The Gaia Hypothesis: Love Mother Earth!

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— Rush hits all the high notes in this YouTube playlist
starting with “Earthshine,” and we examine the formal
scientific conception called The Gaia Hypothesis. This is a formal,
scientific hypothesis (proposal) asserting that the Earth
basically behaves as though it is a single, living
organism with the sole function/purpose of maintaining
our planet and its life in a steady state (homeostasis), with
ecological mechanisms and feedback loops. It was proposed
about 1975 by Lovelock and Marguilis. (Reading this,
Almost everybody will probably learn a lot.)

February 17, 2020,
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The Gaia Hypothesis
Love Mother Earth!

Cultural & scientific views of The Gaia Hypothesis
and a great playlist by Rush

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), republished February 17, 2020, by Paul Evans, (email, video playlist is courtesy of TemplesofLamneth2112 (Rush) and YouTube. Featured photograph courtesy of and Google. This is largely taken from Love Mother Earth: The Truth of the Gaia Hypothesis, The Daily Walk with Love, December 15, 2016, by Paul Evans. Featured photograph is from an unknown source but is titled “the goddess of wildflowers.” Please share this article with your friends and contacts. I know that I published this recently, buut I feel that it is impoortant.

A lot of what I do here at The Daily Walk with Love involves understanding other philosophical and religious ideas from a Christian point of view: This is what comparative religion does. If true knowledge and understanding are enhanced by reviewing significant truths from other religions, can our Christian faith be harmed? Won’t we only gain by exposure to other world religions and philosophical ideas from down through the ages? Some of this involves philosophical views which might increase our overall understanding? How could that be wrong if our Christian faith is strong?

See Secrets of Life on this Oasis in Space that is Mother Earth, The Daily Walk with Love, January 14, 2018, by Paul Evans.

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By way of introduction to this article, let me make very clear that I am in no way any kind of witch, I am a spiritual (& somewhat charismatic) man with a strong faith. I never belonged to any coven, nor received any instruction from any witches whatsoever, nor dated any witch. However I feel, as I make clear in this article, that being a witch is a cultural choice, and that they are not necessarily evil at all. (For friends and fellowship email My own spiritual faith is very strong and has sustained me through a lot of hard times.

About a year ago, I summed up my religious beliefs this way:

I am a spiritual, charismatic, 61-year-old man, and I wouldn’t judge you based on your beliefs, and having studied comparative religion for many years; probably I’d be willing to go with you to your church, if you go, and even join it. As I see it, “It’s all different flavors of the same ice cream.” In some of the articles I have written on my website The Daily Walk with Love – (my Homepage and blog) — I have even gone pretty far towards reconciling Christianity and witchcraft as ideologies and belief systems, with an eye towards scientific credibility. I am not doctrinal, to me, it’s doctrine which divides the (Christian) church, and is almost wrong, what’s important (to me) is trying to live like Jesus taught. I also believe that Buddhism has interesting and important ideas. I wanted to say that while I am (ostensibly) Christian, I am a lifelong student of comparative religion and have studied witchcraft, Wicca, Taoism and (especially) Zen, as well as various Christian beliefs extensively. I feel that most religions are reconcilable in terms of the others…. and have made a strong effort to do so on this website.

photo of the author Paul Evans in November, 2017

I also feel that I am not entirely unqualified to write an article on the Gaia Hypothesis, since I have studied comparative religion on and off for 37 years, was a Unitarian-Universalist for 24 years, before I became truly Christian, and I have had 10 years of college training in geology, earth science, geography and environmental/ecology coursework, and have a B.A. (1980) from Miami University (Ohio) in geology, having also completed all but the thesis of a masters in earth science.

Here are some established facts and some interesting theory about our Earth and something about the sexes and the strong influence descent has in the different cultural views of Life by various societies. Although we present here a “different,” comprehensive, comparative religion sort of view of the Holiness of Life, a Bible verse we must strongly keep in mind is: “1 Corinthians 13:2 — “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity (love), I am nothing.Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

The Gaia Hypothesis, named after the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, shortly stated, is that the entire earth functions in all it’s systems and “ecosystems,” as if it were a single living organism — (which the hypothesis labels as Gaia, goddess of earth). [Ecosystems are large scale ecological communities, essentially the plants and animals as well as the mineral and organic environment which sustains them, considered on a larger scale.] Gaia, Lovelock and Marguilis (two scientists who were the originators of this hypothesis) found, has one over-riding function or purpose or design: to maintain life on Earth in a “homeostasis,” or steady-state.

One example of Gaia’s “feedback loops,” which keep life in a homeostasis: For example, if the ocean temperature becomes too warm, (as it is now, at depth, while surface layers are oddly not much changed in their temperatures) the ocean reacts by precipitating CaCo3, or limestone ooze. Since this is an “endothermic” or energy consuming reaction, the process lowers the ocean temperature. This subsystem thus is what scientists call a “feedback loop” and part of the overall bio-chemical “system” of Gaia, or Mother Earth. The problem in relying on Mother Earth to save us altogether from global warming is that these feedback loops take 100 years or even much more to effect the changes which sustain the Earth, and so cannot save us in the short run. We have damaged and degraded the environment so much that we risk our extinction as a species and also that of most life on earth. In fact, we are in the middle of the fourth great wave of extinctions in earth history. See my article, “Global Warming: What is the Truth?, which was updated very recently and which I strongly feel is an important article.

The Gaia hypothesis is a formal, scientific “hypothesis” which as you might imagine, is quite controversial, and was proposed about 1975 by Lovelock and Marguilis. It has been strongly attacked by both materialist, mostly unreligious men from the “mainstream” scientific community, as well as those who count themselves as conservative Christians, but it has never been at all fully disproven (nor in most of the main claims it makes), in any major detail. In fact, Lovelock and Marguiles just received a major award in 2014 in recognition of their contribution to science, in the main for their Gaia hypothesis. Since its proposal, The Gaia hypothesis has been one direction of a major change in the way the Earth is viewed, scientifically.

We must take much better care of our planet, for example planting forests instead of deforestation. Forestation cools the air as well as cleans it. New England 30-40 years ago was 25 percent forested and the temperature there was quite warm there. Now New England is 43 percent forested and the authorities recently one year had to spend $60 billion on salt and winter road clearing expenses during a recent winter. Want to slow down Earth’s global warming? Plant forests and practice safe, selective cut harvesting and forestry and the Earth will cool down nicely: Plant some fast-growing trees like pines and we’ll do much better by Mother Earth’s health and our own chances for survival as a species. Don’t believe things are heating up? Please read the article on global warming at the link, above. Scientists also believe the cost of oncoming global warming will cost coastal cities trillions of dollars within a hundred years.

The Bible states quite straightforwardly that “God is Life,” and this would mean that Earth’s overall Gaia system is (like) a “single celled” organism in the universe as a whole, like an “oasis in space,” and The Gaia hypothesis a conception almost as if Earth were itself a living organism, in a universe which very likely has similar live systems, which we might think of as “cells in the mind of God.” But even conceived of just as Life on Earth, we find that witches generally conceive of Gaia (or, “the Goddess”) as female and have their genetic heritages handed down as a matrilineal descended matriarchy, while the Judeo-Christian culture is patriarchal. Christian culture counts their descent from their fathers (patrilineal descent), while the Jewish people also have matrilineal descent (though they are very patriarchal). (The truth seems to me that life on Earth is more feminine in the Spring, when there are flowers, and more male in the Fall, with Earth’s plants going to seed. (OK, admit it guys, the ladies rule.) So our view of the God who is Life is, really comes down to a question mainly of how descent is reckoned in these different cultures. It is the same God, the same Life, in reality. And what sex exists for the fully living pith of a growing tree? Surely we can all see that Life is sacred and comprises an irreplaceable heritage that we all need to respect and preserve and reverence. “Blessed be the name of the Lord.

From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

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