The Matter of Obamacare, In the News: An Editorial

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Here is the actual truth about Obamacare:
I know deep down in my heart, that we must soon
build a more caring society or we can kiss it all
goodbye. But that DOESN’T make capitalism inherently evil!!
May God save the United States and her suffering people and all
who suffer around the world. Amen and May it Be.

November 3, 2016
Get Out and Vote!

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The Matter of Obamacare,
In the News: An Editorial

Politics Must Not Be
“Right Wing” or “Left Wing,” It Must be Caring
with Donald Trump News

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated November 3, 2016, by Paul Evans: You want the TRUTH about The Afordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)? You’ve come to the right place. Please say a prayer for those who are addicted to hard drugs andd join me in watching a playlist based on the Third Day song Cry Out to Jesus (YouTube).

Indians Lose World Series
Cubs Triumph in Game Seven 8-7

It Takes Talent: Cleveland Indians Lose World Series: I can’t freakin’ believe it, but YES we managed to lose it, the decisive Game 7 of the Series, 8-7, while at the same time winning Tribe fan’s hearts forever (, Bill Livingston). See Cleveland Indians lose to Chicago Cubs in World Series Game 7: Reaction on social media,, November 3, 2016, by Cliff Pinckard. The hundred-year curse on the Chicago Cubs is OVER: See The Goat Speaks, Witchlike WordPress blog, November 3, 2016, by Christine Valentor, a humourous and fictional look at the Cubbies victory. As for Cleveland fans, let’s not panic and trade away half of this great team, like we normally would do in this situation. Let’s be smart and “wait till next year,” shall we?

Donald Trump in the News

IN THE NEWS: See State releases 350 Clinton emails unearthed by FBI, The Hill, November 3, 2016, by Katie Bo Williams: “The newly released documents are records of emails sent or received by Clinton directly in her official capacity as secretary of State.”

YOU’RE FIRED!! — Paul Ryan’s days as Speaker of the House are numbered: See Chatter grows that Ryan could step down, The Hill, November 3, 2016, by Scott Wong:

Four House Republicans, including a senior lawmaker close to leadership, told The Hill they expect Ryan to step down after Tuesday’s elections, arguing that he faces a daunting path to the 218 votes he needs to win a full two-year term leading the House GOP.

Here’s the closest thing I could find amidst all the liberal bias in the liberal press on a page one Google Search for “Donald Trump news”: See Hollywood Frets Over a Once-Unthinkable Prospect: Donald Trump Victory, Variety, November 2, 2016, by Ted Johnson.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: See Clinton, Trump All but Tied as Enthusiasm Dips for Democratic Candidate, ABC News, November 1, 2016, by Gary Langer. A “virtual tie between Donald and Hillary is great for Trump. A “tie” generally means a three point lead for Trump among “likely” voters. Deplorables, let’s get out there and VOTE!

“While vote preferences have held essentially steady, she’s now a slim point behind Donald Trump — a first since May — in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.”

Obamacare in the News
and Reconsidered

OBAMACARE: IN THE NEWS: See Ryan Supports Trump’s Call for Specoial Session to Repeal Obamacare, NewsMax, November 2, 2016, by Mark Swanson: I personally thought Obamacare wasn’t all bad and that health insurers did all they could do to undermine it. My father, Dr. Jack E. Evans (1925-2012, R.I.P.), always said that the real test of any legislation is how it will look in 50 years, but it’s not looking good for this legislation. Obama did the best he could under the circumstances, but I do NOT like the “final” result. Obamacare was negotiated behind closed doors with a healthcare or pharmaceutical lobbyist at every other seat: you expected good legislation? (I will note that Obama wanted this negotiated openly and before the public and had called for full “transparency” in the process.) True conservatives generally don’t realize that: I don’t think the “wrongness” of the legislation isn’t really Obama’s fault. That doesn’t mean that we should blindly accept what is “bad” legislation. The main real criticism we might make of Obama about the Affordable Care Act is that Obama was so ambitious to get it passed that he sacrificed the integrity and decency of the legislation in order to get it passed in terms of a personal legacy. But then so far as Republicans are concerned, most of the lobbyists demanding all the concessions were actually Republican, right? OK, if “the real test of any legislation is how it will look in 50 years,” you would have to conclude it’s not looking good for Obamacare. Yeah, it’s lousy legislation, yet had no chance to be otherwise, corrupt ole’ congress saw to that. Still, in the final analysis, it is not really Obama’s fault but rather the nature of corruption in congress and America as a whole. Did you realize that Big Pharma receives an extra $60 billion a yeare because of the government corruption and the need Obama had for their cooperation to get the legislation passed?

I also thought that I have a few, simple fixes which would make the Affordable Care Act viable, decent legislation. I even have published these ideas repeatedly over several years, even back when I was much more liberal, but arrogant Obama never listened to me. In the first place, with regard to the individual mandates, with regard to the so-called tax subsidies of the premiums for health care (if you even have a job): these were poorly conceived. The subsidies are arranged once a year via a tax return (and not everyone files a return). Somehow (and I would leave this to others to conceive), the subsidies would have to be given EVERY MONTH, because people have to pay their healthcare premium every month.

Secondly the matter of the business mandates and the hatred of them by such institutions as The Chamber of Commerce could be fixed if Obama had used his head. OK, yeah, one or four person companies as well as those up to perhaps a hundred would have to be allowed to let indiviuals arrange their own health care, simply BECAUSE these companies CANNOT afford those premiums. I note that this would still leave companies over a certain number of employees responsible for subsidizing their employees’ health care. I feel strongly and have evidence that these larger companies can afford to do so. Big corporations are sitting on more money now than ever before. Corporate America has wads of cash but they are NOT investing in jobs or America, they are buying stock and other companies with their cash. (That’s patriotic of them, isn’t it?) However it is a positive hindrance to economic growth for small businesses to have to subsidize their employees’ health insurance. Did you know that only one in four new businesses lasts longer than two years? They just can’t afford to pay for their employees health insurance and that must be incorporated into Obamacare simply by fully letting them not pay at all. NOW IF small businesses didn’t have to subsidize their employees’ health insurance, I just bet that 85 percent of the Chamber of Commerce and maybe a few other conservative groups (such as, perhaps, The Heritage Foundation?) WOUDLN’T HATE OBAMACARE LIKE THEY DO. Well Obama are you AT ALL responsive and listening to all American citizens??? NO, not if the past is any guide.

America has got this all wrong. OK, there’s nothing wrong with a corporate-government partnership, it’s a proven way to run government and an economy. But these days, “the tail is wagging the dog,” and corporations are writing our legislation with one thing and one thing only in mind: to maximize profits for their super-rich shareholders. Could you imagine such a thing in, say, Germany in 1938, another partnership between corporations and government (Fascism, by any other name)? [([I’m sorry but any introductory political science book with tell you what Facism is: 1.) corporate-government partnership, and over half of America’s government workers actually work for private companies AND 2.) the security state so, wait a minute, is America really Fascist? Well, think about it, we may fit the definition, but besides those two things, we ARE also kind of socialist, we are democratic, with checks and balances, and we also have the Supreme Court.)] I am so proud and happy that I am an American citizen, and you should be too! That doess NOT mean, in terms of my own patriotism, that I am blind and do not see so much that is wrong in our nation. As a politically aware American, I must and will fight to fix the many injustices we all suffer under — such is the nature of my very real and true patriotism. But the way this country works, corporations running government way too much, is just wrong. I believe that electing Donald Trump would help. Let’s get out there and vote on November 8, Deplorables!!

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