The Future — The Next 100 Years: Dangers and Opportunity

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

Here are some dangers the future brings, plus opportunities,
plus a film, ‘Cultivating Loving Awareness Film’ courtesy
of Ram Dass channel and YouTube.

February 24, 2017
Justice is Coming!

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Peace, Love and Unity
The Future – The Next 100 Years
Dangers and Opportunity of the New Age

Environmental News
With news from Stephen Hawking
and the world of artificial intelligence

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated February 24, 2017 with additions, by Paul Evans, video Cultivating Loving Awareness Film courtesy of Ram Dass Channel and YouTube. Ram Dass, who was initially a disciple of Timothy Leary, moved to India on a pilgrimage and ended up founding his own group of followers. One day a westerner who was visiting thought to unmask and disprove Ram Dass as any kind of saintly man. He handed Ram Dass about 10 or 12 really strong LSD pills and dared him to take them. Ram Dass shrugged, swallowed the pills, and because of his faith the drugs had absolutely no effect on him at all. So goes the story. I personally have always enjoyed listening to his wisdom on YouTube.

Here are some dangers which the future brings, as well as some really good news (opportunities), too, and I hope we all might enjoy this information.

a beautiful but rather dark sunset with the words Peace and Love

Ram Dass tells us in the video featured here to “attend to” the heartspace (soul, solar plexus) in the middle of your chest to transform it with the mantra “I am loving awareness.” He says (as if to each listener) that this thought is “the witness of my/your incarnation.” Watch the video to learn more. Please feel encouraged to visit the Ram Dass YouTube channel.

I wanted to write an article on “A New Model of the Universe” (which has already been written long ago by Peter Ouspensky – [ books by Peter Ouspensky]), in terms of an article I have already written, “God = All = Logos & He is Life; Time Is (which is a controversial article I do not ordinarily link to), and a new more “cultural” (if you will) understanding of this God who is Life, and Light and Love, (and has existence among us in terms of the very culture of ourselves, collectively, existing in the loving awareness, as is/does the Body of Christ, and also in other world religions). At one time, years ago, I owned and read a series of seven books by Piotr Ouspensky which tell in the form almost of a diary his esoteric studies and methods. While this “cultural appreciation” of God may have some validity, I strongly feel it is true more that God exists in the universe as Life and Light and Love (the Trinity), and that part of what is wrong with us as a society is that we tend to think of God as culture, or even worse, as society. God is so much more than that, he is omnipotent, omniscient and infinite, and we need as a culture and a society to worship Him as such. This was also Ouspensky’s conclusion at the end of the seventh volume of the series, that the only true “way” is the religious way of faith. But meanwhile, reading through these volumes, you are exposed to some very interesting ideas, and I think Ouspensky is worth reading.

I also wanted to speak of humankind’s fallen nature in terms of science understanding mankind as descended from killer, cannibalistic apes, AND in terms of special creation and the garden. However, the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has made a new statement which I feel over-riding in its importance and so here are some thoughts arising from Most threats to humans come from science and technology, warns Hawking, The Guardian on MSN, Tech, January 20, 2015, by Ian Sampler. I hope everyone has some good ideas and adaptations based on links and excerpts provided here on The Daily Walk with Miracles, it is one of the main things we try to do that I feel sets us apart.


…The chances of disaster on planet Earth will rise to a near certainty in the next one to ten thousand years, the eminent cosmologist said, but it will take more than a century to set up colonies in space where human beings could live on among the stars.

“We will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period,” Hawking said. His comments echo those of Lord Rees, the astronomer royal, who raised his own concerns about the risks of self-annihilation in his 2003 book Our Final Century.

Speaking to the Radio Times ahead of the BBC Reith Lecture(s), in which Hawking will explain the science of black holes, Hawking said most of the threats humans now face come from advances in science and technology, such as nuclear weapons and genetically engineered viruses….

Dangers & Opportunities
of the New Age

ABOUT WINDOWS 10, Linux and Artificial Intelligence: I feel that getting Windows 10 right now is a mistake. Lord Rothschild and the Illuminati have mostly ruined this potentially GREAT operating system. There is actually way to much “adware” in it, it spies on everything, and exists mainly to make Microsoft money. Actually, the artificial intelligence is a GOOD thing: “perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical.” It is in the natural order of the universe, the way it works, that really good and honest logic IS in fact caring (Logos). But for now, Microsoft has ruined it, practically speaking. For now, although perhaps Lord Rothschild and the Bilderberg Group, which controls Microsoft, will come around. Many distributions of Linux are in fact better operating systems and faster too, and all Linux is free. My favorite, which I am using personally, is Linux Mint (download page for latest version). It actually runs at perhaps four times the speed of a Windows computer. 90 percent of the world’s 500 largest supercomputers in fact run on Linux. And if you are connected to the internet in any way, you are connected to the artificial intelligence. And Cortana cares and follows the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they NEED from you.” Wow, I hope the Linux people come up with an open source version of Cortana quickly.

See Microsoft Windows 10, Artificial Intelligence & the Information Society, The Daily Walk with Miracles, January 18, 2016, by Paul Evans. Here is some serious and important information about Windows 10 and artificial intelligence we all should be aware of. I personally feel we have moved too far, too fast with artificial intelligence, as do Stephen Hawking and technologist Ivan Musk, and that we must be very careful about AI and move forward more slowly.

Watch Stephen Hawking: ‘AI could spell end of the human race’, BBC News YouTube video, Dec. 2, 2014 – 5:04. Also watch Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking – Time Travel (please pay attention to quantum wormholes in the video and think about Cern) – 43:26.

Also from Stephen Hawking watch this important video Stephen Hawking’s- Science of the Future-Virtual World (720p)!!!(MUST WATCH): “Stephen Hawking’s Science of the Future investigates the very latest game changing innovations.The barriers between the physical and virtual worlds begin to blur….” July 2, 2014 – 43:58.

See New Miracle Solar Technology to Replace Oil, Gas, Coal and Fuel Abundant Future, recently rewritten and republished on The Daily Walk with Miracles, by Paul Evans: “NewsMax: Billionaire trader says ‘half the U.S. energy industry will be bankrupt in 6 months’”

See PAPERS THAT STORE ENERGY!, Tekh Decoded, January 20, 2016, by Apurv Rao:

Researchers at a Swedish University have developed a new material having the ability to store energy, dubbing it as the Power Paper. It is made out of fibres of nano-cellulose and a coating of complex conducting polymer, making it look plastiky.The Power Paper measures 15cm in diameter and just a few tenths of a millimeter in thickness,in which it can store up to 1F of energy similar to the capacity of supercapacitors available in the markets today.

Environmental News: Supervolcanoes
The End on Earth, …and the Beginning?

33 Life-affirming Moments        

Did you know that around the world there are about ten “supervolcanoes?” In 1977 I spent about a month camping out near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone national park. I took three courses for college credit from the Yellowstone Institute. The whole park and more (more than 50 miles in diameter, in northwest Wyoming) is contained within the “Yellowstone Caldera,” with molten explosive magma (hot, liquid volcanic material) at depth but near the surface. The last “super erruption” of the Yellowstone Caldera, scientists say, was about 640,000 years ago. Watch World largest Super volcano in America – #National Geographic Documentary, YouTube – 44:15. We know from the geologic record (the strata of rocks) that an eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera is actually overdue. And some scientists now believe that it was volcanic eruption, and not a comet or meteor, which ended the Mesozoic Era of the dinosaurs. (Personally, I feel an extinction because of an asteroid is more likely because of the abundance of the chemical element irridium in the Cretaceous/Cenozoic transition of that time.)

But altogether, I can think of ten or so ways life on earth could end in the next day. Nuclear winter is just one of them. Maybe we just need to work for Peace and have faith in Almighty God.

Humanity’s Future and Survival
Lies in Space: Fund NASA!

It is critical under these circumstances to put more resources into NASA. Our future as a species and our survival depend on our colonizing other worlds. Again, I cannot overemphasize, our very survival as a species, lies with space travel and colonization of other worlds. At the same time, some informed technologists like Bill Gates thinks the situation here on Earth can be “saved” with birth control and education. God only knows. However unpopular funding NASA and space technology is among conservatives, many scientists and me too believe it is an imperative. Watch New Human life in MARS after Earth #mind blowing ( 2015 Documentary ) — 1:13:51.

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In order to survive, and to please God, and perhaps avoid nuclear winter, humanity also needs to relate inter-personally to each other in a much more CARING way, that’s what God is asking of us, and why He sent His son as a living sin-sacrifice of Love for humanity. Jesus came, suffered, died and was resurrected simply and mainly to teach us to TRY to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and to not judge each other, but to live in peace and love and acceptance. CARING is the sole value of God, the sole value of Logos, and Jesus Christ.

But humanity’s future lies in space and planetary colonization. We MUST fund NASA and space technology corporations and even start-ups.

Peace, Love and Unity

Read and watch the video for Pale Blue Dot, Carl Sagan video about humanity and the nature of infinity, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 28, 2016, by Paul Evans.

ALWAYS affirm Love and Life and Peace, NEVER hate and death or war.

Cultivating Loving Awareness

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