The Grunge Life Exemplified: Nirvana Live at Reading 1992 (full concert)

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The Grunge Life Explained:
Nirvana Live at Reading 1992 (full concert)

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Free Music57, November 6, 2015, video courtesy of and YouTube.

photo of the blessed goddess Gaia guiding the yin-yang chariot

Nirvana is the exemplification of a musical style which flourished in the 1990’s called “grunge.” My own life used to stink so bad I somehow missed out on Nirvana except what I heard on the FM radio. I’m making up for lost time. Never lose time, simply don’t consider it, and live in a fully Zen life of a continuing “now.” Don’t consider the past, its “data” intrude far too much into our now. Overall, this wonderful recording of Nirvana got me to realize that in large measure I AM grunge. I sort of am “intellectual grunge on speed with a wicked sense of humor.” Join me and step out into the chaos. Does that explain me, tree people? I feel that a “grunge” approach to life is an honest response to the existential absurdity of life. Lots of people dig Nirvana and Kurt Cobain without quite knowing why. That’s why. Life sucks and then you die. God, on the other hand, as an overall logic to everything (which, described in “Logos” has the sole value of caring,) is quite real, and so is the Goddess. I’ve studied comparative religion for 36 years now, have you? God Bless and Blessed Be.

My wonderful fiancee Judy and the Yuhanick family are about the only people in the world who saw any value in me and cared about me, whatever sort of crazy I am. Sanity is a mean statistiical norm and I’m a few standard deviations outside of “normal.” Anyway I mean well.

Some time ago I initiated a “Peace and Love revoluton” at Google Plus. The idea is for charismatic Christians (of which I asssure you I am one), spiritualist Christians and other spiritualists, Christian witches, Wiccans, earth witches and purely pagan witches to tolerate and even accept each other openly, or, in FACT and DEED and not just in what we parrot, to “love ((All)) our neighbors as ourselves. In other words this is a sort of “unification campaign,” in which we do comparative theology until we FINALLY come to see that our different beliefs are ALL TRUE, and it’s just a question of perspective and tradition. I WILL NOT give up that quest, since I strongly believe that this is the main task God has given me. (Traditionally I have found that this means that both witches and Christians hate me. Life is fine.

“Why can’t we all be brothers, why can’t we live in peace.” Well, I have found out that people seem to mainly be selfish, evil sh*ts, yet they all mean well, unless they don’t. Facism a la Donald Trump is OF COURSE the way to go. And when Trump becomes President, after spendiing a cool billion to buy the race, won’t be beholden to ANYONE. And he won’t tolerate yes men. You see, the outward political form of government DOESN’T REALLY MATTER MUCH AT ALL. “The only true revolution is a revolution of the heart.” Brothers and sisters, love one another. Everybody told me I was being too open and honest. Therefore I got REALLY open and REALLY honest. You should try it sometime. If one person does this they throw him in a mental hospital. If 1,000 people did it the world would be changed. Peace and love, acceptance and Unity: therein lie the salvation of mankind and Paradise on earth.

I’m lucky. I’m blessed. To know the Yuhanick family and my Judy could melt anyone’s cold heart, maybe even mine. But I am NOT schizoid, NOT mentally ill at all, so if you really feel the need to be superior to me, please feel encouraged to regard me as “autistic.” Functionally by society’s definitions I guess I really AM autistic. But NOT mentally ill at all. People, if you don’t accept and love each other pretty soon, it’s be nuclear winter, rest assured. As my friend Dan says, “Oh, well,” you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Kurt Cobain Lives!

Watch Kurt Cobain, (Sappy), KurtCobainVEVO on YouTube, October 3, 2015, and then especially watch Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck Full Movie, YouTube video, August 3, 2015 — 54:23.

We’re ALL the same, we’re all ONE, we just disguise it in various ways. Separateness is an illusion, everything is LOVE, and to realize this at a deep enough level is a good enlightenment, such as the Buddha knew. “For all know the way but few walk it.” I’m here to tell you, as much as you don’t want to hear it, that to be a saved Christian you HAVE TO walk the walk. That’s the karma of the universe. Yet, even for someone like me, who is basically just another computer geek, God’s grace tops karma, and I am lucky enough to be useful to God, still.

For Christ’s sake, please, it matters, be ye kind and forgiving (Ephesisans 4:31-32), stop judging each other and reach down deep in your heart and find a little empathetic reaction to the people in your life. For Christ’s sake, please!!!

See As the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death draws closer – a look back at the Nirvana star’s life at The “Now” is past the 21st anniversary of Cobain’s death. Yet one of the most loved films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is Cobain: Montage of Heck in which the role of Kurt Cobain is played by Kurt Cobain. Is Kurt Cobain alive, or is this just old footage?

Visit for great digital rights free, 256kbs mp3’s by Nirvana. See the Official Nirvana website. See Nirvana’s Self-Titled Collection Debuts on Vinyl and Blu-Ray Pure Audio,, 2015. Maybe he IS alive. Check out Nirvana on Facebook and see what they have to say on Twitter.

This article is dedicated to Judy Smith. God I’m sorry dear. You’re marrying a computer geek, that should explain everything. But you’re everything I ever wanted, and more. I’m lucky and blessed to know you.

Nirvana Live at Reading 1992 (full concert)

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