective on Attention Deficit Disorder, and his firmly held belief in the connection between mind and body health, he is a sought-after speaker and seminar leader on these topics.

He is the author of four books — When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress, and Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder. The third book, Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers, he co-authored with developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld. Most recently published is In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction.

Speaking Truth on Addiction

Paul Evans: The Truth is THIS: EVERYONE has addictions and we should never judge ANYONE anyway, much less just because a person got hooked on something. I see all these great “Christians,” and they always reject people because they JUDGE them and then feel free to slight or hurt them, when Jesus taught to NEVER judge anyone and to love your enemies. Maybe Jesus will meet you on your death and say “I never knew you.” What are you addicted to? …righteousness and doctrine, or to living as Jesus really taught? IF you want to go to Heaven. REALLY don’t judge people and REALLY be kind and CARE, and YES it matters to God. What are you addicted to, feeling righteous, fancy houses, clothes and cars, money and power, Facebook for heaven’s sake? God’s grace is a free gift, but being a Christian COSTS and it’s not so easy to “walk the walk.” Don’t feel bad, don’t judge me, don’t do anything except change your attitudes and behaviors, and also our society must end the barbaric practice of criminalizing addiction. Having addictions is just part of living in these human bodies on earth. “Judge not, lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.” Anyone with addiction issues who needs help or wants a friend to talk to, email me, Paul Evans, and get to know me and maybe we can talk on the phone, too. God Bless and Blessed Be!

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